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Let the Bodies Hit the Ground (OOC)


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@Avenger Assembled Nothing with the darkvision or magic. Hearing gets her the mullings and conversations of the police and a few nearby civilians. Nothing with the sonar or tremorsense.

Scent does pick up something out of the ordinary. If she’s spend anytime around them, it kinda smells like something from a medical facility. It’s very faint and fading, not something she could follow from here. But distinctly recognizable if she came across it again given how out of place it is in the park.

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@Nerdzul just so you don’t have it wait on a reply from me before posting.


If he makes the check, Luke can notice a lone woman amongst the civilians. She has a small frame, kinda skinny. Looks rough, possibly homeless, but doesn’t carry herself like one. She catches Luke looking at her then he loses track of her as others pass between them blocking line of sight.

Something about her gives off bad vibes.

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@Avenger Assembled sorry for the delay


Lets say a Survival vs DC15

Succeed = the wild life in the lake are agitated, even more so then just by Sea Devil’s presence.


Notice vs DC20

Succeed = Sea Devil notices another corpse. The remains have been underwater for some time and have been subject to the damages that would come with it except for the neck which have claw like damage that look like torn large chunks from it.


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A part from an enhanced sense of scent, that I imagine is not exactly a boon when there are dead bodies around. Luke has the ability to sniff for treasures and to intuitively understand what a person want most (although not in high detail), again by scent, I am not sure if this power would work on someone who is dead... But he will give that a try, in case he caught something important.


Super-Senses 5 (Greatest Desire Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Olfactory, Default: Radius, Ranged; Extras: Acute, Analytical) {5PP/36}

Super-Senses 5 (Valuable Object Awareness; Descriptor Frequency: Very Common; Sense Type: Olfactory, Default: Radius, Ranged; Extras: Acute, Tracking) {5PP/36}


Nightscale has skill mastery on both Notice and Sense Motives at 20 if needed.

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@Nerdzul When it comes to valuables, Diamondlight pings Luke’s senses of course. Sea Devil’s armor could be considered valuable as well. Here and there amongst the officers he can sense a few valuables, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Further out, the same could be said for the handful of civilians within range.


As for greatest desires, it’s less productive. Luke can smell strong desire around him (everyone has one, even if they don’t realize it 😄 ).

He does catch a hint of something on the fringes of the crowds. Two somethings actually, they’re different somethings is for blood the other for flesh.


@Supercape Diamondlight can’t think of much beyond the basics of some killers trying to hide bodies in the lake.


@Avenger Assembled Pretty sure if Sea Devil ate the killer most of the force wouldn’t see anything. 😛

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