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Teching the Tech (OOC)

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I think Echohead is too nervous to think right now. And whilst he could copy somebody elses skills, he is a bit too respectful to do so at the moment. 


So I think he will be passively observing at the moment. Ill skip posting at this poin. 

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Okay, @Spacefurry

Cardonas is associated with private space travel and green energy, though he actually made his money in personal computing. He's one of those people that gets talked about as the future of business. 


The EFA are Luddite radicals who spread entirely by word of mouth; they don't even have a website. They tend to act out by sabotaging electrical substations and computer networks. Not very popular but there are some real believers out there.

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If Scaret gives permission, Echohead will copy his "secret agent" skills (or possibly feats)


20 PP of skills copied. Going prioritise the usual spy skills: Notice, Search, Investigate, Know (Behavioural, Streetwise), Stealth, etc.



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Posted (edited)

Thanks AA,


Copying.. btttz.... bzzzt.... beep... beepity beep beep-beep 


4 Ranks Bluff for a total of 8(+8)

12 Ranks Gather Information for total of 12 (+12)

12 Ranks Intimidate for total of 12 (+12)

10 Ranks Investigate for total of 10 (+13)

10 Ranks Streetwise for total of 10 (+13)

6 Ranks Notice for total of 10 (+13)

10 Ranks Search for total of 10 (+13)


And Feat: Well informed


Total Copy Cost 17 PP

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@Spacefurryover the course of your investigation over the next few days, you're able to find several anti-tech metahumans such as the Green Man who might be a potential problem for the protection. There has been a significant increase in anti-tech sentiment in recent years after the Day of Wrath (the time so many heroes were replaced with machines) and the formation of Rurland (the formation of the independent robot nation in eastern Europe). 


Lawrence will be acting as your liason to Iron Talon, just as Scarlet will be for the NJ state troopers. 


You and anyone else can also roll for more information

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Echohead will spend a bit of time Gathering Information with his spiffy new skill:


[url=https://orokos.com/roll/983955]Gather Information[/url]: [u]1d20+12[/u] [b]26[/b]


Looking at Restricted information (DC 20) - whats the gossip / rumours on the Iron Talon... (I presume its restricted but feel free to correct me / fiat / etc!)

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Predator would try to dig into Mr Cardonas’ online social presence to see which way his opinion of meta humans leans.

Since she looking online I wasn’t sure if it’s be like Computers or Investigation, maybe even Sense Motive?

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sorry if im being awkward with that last post but he's not giving up his ID for a billionaire he don't trust, if its a roadblock for the plot please consider it mirror knight exiting the thread rather than throwing things outta whack for everyone.

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Does anyone want to help out Exaccus/Mirror Knight by suggesting/helping with a disguise? 




Iron Talon has a spotty reputation; they're flashy but hire erratically. You may be getting the best when you're hiring them, the elite cream of the crop from the military and intelligence. You may also be getting a guy who got addicted to painkillers overseas, turned to crime, and then avoided prison with the help of his friends at Iron Talon. They aren't necessarily evil or bad at their jobs but an Iron Talon job just means you've found a way to keep carrying a gun and do dangerous work while out of uniform. They might be able to put down even a metahuman attack, or they might go for their guns and make things very dangerous. 


The good news is that they aren't affiliated with any terrorists or metahuman criminal groups; unless you count the US military-industrial establishment. 




You can roll Computers (at a penalty unless you have the right feat) or Gather Information. 





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