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"A friend of the Espadas... Espadases, Espadaii? Talya?"  Ace replied when Davyd called to arrange a meeting finally settling on his old friend sans surname "Think nothing of it, swing by the manor, next Tuesday afternoon?"  The ageless man of mystery effortlessly encouraged not offput in the slightest by the out of hte blue call.


When Davyd arrived at the imposing manor house of the Danger clan the gates swung wide and awaiting him at the end of the manicured drive was a positively ancient butler in full black and whites gloves and all, "Young master Ace is expecting you."  he intoned breathily without a hint of irony in his voice, "He awaits in the conservatory." not waiting for a response he turned to lead  the young man through the storied halls of the manor at a surprisingly quick pace for a man of his apparent age.


Throwing open the glass paned doors the butler announced in his same reedy tone, "Master Palahniuk to call on master Ace."  beyond the doors tables lined with lush exotic flora and the heady smells of earth and humidity nearly obscured the famed adventurer as he carefully pruned one of the plants with a delicate pair of shears.  "Thank you Georg."  Ace called out and waved for Davyd to come in.  Georg closing the doors behind the young man and shuffling off to his other duties.


"Welcome Davyd, can I offer you a drink?"  Ace politely invited as he finished his final cut and set the shears down, "How can I help?"  he inquired with a paternal smile.  He seemed open and affable comforting even in his demeanor but there was something in the appraising way his eyes darted over his guests form that spoke to the age and experience behind the innocuous question.

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"We have drinks! But he is too young for the nasty drinks, I think. The ones that taste of poison and sting the eyes and nose. It is good, I think, not to be fully grown while still being mostly grown. It seems like a good age as far as ages go. I like the new-new age, though. Where they are full of drool and laughter and joy. I'm still not sure what the best human age is. Maybe the setting sun, where a life is complete but not-yet complete. Except then, there's the bad knees isn't it? Oh, it's hard to choose." The voice was airy and cheerful as one of the overhead lights dimmed from a bright glow to something a little less hard on the eyes and Andromeda floated down from where she had been a tiny indoor sun for the plants to soak up. 


Even once the celestial creature landed on her bare toes of the tile floor, her white hair continued to float around skin that contained the cool glow of starlight. "Lemonade is better anyway. Would you like lemonade? The sour-sweet is very good. Hello! The humans named me Andromeda but then they named me Star Child. Ace calls me Andi. Hello, Master Palahniuk!"

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Following his recent talk with Talya (and Neko), Davyd had been very excited to meet Ace Danger.  Sure, he knew about Ace's public exploits, and he'd even been on a few unofficial adventures with Veronica Danger.  But to actually meet THE Ace Danger?!  That was something else entirely.


He'd taken a cab up to Danger Manor, not wanting to make too flashy an entrance (the flashing can come later, he thought, then immediately realized his error), and definitely not wanting to be driven up here by his parents.  The cabbie seemed unfazed at having to go through the ruins of Kingston to get to North Bay from his family's apartment in Riverside, but Freedom's public transportation operators tended not to be fazed by much.


He was agog at the sight of the manor, and barely noticed the butler at first.  Oh, right, they are supposed to kind of blend in to the house, yeah?  And then he was standing before Ace, and then Andromeda appeared, and it took a moment for his brain to catch up.


"Hello, yes, thank you!," the Ukrainian-American teen finally blurted out.  He looked surprisingly plain, round face and long limbs, in drab brown pants and a gray long-sleeved tee.  He smiled and nodded at Star Child, "I have had some of those, ah, 'nasty drinks', but only with family," he quickly added.  "Lemonade would be very nice, thank you."


He looked around again, taking in all the sights and smells of the room, before focusing back on Ace.  "Uh, yeah, so, I'm sure you know that I've worked some with your... niece?  Grand-niece?  With Veronica.  And Talya suggested that maybe I should hang out with more Dangers, so she, uh," he dug around in his pocket and pulled out the business card Talya had handed him, "she suggested I get in touch with you."

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"Most would say the experience in full is the best of it Andi."  Ace fondly pointed out, "Andromeda is a guest here from, far away."  he explained succinctly.  


"Lemonade it is."  Ace jovially replied and wandered down a row of greenery to pluck a pair of ripe lemons from one of the trees and make his way to a conveniently placed service with all else he'd need.


Producing a knife seemingly from nowhere he set about cutting squeezing and mixing as he spoke assuming that Davyd had followed him on his wander.  "Did she?"  he inquired with an amused grin, "Not her usual advice."  he laughed and shook his head slightly.  "Well then she has better contacts if it's your power or it's origins that are of concern."  he mused quietly and tasted a spoonful of hte lemonade with a slight frown before adding more sugar.


"I doubt she thinks your family rises to to the level of needing my attention."  he shook his head slightly as he pondered, "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage perhaps there is more to this tale then?"  setting the glass down in front of Davyd he offered the other to Andromeda.


"Veronica there is a classmate of yours come to call, Davyd, we're in the conservatory."  He spoke quietly into his wrist mounted communicator to summon his niece.  


His attention landed back on Davyd, "Perhaps looking for work?  Flexibility is in demand in our work."  he mussed and shrugged flashing a smile to Andromeda and leaving Davyd to fill in what he felt relevant.

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Veronica Danger


While Veronica had begun her first term at the Sorbonne in Paris, the young Danger’s mystical powers allowed her to easily move between the City of Lights and Freedom City. After attending a meeting at the headquarters of Danger International earlier in the day, Veronica had come to the manor to spend a bit of time at the family estate before heading back to Europe.


So it was only a few moments later after receiving the call from Ace that brunette young woman made her way into the conservatory. The teenage Danger was dressed in her typical attire, black cargo pants, a red T-shirt over which she wore a light brown long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of well worn-in hiking boots.


"Flexibility is Davyd's specialty." Veronica called out as she walked over toward the trio, a grin on her face. "Good to see you again Davyd." She added as she moved up next to her classmate and gave him a hug.


"Andi." She added, giving the otherworldly woman a small nod and a warm smile.

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"Hey, you!," he greeted Veronica with a smile that was broader than a human should be able to make.  "How's Paris?," he asked after their hug ended.


"Ah, no, it's not my powers or their origin that has her concerned.  At least," he tilted his head slightly, "she didn't make mention of any concerns.  And I already have some mentors helping me with those, anyway," he added with hat he'd hoped was a reassuring smile.


I really do need to get in touch with Daphne and Grim, see if they have any advice.


"And my family is... well, I doubt my mother would accept any assistance."  He quickly recapped the conversation he'd had with Talya.  "So that's my problem: finding a way to let me do the things I want, to make positive contributions to society, while being... unpalatable to certain agencies."  He looked back and forth between Ace and Veronica, and Star Child, both hopeful and nervous.  "Sooo... ideas?"

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Andromeda listened to Davyd with enraptured curiosity. "It seems like you should just be able to say 'no thank you' and have that be the end of it. It is very rude to push someone into things after they've declined. Unless they are doing bad things, then you can politely stop them from hurting other people. We sometimes stop people when they try to hurt others. They do not always listen to 'no', even when said firmly and sternly. I always say 'no' first. And then I make them float. It is hard to do bad things when you are floating. Humans are very used to gravity working in the direction they are expecting. It doesn't always work but it often does."


Andromeda offered her opinion on the subject, but with the air of one who knew she was probably missing some nuance. After all, that was why she'd stayed with Ace in the beginning. She knew that she didn't understand humanity, as much as it fascinated her. Turning her attention, she gave Ace's niece a sunny smile. "Hello, Veronica. We are having lemonade and Ace is dispensing wisdom. Would you like lemonade? Since, I imagine you have already had plenty of Ace's wisdom. Unless, you too have concerns about making people listen to 'no'? Perhaps I could tell them 'no'. I am becoming very good at saying it firmly and sternly."


From most people, that would have been a sarcastic statement - especially the comments about Ace's wisdom - but Andromeda said it all so earnestly that there was no doubt she meant every word quite literally. 

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Ace waved greeting to his niece as she entered and offered explanation, "Davyd was just telling us about his quandry."  he explained as the young man finished his explanation.   He gave Andromeda's shoulder a small squeeze of support as she explained her own methodology and nodded agreement.


"She has a point establishing firm boundaries is your first line of defense."  The legendary adventurer posited thoughtfully, "Though some will not take no for an answer and the very worst of them are the least likely.  They will use your mother, your uncle, your friends..."  He trailed of as he looked the young man over, "And with your skillset they'd not just ask you to get information, Talya grows gentle in her domesticity and left that part out."


He slowly sipped his own lemonade and nodded to Veronica, "There are many easier ways to earn trust or buy information than taking on another's form yes?"  he suggested rhetorically.  "Intelligence gathering like archeology is putting together the pieces you can find and acquire to tell the whole story."  He smirked slightly, "Despite what the British museum may have you think sweeping in to take someone's grandmothers china is not the best way to uncover it's story."  But as a student like veronica knew, before a more culturally aware times exactly such techniques would make discovery faster, flashier, and in no small part show the power of the Empire.

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Veronica Danger


"Oh, Paris is Paris." Veronica replied to Davyd with a smile a small shrug of her shoulder. "It is fun and exciting, but…at least to me it suffers the same problem so many other places do. It is still just one place when there are so many others out there to be experienced. Thankfully I am not nearly as tied there as I was while at Claremont."


The teenage Danger then focused everyone as Davyd explained his concerns and then Andromeda offered her thoughts on how to establish boundaries with those that might wish to exploit Davyd’s abilities. "Thank you Andi, I think I am good," the brunette responded to Andromeda’s offer of lemonade, "and while I certainly have heard plenty of wisdom from Ace, it never hurts to hear a bit more." She added.


And sure enough the ageless adventure began to ruminate more on the issues Davyd was struggling with. "Well, sadly there are so many that still only think of the world as a zero sum game." Veronica responded to her uncle.


She then focused back on Davyd. "But, beyond putting Andi's great advice on setting necessary boundaries should you be approached by any apparent intelligence agencies, do you have more specific ideas on how you want to use your abilities to make positive contributions to society? Over the last couple years you have gotten a taste of some of the things Danger International is involved in, but there is so much more than developing green energy rally cars for races across the Sahara or expeditions to haunted shipwrecks."

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"Ah, yeah, well," he replied sheepishly to Andromeda, "I'm... I'm still working on that part.  I am better than I was," he quickly added, and this was true enough, "but I know I still need to work on that."


He chuckled nervously at Ace's remarks, "yeah, I, uh, wasn't sure if she was sugarcoating things a bit or not."


Veronica's question got the most response from him.  "Well, like I said, I'm still interested in movies, maybe tv, too.  Mostly behind-the-scenes work, makeup, or even some stunt work.  Helping others who entertain, helping bring their stories to life, yeah?  But, uh," he scratched the back of his head, and a charmingly goofy grin spread across his face, "I did have a blast on the adventures we'd had, and I had given some thought to doing stuff like that.  Not so much the racing thing," he shook his head, "but the 'exploring ruins' thing.  I mean, as adaptable as I am, I could get into places few others could go, scout ahead to find safe paths for others.  Though I don't think my folks would be too keen on that..."

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"Oh, I love the movies!" Andromeda said enthusiastically. "When the Freedom League asked me so very nicely to stay put until they called Ace, they let me watch all the films that I wanted to see. The human imagination is so large, so wonderous. You create entire could-be's and never-were's all behind your eyes and then you share them!


Andromeda spun on her toes, her lemonade never even sloshing in her cup as the gravitational forces at play seemed to bend to the young woman's movements. "For such a long time, I could only watch and even now there are people who can only watch but watching is an escape for when you cannot do. You live an extrodinary life by human standards, you could share that. Who else gets to race cars and then explore ruins. Think of all the places you could go and see and do, and then you could bring the entire wide world with you...


Andromeda's enthusiasm was boundless as she danced through the plants, her voice trailing off as she left the small knot of people, still chattering away a mile a minute and talking all the while as she was clearly looking for something. For Ace and even Veronica, it wasn't new behavior. Andromeda had a habit of getting distracted by her thoughts and taking action without really taking into account entirely the human social norms of not just leaving the conversation. Still, she was back in short order with a small black rectangle in her hands that she gave to Davyd with a sunny smile. "Here. It's a camera. You can have it. I was saving memories but sharing memories is so much more important than saving them. Really, I was hoarding them, I guess. Like a lizard. Better to share." Andromeda nodded sagely. "And it is okay to give the camera because it is not something that will 'crash the global economy, Andi'. Humans like sparkling things but if I give everyone sparkling things, then there are problems because there are too many sparkling things. I didn't make the camera though, so it's fine. It came from the Target."


It was, in fact, a Go Pro that likely was near-to-full with the random slices of humanity that Andromeda felt the need to document. She likely had filled up many a storage disk already with things like 'people at the park' and 'videos of sunsets and lizards'.

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Ace nodded along with Veronica's line of thinking with a somewhat proud half smile quirking his lips.  "I will give the the rare gift of the unvarnished truth Davyd."  Ace finally intoned solemnly, "You lack the social aptitudes to make a good spy, getting a target to reveal information takes more than a familiar face."  he sighed heavily and continued, "There is only one role the alphabet soup of national agencies or worse freelance 'security consultants' would be draw to your talents to fulfill.  A Role where all you have to do is get access and not need to sneak a weapon in with you because you are the weapon."


He let that hang in the air for a long moment, "I hope that steels your nerve to resist such pressures the cost as Talya likely intimated is much too high."  That unwholesome option eliminated however Ace was quick to round on more copacetic uses of the young mans talents than assassination.  Buoyed in spirit by Andromedas endearing lack of adherence to social norms he smiled wide, "She does have a point."  he acknowledged happily drug from the melancholy he had almost sunk into.


"Well I can say with confidence we could find a place for you in Danger industries it is by no means your only option."  Ace suggested readily and drained the last of his own lemonade.  "With your abilities you are going to make a mark on the world you have the opportunity to shape what that mark might be."  he encouraged and stood to pace as he rapid fire suggested myriad options, "Film and Television certainly, both on location and studio work would be ample in pay and grant prestige and influence, Your adaptability would be a boon not only for exploration but search and rescue and disaster response, people often underestimate the use of powers outside of crime fighting."  


Finally turning to Davyd he smiled wide, "Not to put you on the spot but what do you want to be known for?  There are any number of organizations that could both shield you from the unsavory work and provide you opportunity."

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Veronica Danger


Veronica nodded with a small grin at Davyd's comments about enjoying the adventures he had accompanied her on. She remained quiet as firs Ace and then Andromeda spoke up. The other woman’s enthusiasm and unique perspective was, as it so often was, an upbeat and unfiltered view of things.


As Ace turned back to what Davyd's goals were, the teenage Danger again focused back on Davyd. "The various foundations and companies under Danger International are regularly involved in disaster relief and humanitarian missions across the world. I should have asked if you or others wanted to join me on some of those over the last few years."


"If you do want to focus on the film/television industry, there are certainly connections Danger Media has that could help along that way. But for myself, I would more than welcome having you join me for any of the projects I am working on that you might find interesting."

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Davyd still wasn't sure what Andromeda's "deal" was, but he couldn't help but like her.  When she handed him the GoPro (which the theatre kid easily recognized), he took it with all the reverence due a Gutenberg Bible.  He inclined his head, "thank you, Miss Andromeda.  I can do much with this -- to comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable, yeah?"


He tilted his head, new thoughts suddenly careening through his mind.  "Hunh.  I'd first heard that phrase applied to art, but I've also heard it applied to journalism.  Maybe..."


He let the idea slide to percolate in the back of his mind, and re-focused on the Dangers.  He smiled broadly, first to Veronica, "of course I would have loved helping on those missions!  Though," his smiled faded a bit, "it may have been for the best that you hadn't called, since I had my studies to focus on.  But that's behind me now, yeah?  And Danger Media," he twisted his torso to face Ace, "I thought they just handled the licenses and broadcast rights for all the existing stuff?"  He wasn't entirely certain on that -- DM didn't make any big horror or sci-fi pieces, so he'd never paid that much attention to them.  "They make new stuff, too?  Jungle Patrol: The Next Generation?"

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"Journalism is good. I like the news though it is often sad or exploitive. I do not like the ones where they lie. Lying is sometimes necessary but it seems very wrong to tell people that you are telling them the truth specifically and then lie," Andromeda offered, although she had picked up on the tone of 'business' talk and was already edging her way back from the conversation a bit. She was used to Rachel coming by to occasional have 'business discussions' with Ace and Andromeda had already learned that she had little to contribute to such matters, and less interest in them. "Just do not become a paparazzi. They are very bad with accepting 'no' even when you say it firmly AND sternly. I have had to make many of them float. Sometimes I have had to make them float repeatedly. They are very stubborn."


With that last bit of advice, she turned her attention back to the lemonade in her hand. 

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With a nod of agreement to Veronicas offer Ace let the two discuss Davyds options for a moment as he wrapped an arm easily around Andromeda's waist and lean in close to whisper, 'That, ah didn't have anything too personal still on the memory card? ' He had found it was best to check on these things.  As bright as she was with near perfect recall it was easy to forget that she still had a certain naivete when it came to certain social norms.


When addressed more directly he straightened replying, "You are correct we don't have much in the way of in house production at this time."  he clarified adding with a wink, "Unless you have a pitch prepared." Ace let that sit for a moment before continuing, "We do have extensive licensing and branding deals not to mention the contacts in the industry both personal and corporate."  Ace smiled wide, "I was kinda a big deal when most of the people making hiring decisions were starting out."  he joked readily, "Or in some cases when their predecessors were starting out."  the ageless celebrity acknowledged with a shrug.


"Suffice to say we have at our disposal the means to get you a meeting at the very least."  he assured Davyd and nodded to Veronica as the suggestion had been her own.  "Both the Danger Foundation and Danger Institute also fund a variety of educational and Documentary projects in film, television, and streaming video as well."


"Journalism is a noble pursuit when one seeks to speak truth to power rather than lies to the masses, or worse gossip as Andi has pointed out."  Ace spoke casually and thoughtfully.  "I have some contacts in the industry though much of it is going freelance at this point."

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"What about the new news network that Rachel keeps talking about. The one with all the papers that needed signing?" Andromeda pointed out cheerfully, blissfully unaware that the papers signed were NDA that she was absolutely breaking. "I remember that you and Rachel were talking about it just last week. It was very boring, with lots of talk of funding and papers and talent but I do remember that it was to 'combat disinformation' and 'it's going to be big, Ace. We need to do it. It's our responsibility'."


Andromeda's pitch perfect imitation of Rachel was spot on before she smiled up at Ace and offered sunnily in nowhere near a whisper. "Naked body photos go on marked data cards so there are not any more mix-ups and only when everyone agrees pictures are okay. That has a non-marked data card. It is 'safe for work' pictures only."


She nodded once, firmly. This was exactly the reason that Rachel didn't enjoy Andromeda's presence at those meetings, although she had been overruled by Ace. Fortunately, the dropping of the impending launch of Danger News Network wasn't in front of any problematic ears. This time. 

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"Oh, no, no," Davyd chuckled at Andromeda, holding up one hand defensively, "I have no desire to become a paparazzi!  Those guys are just mean."


He put the GoPro into his pocket -- though a more observant viewer would have noticed that he'd really put ti next to his hip, and something like a mouth opened there and swallowed the camera -- before responding to Ace, pointedly ignoring what Andromeda was saying about naked body photos.  "No pitches, no.  Not yet, at least.  Well, maybe... no, no."  He shook his head, "heh, y'know, I'd watched a lot of public access television growing up, both the new stuff and the older stuff my dad loved."  He nodded, "I could see myself doing that, yeah, though probably not full-time.  Maybe a recurring guest star, yeah?"  He shrugged, smiled, "but stunt work for some of the productions DI is involved in would be great!"

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Veronica Danger


Veronica gave a small smile at Davyd expressed interest in joining her on some future adventures. "I will be sure to give you a call the next time something interesting comes up." The teenage Danger stated as Andromeda began discussing journalism and unintentionally reveled one of the major projects Rachel had been focusing on recently within Danger Media.


The young woman could not help but smile slightly at Andromeda’s not so subtle confirmation to Ace that there were no private images on the memory card in the GoPro she had given Davyd. Andromeda generally had a rather unfettered attitude about a good number of subjects which tended to make most people uncomfortable.


Instead Veronica just smiled again as Davyd discussed some of the older DI productions he used to watch with his father. "Well, we certainly can help get you come connections to pursue things, so there should be a lot of options." She stated.

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Ace flashed a bemused smile at Andromeda at the revelation certainly more amused than concerned.  "I do recall the conversation."  Ace acknowledged though he was internally relieved that Davyd seemed to have moved on.  "I'll put word out to some old friends I imagine there are more than a few that would be interested in your talents." 


"You'll probably want to start with getting an agent."  he suggested with a small shrug, "I would be remiss to suggest you negotiate on your own particularly with our own productions."  he produced a dingy yellowed business card seemingly from nowhere that read, Saul Humberto, Starmaker  with a phone and fax number as well as a local address in the parkside district.


"Saul's one of the best."  He assured Davyd with an easy grin.  He was also enough of a talker that news would flow far and wide that the kid had the Danger families attention.  Not the kind of thing that most alphabet soup agencies were interested in courting disaster with.  He glanced at Veronica and his eyes lit up as an idea occurred to him, "Ah!  I have it."  he exclaimed excitedly.  "You attended Claremont until recently."  he verified but didn't wait on confirmation.  "I'll have to speak to Rachel but there is a tricky interview that you may be singularly qualified for."

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"They are, indeed, mean," Andromeda said gravely. "I have had to make them float more than any other humans combined. It makes Ace laugh though! And I do not spin them. I understand that the inner ear is sensitive. I do not wish to cause discomfort. I just do not wish to be touched without permission. That is important. Everyone needs to agree before touching and I did not agree. Not even with the unspoken social contracts of handshakes or cheek-kisses of greeting."


The bemused smiles that the Dangers aimed at the star-turned-mortal didn't seem to register although she smiled back brightly with clear fondness, even if she didn't really understand why she was being smiled at. "Claremont is not to be talked out unless everyone knows the truth about Claremont. Everyone here knows the truth about Claremont?"


Her brow furrowed in concern as she looked to Ace and Veronica for verification even though it was clearly the case. It proved that despite Rachel's concerns, Andromeda could keep secrets at least when the necessity was explained to her clearly. Something that Ace had not done about the business secrets of Danger, Inc.




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Davyd took the card Ace offered with wide-eyed wonder, "oh, wow, thank you so much!"  He knew hanging out with Veronica Danger would get him places, but he hadn't imagined it would happen so fast!  "I'll be sure to give him a call.  Oh, uh, does he have experience handling... empowered talent?"


He nodded at the next question, "yes, sir, I graduated this past June.  An interview?  Oh, yeah, that'd be great!"


He turned to face Andromeda and smiled, "yes, I believe everyone in this room knows about Claremont," he winked at Veronica, "we can talk openly about it.  Have you seen it?"  She looked too old to be a student, but she could still have an interest, he figured.


"Oh!"  He looked to Veronica and Ace, "if I am to be using my abilities while doing search & rescue, or exploring, or nature documentaries, or interviews, or whatever, I may need," his right arm bulged slightly, and his hand opened like a flower, revealing the GoPro which Andromeda had handed him, "something more than this.  Not that I don't appreciate it," he quickly added, bowing his head in her direction, "but I may need something that can stick with me no matter how I change my form or size, yeah?"  To drive his point home, he shifted smoothly through a variety of forms: a human-sized anaconda that slithered towards Ace, then a clapping seal, then an eagle that flew around the room before shifting into a parrot and landing on Veronica's shoulder, morphed into a rat and ran down her leg, a squirrel as he ran up a table and leaped to a book shelf, an otter and then a fox running along the shelves, shifting into an orangutan mid-leap to the middle of the room, swelling up to become a brown bear before melting down into an amorphous horror, then finally back to his human form.  "I mean, yeah, I could add human hands to almost any of those forms, but that wouldn't do if I'm trying to blend in with some animals, yeah?"


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"Both Veronica and Davyd were students there until recently yes Andi."  Ace replied slinging an arm across her shoulders and pulling her into a quick side hug, "But always best to be sure with such secrets yes."  he reinforced with a nod, "Saul has been in the business long enough to know when to ask questions and more importantly when not to."  He answered Davyd with a nod, "He can be eccentric but he is genuinely one of the good ones, last of a breed."  Ace added almost solemnly.  


The display had Ace lean back appraisingly at the shapeshifting display and tapped his chin thoughtfully.  "Hypercompression and morphic molecule design likely could manage."  he posited with a shrug, "Of course I image when a creature of sufficient size you could mount it internally."  he shrugged noncommittally, "Working with one of our subsidiaries I'm sure we could find suitable arrangements if you don't already have a tailor as it were."

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"Oh, good. Then it is okay to discuss," Andromeda agreed, nodding as she clearly made a mental note. She beamed up at Ace when he hugged her close before turning to watch with bright eyes as Davyd shifted his shapes rapidly. "I have done that! But only once. It took a lot of work and time and effort and I had to make myself a cocoon because the flesh is so much more fragile than light and heat and fire and it might have gotten damaged when I travelled all the way from there, to here. You are very clever to be able to do it so much and so easily. I can change other things, though, but I think if I had to change myself again, it would be very, very hard. I might have to wait until it was time for the death-rebirth again. I'm not certain.


She held her hands out for the go pro and tipped her head towards Ace before she closed the band of the go pro in her hands. The fabric shimmered between her fingers brightly, taking on a subtle sheen before she handed it back. "I have infused your band with the 'morphic molecules' although as I have told Ace, that name is not entirely accurate. But, I think, he is right that you will want someone who is technologically skilled to tinker with the electronics to make them strong and sturdy to survive all the many shapes you can take. Especially if you put the camera inside you. Acid is bad for electronics. I could change the fragile parts to something that is less fragile. Diamond or vibranium or perhaps an alloy but they would no longer function as intended sadly.

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Veronica Danger


Veronica smiled as Davyd showed off how far his shapeshifting abilities had come over the years at Claremont. The teenage Danger had of course seen him use his abilities a number of times, but it was still pretty amazing to watch.


"Yeah, durability sometimes has to come behind functionality." She stated in response to Andromeda’s comments about the problems with changing certain components to more durable materials that would unfortunately alter the conductive nature of the component. "But as Ace said, there are probably some ways to engineer around the durability issues."


Veronica focused back on Davyd. "So, sounds like you have at least a plan for what comes next."

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