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We Ain't Going Down Like This (OOC)

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Fort save: 28

Init: 23


Having come in under 20, Tiff, consider Madame Raven under a slowed effect until she can get access to a rebreather or other means of not breathing the air affected by the knockout gas. 


Speedster: 30 
Ashley: 23 

Raven III: 21 

Patriot II: 20 

Red Death II: 18

Nevermore: 12 

Madame Raven: 12 

Muscle Guy: 8 


Speedster goes for Ashley, peppering her with punches! 

https://orokos.com/roll/910998 = 21 but doesn't actually hit! (Thanks to Uncanny Dodge and Danger Sense, Ashley is not flat-footed just because combat has started) 


Ashley decides to shoot the guy attacking her: 


DC 25 Bluff check, then...she rolls a 1! 


OK, let's spend the HP she gets from being a Secret Service agent ATM...


https://orokos.com/roll/911000 = 27! 


Okay, Speedster fails his Sense Motive check and is flat-footed 

https://orokos.com/roll/911001 = 27


Tou vs 27 

https://orokos.com/roll/911002 = 23! too bad for him he is a minion. 


Okay, @KnightDiscipleis up as soon as I post IC. 

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Right, let's see.


Free Action: Give the sidekicks apprentices orders. Chop chop kids!

Free Action: Extra Effort! I'll pay the HP next round (as I believe that's when it happens). 

Standard Action: Set my Gadgets to:
Extending Sword
Damage 4 (Feats: Mighty, Variable Descriptor 1 [Piercing, Slashing, or Bludgeoning]) [6PP]

Move Action: Get up next to Red Death.

Standard Action: Disarm Attempt! Melee Attack: 27. Disarm Strength Check: 31. (Strength of +5, Mighty 4 for sword, and +4 from Improved Disarm, for total +13). That's on Red Death's gas gun. 

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