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An afternoon in the middle of July, 2021

Claremont Academy


For whatever reasons, a group of students had arrived early at Claremont this year, before the classes were even about to start. They came from very different lives, and had very different powers, but for whichever reasons, they were to stay at Claremont, along with a few others, during the summer months.


And, despite the summer vacation, they needed someone to show them around, and that job had fallen to Luke and Leon. They had probably complained, but headmistress Summers had promptly shut them down by reminding them about some of their misbehaviour during the past school year.


They four new students, Onyx, Effigy, Invisigirl and Freedom Eagle were all ready in normal clothes, waiting for Nightscale and Paper to show them around.

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One problem was that Luke and Leon didn't want to do this. Another, more pressing issue was that Wilona and Naomi had not stayed in the rendezvous location. Wilona wasn't very good at uh, waiting. And taking someone else's version of the grand tour did not appeal. So she'd wandered away to, well, do it herself. As always, Naomi trailed behind, virtually invisible and artistic thoughts dancing in her head. 


The school was rather empty at this time of year, but there was plenty to look at. Wilona found it all quite interesting. So this was what a school looked like. She'd read about them in libraries, of course, but this was the real deal. Had some things in common with prisons, to be honest. Honestly, she didn't know what she was thinking when she agreed to this. Then she saw Naomi, looking over an art project display, and remembered. Her clothes were clean and new, she'd lost that worrying thinness, and to Wilona's eyes she glowed softly in the afternoon light. Well. Wilona could put up with it for a while longer. 

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Leon had grumbled as he left Luke to begin orientation of Angela and James to hunt for the missing students. Despite many debates to the contrary, everyone still insisted ‘scissors beats paper’.

“Stupid game.” He thought with a huff as he walked quickly across the school grounds. He and his roommate had argued with each other over why the head mistress had picked them to give the tour. Leon’s guess was that she was still a little miffed over the nightclub incident not too long ago.




A few minutes earlier



Luke and Leon stood before the new students. Luke looked at them curiously as Leon referred to the clipboard they had been given.

“Welcome to Claremont Academy.” Leon said without looking up.

“Ah, Leon?” Luke started but Leon held up a finger and continued. 

“My name is Leon and this is Luke. We’ll be showing you around the campus today.” He flipped through the pages.

“Ah, dude?” Luke tried again and Leon looked over at his roommate.

“What?” Leon asked.

“Aren’t there suppose to be four new students.”

“Ya, that’s what the clipboard says.”

“Then… where are the other two?”

Leon looked at Luke with a confuse ‘what?’ look, then turned his attention to the actual group of kids before them. “Aw, crap.”




Back to now



The campus was empty so there wasn’t anyone to ask if they’d seen the duo, but that also meant there wasn’t anyone around to know they had already lost two new students.

Luck was on Leon’s side and he spotted two girls not far from the library. Two sheets of paper appeared in his hand and he regarded the pictures on them, then looked back at the girls and nodded to himself. He had left Luke the clipboard with the other two profile sheets.

As he approached the pair, the papers talked to him. Naomi and Wilona where their names. Street kids like he had been. One had invisibility and telekinesis, cool. The other was all magical fire, cool also, but he’d keep an eye on her.

The girls seemed to be looking at an art display some students had set up recently.

“So, should we be worried about you two wandering off after shiny objects and things that rattle too?”

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Naomi jumped about a foot in the air. "Eep!" And disappeared. Wilona just turned around, annoyance lighting her features. "Depends." Her voice was a brash, bold, charismatic dynamo. It demanded your attention. She raised her right hand, and fire danced around her gloved fingers. "Are they gonna be there when I show up? Or do I gotta find them?" An intimidating grin spread across her face and some of the fire coalesced into her upraised palm. More danced up to her wrist. "But personally? I prefer making them come to me." Between the fire, the grin, and the look in her eyes...she was presenting herself like some kind of psychopath...and then there was a tug at her left sleeve. 


She sighed, and the fire and apparent psychosis vanished. Naomi reappeared as the sleeve-tugger. It was, however, Wilona who continued speaking. "Look, you were late, I hate waiting, and I told Summers I don't need a minder anyway. So shoo. I got this."


This was when Naomi spoke at last. "But we don't know how to get back, Wil." Her voice was quiet and timid. A small thing, but strong nonetheless.


Wilona turned to look at her. "No, YOU don't know how to get back. I was paying attention to where we were going. Besides, we can fly it's fine." She waved her hand dismissively.


Naomi caved immediately. "Okay." But she looked vaguely sad when she said it.


Wilona did not miss this. "Tch. All right." She turned back to Leon. "Lead away, paperboy."

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James didn't really like this. Standing here, ready to be shown around, just waiting. He didn't know any of the others here, and honestly, it all felt really weird.


He was wearing a light grey shirt with a hoodie. It was unzipped, but he had the hood pulled up. He wore a white t-shirt under it, and denim shorts. 


"I, um... are we... are we just going to wait here until he finds them?" he finally gathered the courage to ask Luke.

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Angela glanced around one more, both self-conscious about her draconic features and simply curious if they were drawing people's attention. This place is supposed to be somewhere where she can freely show off who and what she actually is without judgement from others, but in the end it remains to be see what kind of attention she'll actually be drawing to herself. Will people like or not? Will people think her body shape besides them isn't attractive? What about her clothes? She hadn't gotten a good chance to go shopping yet, so all she had was a pair of grey sweats and a plain white tee (which hemmed-up holes for her wings) on at the moment.


To get her mind off of her own anxieties, Angela decided she might as well participate in the awkward conversation going on and focus on what was supposed to be happening right now. Which was an early orientation on campus for those students, including herself, that had good reason to move into the dorms before the school year properly started.


So far it... well... it was nothing like the orientation given to her at the public High School last year. For one, instead of some sort of Student Government reps or whatever club doing the orientation... instead they got what looked like two unfortunate summer school students. Neither of them seem particularly enthused about being here. She wondered if they had simply wandered into some teacher's crosshairs at the wrong time or if this was some sort of punishment for them.


After stretching out her wings with a few flaps, Angela spoke up, "Well, that depends..." she tilted her head as she thought for a moment, "...depends mostly on the girls who wandered off." The dragon girl fell silent as she thought about said two girls. They're here for the 'super kids who need a place to stay badly' orientation, which already doesn't bode well. Who knows what they've been through or what the other new kid here went through for that matter.


She shrugs, her wings moving up and down, "I say give 'em... ten minutes and start without them if they don't come back."

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Sure there were a ton of things he would have better spent his time with during the summer, but to be honest, Luke didn't mind as much meeting the new students. After all, there was always the chance of meeting someone fun, plus, it was an occasion to show off a bit and that was definitely something he wasn't going to miss. 


Now supposedly, it would have been more appropriate to welcome the new recruits while wearing the school uniform, but well that wasn't exactly his brand. So instead, he got there casually dressed, in a sleeveless t-shirt, gym shorts and battered sneakers. 


Sure maybe he was  a bit disappointed not to find everyone there, but truth to be told, the game of rock-paper-scissors with Leon by itself was enough to set him on a good mood.

Too easy. Luke chuckled after his rock earned him a more than deserved victory and smirked as he waved his friend goodbye.


"Sooo... what's up scrubs?" Luke grinned playfully. "Luke here, probably better known as Nightscale." Well it was not like his super-hero identity was actually that well known, but whatever. He mentally shrugged.  "And you two are?"


"Cool to meet you." He smiled. Giving an intrigued look at the winged girl. "So why are you both in?"


"Nahh..." He shook his head at James suggestion. "That would be boring, wouldn't it?"


"Let's see..." Luke closed his eyes for a moment, trying to concentrate, a faint golden light radiating underneath his eyelids.

After all, the two girls were supposed to be under his responsibility right? Should be enough of a link to find them with his powers and even if that didn't work, well he could definitely track Leon.


"There..." He grinned, pointing toward the library. 

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"I'm James Guthrie." The young man hesitated a bit, moving his right hand up to idly rub his left arm as he spoke. "I'm... I guess I'm Freedom Eagle."


He looked at the girl's wings, he didn't seem scared or to dislike them or anything, more a bit intrigued, but he didn't say anything. At any rate, his attention seemed to quickly be drawn towards Luke when he focused and pointed out the library.


"What's that? How do you know that?" 

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Leon chuckled as Naomi vanished, but he turned his attention to Wilona. He gave her a neutral look as she put on her little show. He had classmates that turned to metal, harnessed lightning and manipulated time. Not to mention his roommate, who turned into a literal fire-breathing dragon. He wasn’t impressed.

But Leon knew the act, the bravado and the threats. The attitude of the streets. He’d lived it not that long ago, and more then once had seriously considered returning to it. But that was future Leon’s decision. For now, he had to deal with yet another red head.

‘Maybe I should add that to my list of superpowers: control paper, detect pork, and deal with red-heads.’ He thought with a smirk Naomi seemed to reign her friend in.

“Well then, since you know the way already, maybe I should send you back to join the others yourself.” He told Wilona coolly then glanced at Naomi and smiled mischievously.  “Then maybe I can offer your little friend a private tour. After all, she seems much more pleasant to be around.”

Leon could read the two like a book. He knew neither of them would like that idea, but he gave them a moment before he looked back at Wilona.

“Or…, you can play nice. We knock out the tour and get you two to your room. Then I can go do my thing and you can… do whatever it is you do. Bam, we’re outta each other’s hair.”

He offers with a more sincere smile.

“So, my name is Leon. My roommate Luke is with the other newbs.” He introduces himself as he gestures back in the direction of Luke and the others, not realizing his roommate was already heading towards them.

“You know, I spent a lot of time on the streets myself.” He adds as he motions for them to walk with him.

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Angela looked between the two guys, pausing for a moment. It was starting to seem that the 'School for Teenage Superheroes' cliche was in full effect here. Which well, considering her own aspirations she should've expected as much. But to run into people dropping codenames right away... that wasn't something she was expecting.


She sighs and makes a show of rolling her eyes, "Name's Angela, thinking about going with Onyx myself. As for how I ended up here, it's on account of suddenly growing wings and claws." Well, more-or-less. She'd rather leave out the 'going berserk at the mall' part for now- maybe forever.


After that little little show of powers, she doesn't spare too much attention on the other guy's question. Clearly their tour guide used one of his powers, that's all. Though something bothered her about the codename- she vaguely remembered hearing the name Freedom Eagle before and... what she could remember off the top of her head very much did not line up with James here.


Well, that was a mystery for later. Right now, she might as well try and dig for useful info. If their guides are stuck here because of delinquency reasons, what better way to get in trouble at a super-powered highschool than to be sneaking around and being a hero on the side? He certainly seems to have no issues showing off his powers at least.


"So, does everyone around here come up with a Hero Name for themselves or what?" she asks as she looks towards where Luke's pointing to.

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Wilona’s initial reaction was easily expected. She hadn’t moved, despite Leon’s gesturing. “First, paperboy, nobody sends me anywhere. I’ll go if I feel like it.” She looked over her shoulder at Naomi, expression relatively neutral. The invisible girl hadn’t moved, either. The second, however, perhaps not quite what Leon expected. She didn’t particularly like him, as was obvious, but she deferred to her companion. “Second, you want to do that? Go with him?” Even her tone was carefully neutral. “We can meet up later.”


Naomi shook her head vehemently. Her voice didn’t match, however. It was her usual quietness. “No. I want to stay with you.”


Wilona’s grin at Leon was savage and triumphant. She crossed her arms and stared him down. “Not a bad deal. I can go along with it. But I don’t play nice, pageboy.” Flames licked up and down her right arm again, neither touching nor burning anything else. “I play rough. Can you keep up? Libertas!”  Her folded arms whipped out to her sides, translucent blue wind roared around her body and her feet left the ground. She flew towards the other group, with Naomi behind her with apparently nothing supporting her. The invisible girl knew what Wilona was doing as soon as she heard the spell’s first syllable. The others weren’t far, so it was a very short flight before the two touched down. Naomi silently, Wilona in a roar of wind as she let her spell lapse (the flames were long gone, of course). “Hiya! Looks like we’re talking the tour together after all.” Cheeky? Yes. Leon was like that meme. How do you do, fellow kids? Please. "You must be Luke. Lead away when you're ready."

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"I, uh, I'm... kinda not from around here." James replied to Angela. "But I think so? I guess this is like a super hero school, r-right?" He sounded nervous, unsure about himself. "Back home, with the Freedom Legion, i-it was kind of a given. Nobody really uses anything else." 


He opened his mouth, like he was about to say something else, then closed it again when Wilona and Naomi arrived. He took half a step back when Wilona flew in and landed, keeping his hands by his side.


"Where do we go?" He looked at Luke briefly, then looked away again.

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"I got a knack for finding my friends." Luke grinned, yeah it was a less creepy way to say it that something like 'I can track what's mine'. Wasn't it?


"So yeah, you are screwed." He joked. "There is no way out of the tour with me around." The young man chuckled.  


"Freedom Eagle and Onyx. Cool. Cool."  


"I know the feeling." He grinned, when Angela mentioned growing wings and claws. "You did great in choosing to come here, by the way... Myself I didn't exactly use my powers in the smartest ways at first." He lowered his head a little and ruffled the hair on the back of his neck.


"Yeah, it's kinda like that. Safer that way. Plus hero names are cool." Luke grinned. 


He was about to add something when the other joined with them.  He smirked at Leon once he saw his roommate approaching. 


"Show-offs." He teased as he waved at the newomers. "Sup girls?"


"Yeah, one and only. And you must be Naomi and Wilona... Nice to meet you two."


"Now we are supposed to show you around. Dorms, cafeteria, library, all the boring stuff." He shook his head. "Although the latter kinda had demons summoned there once if you are in that kind of things." He casually tossed chuckling. 


"But you can look at them from above.... So that we can get faster to the fun stuff..." He added shortly thereafter as golden light begun to pour from his eyes, his body shifting and growing in size, as molten obsidian scales begun to cover his flesh as Luke transformed into his draconic form.


"Now. Anyone needs a ride?" He stretched his wings and lowered his head to let anyone who wanted get on his back. 

Obviously there was no need to change to give them an aerial tour, but what was the point if he could not show-off a little himself. 


"Then I think we can show you the battle simulator?" He tossed, turning toward Leaon. "I mean so that you can all get a change to show off your powers, It's pretty cool, I'm sure you're gonna like it."




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Leon rolled his eyes as Wilona made her show of flying the short distance to rejoin the group.

"I wonder if the age they listed is a typo." He thought. "Does this school have junior high classes?"

He sighed as he casually walked towards the others. He hear his roommate talking to the group but wasn't paying attention to what he was saying until he began to transform. Leon smirked.


On 8/24/2021 at 4:18 PM, Nerdzul said:

"Now. Anyone needs a ride?" He stretched his wings and lowered his head to let anyone who wanted get on his back. 

Obviously there was no need to change to give them an aerial tour, but what was the point if he could not show-off a little himself. 


"Then I think we can show you the battle simulator?" He tossed, turning toward Leon. "I mean so that you can all get a change to show off your powers, It's pretty cool, I'm sure you're gonna like it."


"Trying to show off." He teased Luke as he got closer. "Careful or I might tell someone you were trying to impress the new girl." He smirked and thumbed over at Angela.

"Well then." Leon grinned and chuckled. "I guess now's as good as time as any to try a little stunt I've been working on."

The papers from the clipboard fluttered and pulled themselves free as the light jacket Leon had been wearing falls apart into sheets of paper. The pages swirled around him as more paper joins it from somewhere. Then, with a sudden flourish, from the swirling papers form into large, real-looking, white feathery wings attached to the back of Leon's t-shirt. He plucks the last few stray sheets from the air.

"After you roomie."

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  • 5 months later...

Angela did her best to keep herself in more of a reserved, analytical mood as some of the others went about flexing with their powers. So, casual use of powers seems to be fine here. That's good, after all- that's kind of how it should be isn't it? An opinion she had heard even before she 'dragoned out' and even found herself agreeing with back then. She found herself in thoughts of the past for a moment, unable to keep herself from once again wishing that her powers didn't feel like they came from some sort of 'cosmic monkey's paw'.


The dragon-girl silently tuned out of the conversation for a moment until their guide decided to go ahead and turn into a dragon himself. An "oh" fell out of her mouth as she had a hopeful thought enter her head for once. Was this someone that could actually help her understand what was going on with her? Someone she could relate to?


The faint look of hope on her face quickly turned into sputtering when the other tour guide just couldn't resist taking the chance to make the obvious crass joke. Great, just great. If such comments spread, then anytime she and 'Nightscale' would be seen together it would be assumed that they would be dating... not that such rumors wouldn't have happened instantly anyways. Dragon boy and dragon girl, of course people would pair them together. Huzzah, the return of having to maintain a social image. Oh how she didn't actually miss it.


She let out a groan, her face going back to it's cold analytical expression as she crossed her arms. She flared her wings out before giving them a flap, kicking up some dust. "Thanks, but I'm good," she flatly stated. To prove her point, she bent down and jumped slightly into the air before. After a few unsteady moments to properly catch herself with her wings and hover, she raised her voice to speak over the sound of her wings, "Lead the way."

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James took a step back from Luke as he transformed into a dragon, followed by Leon standing on flying paper and Angela stretching her own wings and... He sighed, and shook his head. They were going flying. Of course they were going flying. That was something he was good at, at least.


"J-just a s-second," he muttered, as he started pulling off first his hoodie, then his t-shirt, leaving him bare from the chest up. "I d-don't want to r-ruin another shirt." If any of them looked at him from behind, they would notice a silver metallic plate that vaguely in the shape of an eagle on his back, between his shoulder plates. It looked stuck, embedded in his body. 


He put his hands out to the side. "L-let's go." White, red, blue and golden armor spread out over his body from the metal plate, quickly covering all of him in a somewhat patriotic armor. Once he was fully armored, a pair of golden wings spread out from his back, stretching out with an impressive wingspan.


"Ready when you a-are."

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Once the group was in the sky, they would get a good overview of the school. The main building, the library, the gym (which the more experienced students could point out had the combat simulator), the gardens, the dorms and much more. The grounds were mostly empty at this point, with they keyword being mostly.




Leon and Luke would recognize the voice. A blonde man with a moustache was standing by the gym, dressed in dark red shorts and a t-shirt. He looked like he was sweating, having returned from a run. Coach Armstrong.




If any of the students had enhanced hearing, they would hear him muttering something about stupid kids.

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On 8/27/2021 at 3:51 PM, Spacefurry said:

"Trying to show off." He teased Luke as he got closer. "Careful or I might tell someone you were trying to impress the new girl." He smirked and thumbed over at Angela.



"Trying?" Luke playfully echoed his friend. He shook his head at the mention of his girlfriend, by then, the two knew each other enough not to take Luke's boastful nature in the wrong way. He Raised an eyebrow when his roomate grew paper wings and took up the air as well, "When did you---?" Whatever. He unfolded his own projecting his shadow on the small group as he got ready to take off with a smirk on his draconic lips.


He smiled when Angela revealed a pair of dragon wings as well. "Great... You know? You are like the second dragon person I have met in my life at all..." Yeah, who knew right? It would be fun to have someone roughly of the same species around right? "I mean, third if you include my evil doppleganger." The boy grinned, although, considering Lawfyr to be evil was a bit of a stretch, all things considered, in truth, while the two had fought during their first and only encounter when they actually had time to trade a few words he did not seem that bad. "We should have a coffee one of these days." Now that might actually be something that Muirne might not totally be in for, but then again, he was sure that he could explain, given the situation. 


"And you say I'm the one showing off..." He chuckled when James took of his shirt before his high-tech armor. 




Luke lead the way, giving an aerial tour of the campus, one that, at least in his mind, was way more dynamic than just a walk. 


"And there is the battle simulator... Once we are done with the tour, we are definitely paying a visit and-" He was interrupted by a pretty familiar voice. 


"Oh and that one is Coach Armstrong." He pointed at the irate man below. "As you can see I'm his favorite student." He chuckled, yeah, definitely not a lie. "Don't be fooled by his apparent crankiness, when you get to know him..." He took a short pause for dramatic effect. "He his much worse..."


"What's up Coach?" He shouted back at the man, taking a large swoop around the campus and lowering his altitude a bit.


"And come on Coach. People see my flying all the time. They won't mind..."  Plus as far as he knew the school was somehow protected against prying eyes, after all, students did use their power frequently around campus and it was not like anyone seemed to care as much. "I am just showing the rookies our awesome school."

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Leon chuckled at Luke's reaction.

"I'm kidding."

He let the paper wings collapse.

"Those are too uncomfortable. Feels more like being dragged through the air."

The paper swirled, some of it collecting into his hand the rest forming a small, flat disc that he stepped on to.


6 hours ago, Nerdzul said:

"And you say I'm the one showing off..." He chuckled when James took of his shirt before his high-tech armor.


"Okay, he's got you beat in the style department."

Leon chuckled. The disc lifted him up, following after Luke as his roommate's louder voice carried better across the wind.




Leon was quick to point out the library, calling it out over the wind as he maneuvered around the dragon. He was grinning up until Coach Armstrong called out to them.


On 2/23/2022 at 5:18 AM, RocketLord said:






"How does he yell that loudly?"

He exaggerated a grimace, then sighed dramatically.


6 hours ago, Nerdzul said:

"Don't be fooled by his apparent crankiness, when you get to know him..." He took a short pause for dramatic effect. "He his much worse..."


He chuckled and yelled over at Luke.

"Looks like we're busted. We should probably ground ourselves before he decides to ground us permanently."

Leon smirked and turned back to the others.

"Alright newbs, looks like the were walking the rest of this tour. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of chances to stretch your wings and practice in the future."

As he landed, Leon stepped off the paper disc and dissolved into paper that swarmed up to collect on the clipboard he was still carrying.

"Sup, Coach?"

He smiled up at Coach Armstrong innocently.

"Like my associate said, we were just giving the new kids a quick tour before taking them to the dorms."

Leon said in his most professional tone, but the grin on his face didn't help his case.

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Angela followed the others up into the sky above the school grounds. This was the first time she had flow above Freedom City in the light of day. Even with her improved night-vision, she was quickly finding flying during the day to be preferable to flying at night. Sneaking out at night to fly above a black-and-grey washed out version of the world was unnerving in more ways than one.


Now her only worry was trying to keep within ear shot of the dragon tour guide. (That and a niggling fear of falling out of the sky or getting blown off course.)


All in all, it was a pleasant enough affair- she even went so far as to pull out her map of the school grounds just to compare it to the birds-eye view she was getting. Given she could fly, she figured that she could leverage that to make it around campus easier if she just went over some of the buildings...


On 2/23/2022 at 3:18 AM, RocketLord said:





Though perhaps, she should've been worried about angry teachers shouting hard enough to startle her and make her mess the rhythm of her wingbeats.


After letting out a yelp during the few moments before she caught herself in the air, she looked down to see the angry man staring up at them.


While her tour guides easily made their way down, Angela opted to slowly and cautiously glide down in a spiral. After all, it's not the fall that kills you- it's the landing. Inexperienced as she was, the dragon girl still acted like her body was as squishy as a normal human's and so didn't want to risk landing too hard.


Nearly half a minute later after the others, she finally touched down with the soles of her sandals scraping on the sidewalk as she came to a stop.


"So we're finishing this up on foot then?" she asked after a moment, "Assuming that you two aren't in too much trouble."

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Effigy and Invisigirl


“Hey, paperboy! This guy talking to me?” Wilona had one of the single most smartassed looks anyone in the group had ever seen on her face. She didn’t budge a micron, floating in midair on her magic winds. “Because he seems like he’s talking to me. But that can’t be right. He doesn’t look crazy.” Her expression shifted into profound irritation. “Only a crazy person would yell at someone who could set them on fire.” At that last word, a fireball sprang to life in her right hand. She glared at Armstrong. “Seriously, dude. If someone sees me I’ll do the exact same thing I’ve been doing for the last six years. Wave hello.” The fireball dissipated, and she shoo’ed him with that hand. “Now go take a shower and change your clothes. What are you gonna do if someone sees you like that?”


Wilona could’ve turned it down a notch, but Armstrong had startled Naomi. She’d uttered her trademark “Eep!” and disappeared from view. But the invisible girl hadn’t touched down on the ground, either. It didn’t matter if someone saw her, because she could always become invisible. After Wilona ran off at the mouth, a smaller and quieter voice spoke up from next to the pyromancer. Because Naomi had heard him muttering, even if no one else did. “I’m not stupid. That’s mean.”

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Leon winced as Wilona smarted-off at Armstrong. He raised his hands in a placating gesture.

”Let me.”

He asked hopefully before the Coach could lay into the new girl.

”It’s always the red-heads.”

He muttered under his breath then turned to look up at Wilona.

”Alright Red, this is one of the facility. We all get you don’t like people telling you what to do, I don’t like it either. But if you’re gonna hang around here, you’re gonna have to meet them half way.”

He spread his hands.

”Just come down, make him happy and maybe he’ll let us be on our way without anymore harassment.”

Leon glanced back at Armstrong with a nervous, but hopeful smile.

”Besides, I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna set anyone on fire. That’d net you a lot worse then detention.”

He said hoping the new girl wasn’t a complete psychopath.

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Effigy and Invisigirl


Wilona floated down to about a foot off the ground. “Blow me, paperboy. Of course I’m not gonna light some random dude on fire. I’m not a psycho.” She flipped off Armstrong instead of pointing at him. “But-“


“Wil…” came Naomi’s insistent little voice, still right beside her.


But,” Wilona equally insistently continued, “He didn’t know that. I could have blown him off the planet for startling me. And furthermore, I can leave whenever the hell I want. Emancipated minor.” She turned her head to look at Armstrong, who she had not stopped flipping off in the interim. “And as for you, Mister Sweaty,”


“Wil, please!” Naomi was actually bordering on loud as she reappeared tugging hard at her partner’s left sleeve.


“Tch.” Wilona dismissed her spell and her feet touched ground. She switched from middle to index finger, pointing at Armstrong instead of flipping him off. “But you can still kiss my ass.” She shook Naomi’s hand off her arm. “I’m done.” She threw up both hands and started walking away. “Should’ve never listened to Summers. I regret this already.” She was, however, walking towards the school and not away from it.


Naomi’s feet touched ground too. She looked at Armstrong. “I’m sorry. Wil is…” She paused, clearly searching for a good word. “Wil.” A very helpful explanation, Naomi. Thank you.


From slightly in the distance Wilona yelled back. “Naomi, goon squad! You comin’!? I wanna get this three year long pain in my ass started already!”

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James froze almost completely in mid-air when the teacher yelled at them. The mask, helmet or whatever it was that covered his face proved to be rather expressive, the mouth and eyes opening wide, clearly showing his discomfort with the entire situation while Wilona started yelling and cursing at Armstrong.


"M-maybe..." he started, before clamming up again when Wilona continued yelling, after Leon had tried to calm the situation down.


The moment he touched down on the ground, his wings and then the entire army retracted, leading him to quickly moving to pick up his shirt again. With Wilona marching off, he seemed unsure what to do, looking between Luke and Leon and Armstrong.

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Armstrong looked absolutely livid as Wilona went off on him. He didn't seem particularly impressed or scared by the fire, instead glaring silently at her, even as she started flipping him off.


"There's limits." He sounded calm. Way too calm. If anything, Luke and Leon would know that was much more dangerous than a yelling Armstrong. "Two dragons, some fire witch and a guy in armor flying around all together? Yeah, that might get spotted. It might not matter much to you, Miss Matchstick, but other students rely on this place not being discovered by random people or being found out by super villains."


He waved them off, but pointed after Wilona. "You're lucky classes haven't started yet. You're on my list now, Matchstick. So's the rest of you, for that matter. Learn the freaking rules or go cause trouble somewhere else."


Armstrong turned and walked back into the gym, muttering to himself the entire way.

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