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Heavy Mettle (OOC)


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Okay, let's make some rolls. Luckily 


Online Research (Computers for Gather Info):, 30 if she has time to take 20, 15 if not 

Investigate (via Jack of all Trades): 23

Knowledge (arcane lore, because there's some European metal, that's just how it is: 11

Knowledge (popular culture, via Eidetic Memory): If she has time to take 20 with Quickness 6, it's 26, if not it's a 9. (didn't roll too well!)  

Knowledge (technology): 30 if she can take 20 on the check, if not I'll spend an HP and get 30 anyhow

Notice: Using Quickness 6 to take 20 for a result of 25. 

Sense Motive: 28

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I'll assume that Eira in particular would have researched the festival ahead of time with Gather Information so she'd know that there are six bands playing tonight, each doing about a twenty minute set with ten minutes in-between, starting at 6:00 PM: 

  • Blood Tribute
  • Mind Shatter
  • Necropotence
  • Bog Wraith
  • Drown in the Loch
  • Pyroclasm

Knowledge [Pop Culture] tells Eira and Nat that all six of these bands are local to Freedom City. Drown in the Loch (DitL) is like the one Eira is most interested in since it's an all-female band, fronted by twin sisters with Atlantean heritage who go by Scylla and Charybdis on-stage, real names Sally and Charlotte MacInally. She can probably make the nautical leap that the big guy Ryder befriended was affiliated with them. Nat would note that Mind Shatter has the most notable social media presence with an aesthetic that's something like if four close-up magic performers formed a boy band.


Notice tells Nat that although the show is meant to start any minute there are several roadies and festival organizers on stage inside the bandshell right now, with a mix of impatient and anxious expressions. Knowledge [Technology] tells Eira that there's nothing that looks too impressive or complicated about the setup for the show apart from a couple of higher end camera setups for live streaming the show. There is a real mix of audio equipment on stage of different qualities and ages which might be what's giving the roadies trouble. The drummer for Blood Tribue, a girl in her late teens with a strong nose and a sort of torn-up gothic lolita look is trying to thread the line between being helpful and not getting in the way, nervously twisting her drumsticks between her hands.


Neither of them spot anyone who matches the description Ryder gave them of the person summoning the Ragin but it's not like she'd stand out in this crowd. With her Quickness I'll say Eira does notice someone else scanning the crowd as though looking for someone: they're androgynous, dark skinned, buzzed hair and have a distinctive X shaped scar on their jawline. Her Sense Motive tells her that this person is focused on their task and has no interest in the festival itself. Otherwise the crowd seems genuinely excited and friendly, with a couple older metalheads going around making sure the first timers are stay hydrated and one of the organizers, a tall blonde stone butch woman in a STAFF shirt making sure the mosh pit area is clearly defined.

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Had a few mins, so let's go with some standard skill Mastery skills to avoid rolling om the Phone:

Notice 25, to see if Pan notices anything. 

Sense Motive 25 to check the mood. 

Oh, and he's got mental quickness 4, if that does anything. 

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22 Forever Boy - Uninjured, 6HP

21 - Angelic - Uninjured, 3HP

17 - Nocturne - Uninjured, 2HP

16 - Chitin - Uninjured, 3HP

10 - Apocalypsette - Uninjured

- Crab Ragin - Uninjured

- Centipede Ragin - Uninjured

- Bat Ragin - Uninjured


@RocketLord Pan is up for our first round of real combat!

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Pan is going to send his shadow after Apocalypsette: 20

It got Indirect 3 and Subtle, so might catch her unaware?


DC20 reflex save vs. snare if it hits.


If the Snare is succesful the Shadow will attempt to force Apocalypsette to stop playing by restraining her arms (and the rest of her).

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Angelic goes for Apocalypsette. 


She switches to 

Damage 10 (electrified strike; PFs: Extended Reach 1, Variable Descriptor 1 [electricity/slashing]) + Enhanced Flight 5 (to Flight 7 [1000MPH/10000FPM, PFs: Moving Feint, Move-By Action) {12+12=24/24]

in her array 


She seeks to feint Apocalypsette using her Flight and Moving Feint. 




She'll Power Attack for +2 and try and stab Apocalypsette. 


 https://orokos.com/roll/903056 = 11


Well that's bad. 


 https://orokos.com/roll/903057 = That's a 20 with the HP! 


DC 27 Tou save against a hopefully flat-footed target.

If she has to end her round adjacent to Apocalypsette, it's behind her. If not, she's back on the stage. 

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Sense Motive vs DC 30: 1d20+10 11o

She is absolutely flat-footed against that! Unfortunately her Toughness is not tied to dodging.

Toughness Save vs DC 27: 1d20+14 26

She takes a bruise!


22 Forever Boy - Uninjured, 6HP

21 - Angelic - Uninjured, 2HP

> 17 - Nocturne - Uninjured, 2HP

16 - Chitin - Uninjured, 3HP

10 - Apocalypsette - Bruised x1

- Crab Ragin - Uninjured

- Centipede Ragin - Uninjured

- Bat Ragin - Uninjured


Nocturne is up once we get an IC post for Angelic, @Fox!

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Big crazy music monsters probably have pretty good grapple scores. Let's find out if their mistress does!


Nocturne will try a Move Object grapple on Apocalypsette.

Ranged Attack Roll (All-Out Attack +2/-2): 29! Probably didn't need the all-out on that one, ah well.

Assuming that hits, Grapple Check: 22. Less good, but we'll see how it goes. Seems early to start spending hero points.


Success or failure, Nocturne's at -2 Defense until her next turn. She'll bring her force field up, at least.

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