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Te Whakaekenga mai i te Tonga (OOC)

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Aquaria tries to hit all but one with her Trip power - let me know if you want me to roll to be that specific: 


Trip 12 (The Father's Ocean; Extra: Area [General, Cone], Knockback, Flaw: Range [Touch], PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Trip, Indirect 2) {27/28}


This has the effect of being a giant firehose coming out of the end of her trident. 


That's a DC 22 Reflex save for all the ones she can hit. Make sure you check the Trip mechanics in the book! She will send all but the one she hits flying away as far as she can.

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Sorry about the delay everyone. So, five reflex saves followed by five Dex saves!


Reflex the first: 19, close but no cigar!

Das zweite reflex: 6, someone is a bit clumsy.

Third time's the charm? 4, nein.

Akene tenei wa: 19, close only counts with horseshoes, hand grenades and thermonuclear detonations.

And bowls I suppose: 17

To the surprise of no one, they failed!


Improved Trip means that they need to beat dex saves, although their size category helps them at least.


Maero used dex save! 6 It was not very effective!

Maero, digivolve to! 7 Failuremon!

It's time to d- d- d- d- d-d-d-d- dex save! 6 well, off to the shadow realm with you!

I've run out of kids anime! 16 double digits finally!

Something something beyblade? 24 one of them actually made a save! I suppose if was mathematically likely.


Okay, with that, one manages to brace itself against the tide while the rest of them... Don't.


That's four trips rank 12 vs -9 knockback resist making them go back 5 feet and prone!

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Jessie will focus first on the one who is still standing! She's going to start with a Fast Startle, which is basically going to be her just running really fast at the remaining Maero while shrieking like a banshee and wielding a big ol' shield to bonk them with. That'll be a check against Skill Mastered Intimidate of 25 to resist being flat-footed. She will then power attack with the shield for five, because go big or go home. 


In the first good roll I've had in ages, she gets a 21 on the attack. Assuming that hits, the Maero will roll against DC 34 for damage. 

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Oh jeez that hits easily even without the flat footed and they don't have good odds of passing that anyway! Just because the overkill is funny I'll say that he fails!


Toughness save to avoid being splashed to the four winds: 13


That'll be a no champ. He's a minion so even if he wasn't completely brutalized rolls wise he still goes down. @RocketLord, Mette is up next.

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Sorry for the delay folks! Life has been... Unpleasant.


Anyway, moving forwards, three reflex saves coming up:

Ein: 12

Zwei: 20

Drei: 4


With that rousing showing, they all fail and need to make Toughness saves!


Uno: 28 one of the buggers makes it!

Dos: 27 that's... Surprising

Tres: 13 well, one failed. I'm surprised any made it let alone two of them. Now the Maero finally go.


So, there are three of them left, all of them spend their movement getting up, and then for the rest of their action they're gonna run. They aren't enormously fast (Speed 1), anyone with any ranks in a movement power can catch up to the fleeing Giants.


I'll get the IC soon, and @Tiffany Korta is up next

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