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@NerdzulLooking in UP, I think it should last until he succeeds on a save. Given your rank I think he gets a new save each day.

That said, he maybe friendly towards you, but I think if a valid reason for his attitude to change occurs he will get a new save.

Does that sound fair?

So if you wanna drop it to use you illusion it should be fine. If you want to edit or make a second post it should be okay.

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Ok, Luke will make an illusion to cover up Jamie escaping and make a copy of her to keep in outrider's hands so hopefully the Brute won't know that she is gone, he will have to keep his concentration up however or else the copy won't move.

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Okay, Alice is gonna be preparing an action to do the following before Brute would act I don't want to take away anyone else's chance to RP :P Also it gives SF a chance to respond to what I'm doing in case I missed something.


Alice's gonna attempt to All-out Attack grapple (1d20+7 I will wait until I'm called to roll. Fingers crossed he counts as surprised for the Flat-Footed) while using Extra Effort (For the Alternate Power Feat and a HP to remove the Fatigue to trade out her.

Flight 12 (50,000mph; Feats: Subtle) [25PP] (Divine, Mutation, Gravity)


Super-Strength 15 [15PP]

Environmental Control 3 (High Gravity; 25ft. Radius; Extras: Selective Attack) [9PP]

With the plan to grapple him, increase the gravity and drop, hopefully just breaking the floor and dragging Brute down. Selective Attack so that none of the allies will be hit by the gravity.


If she hits she'll have +36 to grapple.

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