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Little Mermaid initiative: 18


Bad guys: 3

Boss: 5


@Exaccus: Your Winds of Change Transform power can only affect Inanimate objects, it can't be used on the goons... but just in case, and since I'd already rolled for them, I'll keep that in the spoiler.

What do you want to do?


Alright, Oz takes his action above

Reflex: 22 21 One makes it!

First roll is the one that made it for Fort: 16 19

First guy makes the roll, second guy fails


30 - Oz - 5HP - Unharmed

20 - Crystal-Gazer - 2HP - Unharmed

18 - Little Mermaid II - 4HP - Unharmed

5 - Boss - Unharmed

3 - Bad Guys x2 - Unharmed

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Per Ultimate Power page 36, they would get a Reflex Save to avoid being trapped, so you don't need to roll anything, but tell me the rank of your effect and give me an IC description.

From the above I'm guessing its just trapping them, but not limiting their mobility, since that would require a Snare effect instead.

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It's a level 10 Create Object effect so I think that's a DC 20 Reflex save? And she'd be making like an invisible hamster wheel with air holes.


EDIT: so sorry for my horribly love bug posting break! 🥺

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