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Think Fast (OOC)

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Okay, everyone (including Angelic with her 25) roll high enough to spot: 


It seems like things are subtly different than before you left; are the booths quite where you remember them being? Fashion looks a little... 


neon colors, gladiator sandals,[28] animal print or polka dot headbands, knitted sweater dresses, Nike Tempo shorts, wonderbra and sloggi underwear, sundresses, geometric pattern tops, slap bracelets, ballet flats, black spandex leggings, pale denim jeggings, light, translucent tartan shirts worn with a camisole underneath, kinky boots, riding boots, ripped acid wash skinny jeans, and neon leg warmers worn with bare legs and a dress or skirt.


Letterman jackets, black leather jackets[116] like the Perfecto, windbreakers,[117] dashiki[118] or Hawaiian shirts,[119] ski jackets,[120] slim and straight leg jeans,[121] wool topcoats,[122] Ed Hardy T-shirts with low necklines, neon colors inspired by the rave scene,[123] roll sleeve tartan flannel shirts worn with white T-shirts, cardigans and knitted V-neck sweaters.[124]

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I want to try to snare the weapon. I was thinking an attempt to seal the 'barrel' of the launcher with some kind of tether and pull it out of his hands? I'm hoping that even if I can't take it away from him, he still won't be able to fire it.

So that be a ranged disarm attempt right?

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