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Lessons to Learn OOC


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Huh. I'd written an OOC here! Weird!


Not gonna roll again, so...


Spaceman rolled a 3, hit a square with a Stun effect that he failed by enough to be Dazed, so he skips a round of rolls!


There's a DC18 Reflex Save Snare Effects on Shift's square!


Nothing happens to Nightscale!


And give me some new rolls, unless you fail the reflex save!

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I was wondering, when Nightscale is in between tiles and is flying over number 6 can he try to help shift get out? He won't try to bring them away from the tile as he imagines that the invisible wall would block him, but at least he could maybe drag them out of the plastic? 


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Hehe Luke would be kinda amazed that Shift can do that.


I would have liked for him to still give a try in freeing Shift (mostly to test the rules of the game\have him try to help his friend), but I bet we are gonna get more chances.

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9 - Spaceman

12 - Shift

13 - Nightscale


@Heritage: Give me a DC18 Reflex Save for Area, followed by a DC23/19 TOU save as fires shoot up all around you!

@Nerdzul: Give me a Grapple Roll vs 16 to keep from being grappled by invisible hands!


And Spaceman skips to 15 where he gets hit by a DC18 Nauseate effect as the room starts whirling him around.

Save vs. that: 31


Give me some ICs!

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