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Think Fast! (IC)

Avenger Assembled

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On 12/21/2020 at 11:41 PM, Avenger Assembled said:

 "We need to leave him and go. He was one of the most famous supervillains of this time." She shot Pan a quick smile, adding, "You did well. All of you did.


"This guy?" Leon sounded genuinely surprised as he thumbed back at the subdued villain. He glanced back at Kneival and raised a eyebrow in doubt. Looking back at the others he waves a hand dismissively. A few stray pieces of paper swirl around Kneival, coming together over his head. A comical 'dunce-cap', complete with large lettering stating it to be so, comes to rest on top of Kneival's head.


On 12/22/2020 at 10:43 AM, RocketLord said:

"He hurt you." Pan's tone was quite unlike his usual self, as he looked down at the not-so-good Captain. "And what happens if we just leave him here, then? He goes on to hurt someone else? Or do a hero from this era just happen to show up to catch him?"


On 12/26/2020 at 9:38 AM, Nerdzul said:

Dunno we can like? Tie him up something?” Although they would have to find a binding that the dudebro couldn’t just break through. “I mean, we can’t  bring him with us, but… Don’t think that leaving a guy that shot a freakin’ missile launcher at a crowd free to go is a good idea…


"He's already bound up. I say we just call the cops and let them deal with him."



On 12/22/2020 at 10:43 AM, RocketLord said:

He shook his head and crossed his arms. "Where should we go, then? Stay hidden and wait until time catches up?" He looked at Eira, the corner of his lips twisting into a smile once more. "The two of us can wait, but I do not think our companions would like to wait until they reach their old present."


"Since we're already back here. Maybe we can make some arrangements to help the future. We just need to know where Stephanie Meyers is right now and we can save the world from two bad book series." Leon looks around at the others hopefully for a moment before raising his hands it mock defeat.


On 12/22/2020 at 10:43 AM, RocketLord said:

He looked up at the sky, then shook his head again. "No more subtlety, then. That machine brought us and others here, and everyone should get to go home." He pointed his hand up to the sky. A shower of fireworks shot up, with all the accompanying noise, hopefully enough to draw anyone's attention. The formed blinking lights above the group that read spelled out "Back To 2020" and pointed an arrow down at them in great neon lights.


On 12/26/2020 at 9:38 AM, Nerdzul said:

The young man scratched his head at Pan’s mention about just taking the ‘slow path’ back to their time. “Yeah, that would suck. Besides what are we gonna do all that time? We can’t  like… stay hidden for years? No way!


We need to figure out how that thing works…” Yep, not that he was gonna be able to help with that though. “Maybe this guy knows something?” He tossed a glance at Knieval. Pretty unlikely though...


Leon holds up his hands. "Okay fine, new plan. We send a letter to the school and have it delivered in the future after we left. We round up all the other peeps that got we got drag along with. If it works, then someone at the school should be able to find a way to get all of us back to 2020."


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"Yes he did," agreed Eira in respond to Pan's comment about Knieval, looking down at the fallen man with her head cocked and blue eyes narrowed at the unconscious man - for a moment resembling a predatory bird more than a girl or a robot. "But revenge is for fools," she whispered, her left hand tight into a fist even as the other took Pan's. 


A crowd was definitely gathered now, along with the dozen or so misplaced people who had been on the ride with them originally, drawn by Pan's magical display. 


"Pardon me, folks," popped up a voice nearby - the carnival attendant was big and blonde, with the sort of ratty old tattoos that a veteran carny would have. "I couldn't help but notice you are dissatisfied with your ride. Would you care for a refund?" He looked at Eira, at Pan, at Leon and Nightscale, his eyes a brilliant blue. He's not a relative of Eira's, probably; but they look to be of the same Nordic stock. 


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"Then perhaps I am a fool." Pan's response to Eira was short and curt, while he looked down at the villain. He looked to Leon, shaking his head. "But will he remain bound? Do you know what else he can do?" Pan obviously did not. All that seemed to matter to him at this moment was that Knieval had hurt Eira.


He took a step towards the man, stepping in between him and Eira. He was, after all, one of the few dressed for the occassion in full costume. "Dissatisfied is not quite the right word," he offered with a smile, holding his open hands out to the sides. "The ride itself was fine, amusing, even. Not quite as good as flying, but good. Ending up in another time was quite unexpected. So, let me ask you a few questions: Who are you, how did your machine bring us here, and why did it bring us here?"

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He nodded at Leon’s plan. It was clever wasn’t it? A way to communicate with people in the present at least.


Yeah exactly.” He agreed with Pan’s objection about leaving the supervillain by himself. “I mean what is gonna happen when you two leave?” Now he had seen what Leon’s paper could do when he was around, otherwise though, wasn’t it just paper? 


When the carny joined them Luke’s attention shifted to him though. This guy must have known something? Right? “The ride was cool…” He smirked, although he was still massaging his lower back after the fall. “Don’t think I’d want a refund. Doing it in reverse and get back to the right time would be nice though…


"Yeah plus what  he asked..." He glanced toward Pan.  "Would be cool to know that too.

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Leon glared back at Knievel. The villain was being a hassle without even having to do anything. 
When the voice approach, Leon regarded the man as he addressed them. “You can drop the whole ‘innocent carny’ act.” He added as he crossed his arms. “Spill it before you wind up like him.” Leon nodded towards the helpless Knievel and tried to sound intimidating.

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"But a beautiful one," said Eira, smirking at Pan. She shot the carny a look but didn't press him any further - this was not the first time in her life she had been in such a situation. "The heroes of this time will be here for him soon. We should not be here when they arrive." 


"I am but the controller of a very large and _very_ expensive machine," said the carny, doffing his cap to the others. "And I fear its operation has not given you your due." He smiled. "As to how and why it works, who can say? I fix it it when it breaks and bring satisfaction to its riders. I am not one of its architects, merely an Operator." The Operator winked and said in a whiskey-and-cigarette rasp, "If you think about it carefully, you'll see the meaning in all this. It's just a matter of all of us finding our proper - roles." And with that, he went about his work helping the kids round up the last of the tourists, as eager as they were to get them back where they belonged. 

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Yeah. ” The young man nodded at Eira.  “Plus we should be back to our time before they get here anyway am I right?” Yeah fat chance of that. The carny didn’t really look like he was gonna let them back anytime soon didn’t him?


Given us our due man? Proper Roles?” Luke furrowed his brows, trying to sound sarcastic, even threatening perhaps, although he would have to admit that after being on the receiving ends of Knieval ass kicking his chances of actually appearing intimidating weren’t exactly great.


What the hell do you mean?” He added, walking between the ‘operator’ and his machine.

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"Our roles in the story." 


Pan seemed quite sure of himself, staring down the man but not leaving Eira's side. 


"This was meant to be, was it not? We were meant to be here, in this now, to stop this man? Or did you have other roles in mind for us? Anywhere else you think should go? Any other roles we should fill?"

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Leon snorted. Like he needed another adult trying to tell him what he should and shouldn't do.


On 1/7/2021 at 4:45 PM, Nerdzul said:

What the hell do you mean?” He added, walking between the ‘operator’ and his machine.


Leon tugged at Luke's sleeve. "Let's just help round up the other riders and see if this yahoo is good for his word." He pointed at the operator as he moved into the crowd. "Look, just get us home. Cause I swear, if we wind up running into Morlocks, I'm gonna find a way back here and kicking your ass."


On 1/7/2021 at 12:00 PM, Avenger Assembled said:

And with that, he went about his work helping the kids round up the last of the tourists, as eager as they were to get them back where they belonged. 


Leon was happy to help round up the other unfortunate riders that had been dragged along with them. With the help of the others he hoped they could find them all.

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