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Think Fast! (IC)

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Leon stood in line waiting to order. As he did his eyes moved from one group of people to the next, his old habits falling in line as he tried to make sure no one was trying to sneak up on him. Something was bothering him tho, but he couldn't put a finger on it at first. But as he continued, it started to register.

"What the?" He hadn't even noticed Pan changing his the look of his clothing yet. He instead went from scanning just the crowd to scanning the boardwalk around them. "Hey, Tinkerbot." Leon says in a lowered voice directed at Eira. "You still got wifi? Anything funky popping up online?"

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Eira held up a finger silently, glaring at Leon for a moment, then said cooly, "As I lack access to the local Internet, I have been forced to rely on more primitive measures - fortunately the cellular network is still functional." She smiled, a little shakily, her arm around Pan, as she said, "According to the United States Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, the current date is October 21...2007." Eira adjusted her 'brand-new' Ramones jacket and stroked her chin, looking back at the machine they'd ridden on. "How interesting!" she commented. "At least there _is_ a network here, even if I will need to connect to it directly.

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"Time travel again?" Pan looked back to the machine they had just ridden. "Last time I travelled much further back."


His eyes quickly returned to Eira and the others, and he could hardly stiffle a slight giggle. "Do you suppose that it was a spinning time machine? Spun us all around fast enough to send us through time?"


But were they the only ones there? Others had been on the ride with them, and Pan was sure he could recognize a few others with clothes out of place, if there were any, at least.

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"I haven't been at the school very long, and I've already been Back to the Future'd. You guys are horrible chaperones." Leon smirked as he looked around looking for anyone, or anything, else out of place

"Well, I got no one to call for help. So unless you guys wanna call up the school and explain it to them, I say we grab our food and meander back over to the ride to have a chit-chat with the operator?" He glanced back at others. " Unless someone has a better idea?" He asked, maybe just a little hopefully.

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So we are in the freakin’ past? That’s cool.” Luke grinned, it was also a massive problem, hell yeah, but whatever, he had never traveled through time… “These people though? I mean, now I was like three years old in 2007, not a fashion expert, but they don’t look from the right time either.” Yeah, still no one seemed to notice. “Can you find anythin’ relevant on the internet or something?” He turned to face Eira. “I mean like a big event, someone that a time traveler would like to mess with.” 


By the way… Do you guys know, like some lottery number?” He got none that he remembered (obviously), but he did have a few of Super Bowl wins though, maybe he could suggest his family a lucky bet. “I mean my family could certainly use some…” Yeah, although if Back to the Future had taught him anything messing with your own personal timeline wasn’t always that smart.


Sure why not.” He nodded at Leon. Besides, yeah, maybe going back to the school was gonna help, after all assuming it was around already (it must have been right?), how lame would it be for future heroes to go and cry for help from their teacher? Yeah no way.

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Sure enough it did look like a few confused people were wandering around, some trying their cells and getting no immediate response, others looking around the square with baffled looks on their faces - and some people Pan recognized from the ride, perhaps less observant than the rest, were just wandering off into the rest of the park. 


For her part, Eira was looking around with a tense expression on her face. "Claremont served its current purpose," she hissed, "but we cannot just go there and risk altering the future. There is the Freedom League but Leon is right - surely we can solve our own problems. And I cannot access the Internet of the future!" she spat with vehemence. "There were no major disasters in Freedom City this year, but it was still Freedom City. Keep your eyes open." 



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"There, there, there... and there. And look, some are walking away over there." Pan was pointing out their fellow time travellers, or at least their groups, with his free hand, while still holding Eira close to him with his other. "It is curious, do everyone that rides travel? Or is it just this group? I think I saw others getting off the ride back in our time."


"We know what brought us to this time, so it should be easy enough to return, but I suppose we should round up everyone first, no? Someone else might actually know some lottery numbers, and I quite like the world as it is in our own time." He squeezed Eira at the end of the sentence, just to make his point. "How about a neat little paper trick to lead the stragglers back here?" 

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It was at this moment that a new figure swung onto the scene - a fit, muscular-looking man riding an flying skateboard, his blond hair up in frosted tips, a tightly-fitting tanktop and jeans on with heavy shades covering his face. His skateboard roaring with fiery jets from its rear, the figure landed among them and declared, "What's up, duderinos!? This here's Captain Knievel and I'm here to par-tay!" Despite the man's appearance the crowd seemed alarmed, some fleeing, others backing off far off - with a few of those Pan had spotted looking thoroughly confused. 


"Luckily for me the Freedom League is busy throwing down with some alien god today, so I'm the one who gets to pick the playlist." He smiled, and it didn't look pleasant. "So what's it gonna be?" he asked with a cocky smirk as he addressed the crowd. "Do any of you think you have what it takes to hang with the baddest dude in town?" 


Eira was staring at Kneivel with that pinched look that Pan knew meant she couldn't access the Internet and was not happy about it, her hand tight on his arm as she whispered, "I know him!" 

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Hey maybe we can interrogate the people that work on the ride." Yeah it made sense right? Even If they didn’t have anything to do with it, for sure they must have noticed that something was going on.


The young man nodded as he listened to Pan. Yep, he must not be the only one who thought about changing history right? That was gonna be a mess. They needed to contain like a lot of people and that was assuming that everyone got back to the same time they did instead of being scattered through all of history. “Hey Eira, do you like? I mean register what you see or something?” Or maybe perfectly memorize it? It would make sense right? For a robot not to forget a face. “I mean, we might need to track everyone who got here with us.” Himself could maybe identify a few of their fellow passengers, but that definitely wasn’t enough.


He had half an idea to try lure everyone who has been to the Delirium with a fake PA message when the crowd started running away from a… a dude-bro on a flying skateboard. He didn’t seem to be that dangerous, but then again, neither did Luke didn't always look like a 12ft tall lizard so yeah appearances could be deceiving.


Baddest Dude in town? Sorry man. I really have no idea who you are.” Luke gave the newcomer a cocky grin and stepped up to confront him.

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As he looked around with the others, it wasn’t too hard to spot most of the people that had rode the Delirium with them.  Some were obviously angry and confused as to why their smartphones weren’t working properly. Most, if not all, of their social media accounts not even existing yet. Leon had to resist the urge to smirk at their reactions.

He looked at Pan and was about to ask just what the other thought he could do. “What do you want me to do? Create flyers the say ‘If you think it’s still 2020 please return to the ride for a selfie. #dontfreakout’.

Before he could continue some dud-bro showed up on a... flying skateboard? Leon let out an audible groan as he listened to the new arrival’s ramblings.“I think I actually took Intelligence damage from the sheer stupidity of everything you just said.” 

He glanced back at Eira for a moment, did she actually look concerned? Looking back to the villain with the flying skateboard. “Listen up Cap’n Point Break-reject, you don’t wanna do this tonight. We’re having bad night as it is. So, how bout you turn around and go find a frat party you can crash before my friend here has to show you just how small your board is.”

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"That sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea," Pan managed to say in response to Leon, before Captain Knievel made his appearance. 


His eyes went from Knievel to Luke and Leon as they stepped up to him. Almost everyone around them were running. He felt Eira's grip on him tightening. She knew him? 


"Not for anything good, I take it?" he asked Eira, his eyes leaving the captain for a moment to look at her. So, the past, everyone running, Eira's reaction? It was easy to put the pieces together.


Pan motioned with his head, his lips splitting into his familiar mischievous grin. Under his feet, his shadow came loose and flowed across the ground, quickly moving to the Captain's shadow to grab on to it.

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Knieval looked down at the shadowy hands grabbing for his ankles, dodging and weaving on his board but finding himself all tangled up in himself. "Woah-hoh! We've got ourselves some real party animals here!" He reached behind himself and pulled out a collapsible metal tube that blossomed into something that bore a striking resemblance to a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. He grinned and declared, "But if we're going to have a party, we'd better dance!" 


"Yes, I... will get the tourists! I can see them all well enough," Eira hissed, looking briefly annyoed that she hadn't been the first to mention the idea. "you three fight him!


Knievel called out "Well well well, looks we've got a Peter Pan wannabe here!" Despite his words, he was still partially entangled in shadow - but that didn't stop from leveling his bazooka at Pan and firing - a searing blast of white energy that went sailing past Forever Boy's head and into the fairground booths behind them with an explosion! It looked as if a stall had been set afire behind them, and the staff was fleeing from a burning, overturned stove. "That's right! I have a degree in English literature - not that it did me any good!" 

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