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If you meet yourself on the road... [Open]

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Alice watched 'Daedalus' out of the corner of her eyes, suppressing a shudder and hoping that the stars 'being right' didn't mean the same thing for them and that it was just a tribal battle cry or something. She wouldn't press right now since this needed to be a team, but she really hoped that this wasn't going to bite her in the ass. She floated forwards, taking a vambrace, and starting to put it on her arm. "I am a flying brick, to put it bluntly. I am hyperdense, can fly and can survive in space. If anyone here isn't particularly tough let me know so I can be ready to get between anything that can hurt you badly. I can of course also fly people around if you need it and can't fly yourselves. Secret IDs don't really matter I suppose, given we're from other realities, and it definitely won't matter if we lose."

She finished putting the vambrace on, and lifted her cowl off. Standing straight and looking straight at the trio with her. "I'm Alice Armstrong, one of the last superheroes in Freedom City. It's an honour to be here with you. Lets go kick ass and save everything." She smiles broadly, standing straight.

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Daedalus made an awkward noise that sounded distinctly like a mechanical croak as she fastened on her vambrace. "I do not know many of those words - but I am sure they are very important. I am quick, and clever, and I have Daedalus's armor and I can do some of what the shamans do. I don't know their big secrets because they said I was _perverse_ for wearing my armor!" She struck her trident against the ground and added, "Which is not fair! I _found_ it! It is _mine!_" Seeming to notice that she'd gotten louder than the others, she shrunk herself down to four legs and added, "I can breathe in water and in air, and I can jump far, and fly in the armor, and I once killed a whale myself! Oh it had such guts...youuu should call me Daedalus. You could not say my other name.

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Oz Examined the vambrace for a moment, enchanted by the artistry of this cosmic artifact he had been presented with, though he had settled for a desk job didn't mean he was any less of an scholar or craftsmage....right?


snapped back to the here and now by his impromptu accomplices he sheepishly took the vambrace and slid it over his left arm.


"Quite Right, What What!" he said, returning to boisterous belicosity edged with enthusiasm "let us away to adventure!"

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GM Post

The plain white field began to fade as the little group began to flawlessly transfer between this void and the world they were travelling too. As they spoke the voice of Verðandi floated through there head.


Good luck to you all…


Freedom City, 3rd May 1938


The city that they faded into was similar to the one that many of them had seen before, in various stages of repair. This version was a shining bright city full of beautiful Art Deco building that reached gracefully to the sky. A few vintage, to you, motor cars shoed that indeed you were in the kind of tie range that the vambrace was telling you. And whilst you were out of sight the vambrace was also offering a disguise of clothes, and faces, suitable to the world you were now witnessing.

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"Oh, he must!" croaked Daedalus distinctly - and then, with a vibration in the air, the appearance of the armored figure changed. She now was female (though by her tales had always been so) - tall and brawny, wearing blue bib overalls and tall black waders that went up to her knees, with a bright green scarf around her neck adorned with what looked like a bright yellow flower (it was hard to tell, the way it was tied, exactly what that yellow sign was.) 


She gazed, goggled-eyed and open-mouthed, at the crowd before she declared to the others - "Behold! And all living! Such a world this must be!" 


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"an interesting place." oz mumbled to himself as observed the goings on around him with curious eyes, the styles here were different than those he was used too...oh there was brick and mortar to be sure but spires of glass and metal and vaulted against the sky like spear tips that threatend to pierce into the aether beyond, though Ozeria had plenty of grand palacial buildings there were none so vast and mighty as the titanic towers before him, nor were there any quite so...dull in colouration either, it was fascinating to see the small differences even theoretically minor differences could make.


quickly scanning through his vambraces display and settling on a disguise that essentially changed his mode of dress to suit and maybe took a few pounds off here, a slightly more...idealized version of himself in comfortable suit stepped forth as he examined his surroundings.


"So we'd best hop to it then, gathering information isn't my forte but it seems like a good place to start eh what?"

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Alice looked around, before doing a double take at the date. "This is before the Centurion's debut, he'll stop a robbery next month." Quickly she creates a blue summer dress in place of her spandex, but not changing her appearance. If the date given was accurate it was well before her birth and so no one would recognise her. Without any active supermen they can only get help from the various mystery men that predated the Centurion and she doesn't know them as well as the Centurion. It would also make them the first of the proper superheroes in the public eye if they were spotted. She gave Daedalus a side glance at her outburst. "From the sounds of it most worlds have primarily humans. I think your one is the odd one in that way."

"Does anyone have any means of long range communication? If not we'll want to stick together."

She looked around at the old Freedom City she had seen in illegal books and pictures when Oz spoke up. "It's so different than the one I know, carefree in a way." She took a deep breath, savouring the fresh air. "I agree with Oz, let's be about it."

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"I'm Justice," was everything that Julia offered about herself before they disappeared.


In the new world they found themselves in, Justice's uniform had been replaced by a pair of era accurate jeans and a flannel shirt with a checkered pattern. Nothing that would make her stand out, but no dress like Alice. The entire place seemed out of time. Way before her time. She had seen vids from the 20th century where things looked like this, but that was about the extent of her knowledge. She didn't know much about this time, and even if she had, would it have mattered? This was another world, after all.


"I got nothing that would work in some place as ancient as this."


They didn't have a MarsWeb back then, did they?


The others were already getting to work. Julia just had one issue.


"And what do you want us to be about? We got no idea what we're even looking for here. Just some vague "trouble is coming". Not exactly a lot to go on."

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"Something is going to happen here and soon unless we prevent it." Oz stated simply as he conjured an umbrella from the aether and brought it's steel tip down with a smart clack against the side walk.


"Considerably more warning than most people get in the face of disasters, let alone multiverse shaking events. If you need direction get searching for things that are out of place or get questioning people about what's going on here and today...we cannot afford to let the action come to us."


And with that he stepped out onto the streets proper from their secluded spot to begin his search for the out of place and irregular.

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Daedalus wandered out into the crowd, hands in her pockets, gawping in amazement at the wonders of Freedom City in the late 1930s. "Look!" she declared excitedly. "The small ones, the children! And the animals, the dogs! Look at their fuzzy little faces!" She was practically hopping with excitement, sticking close to her newfound friends as they explored. "Oh, such a place..." She craned her neck upward to see the buildings as they passed over them. "The stars are definitely not right here, but I do not think that was the trouble," she offered, thoughtfulness in a tone that was still rather low for a being of her apparent species and gender. " Perhaps we should cause trouble on purpose and see what comes.

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GM Post

As the little group started to wander into the streets one of the roads car roared past at the maximum a automobile of the time could manage. It was quickly followed by a blue gold blue that rapidly caught up with the vehicle and a very familiar, to some, costume lifted the car above there head, though the person was obviously not Centurion. The actions of the crowd wasn’t what you’d expect from a superhero appearance, with them fleeing from them one man actually screaming in terror as he ran past you.


The reason became a little clearer when with a plink five figures appeared in the air wearing what appeared to be primitive bulky power armour. They began to descend on boot jets as they called out to this female Centurion.


This is the Science Police your actions have been declared illegal by the Mastermind, surrender now or we will use lethal force.”


It couldn’t be a coincidence that you turned up just at this moment in time.

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Julia scoffed at how carefree the rest of the team seemed. These people were going to save the multiverse? She could only hope their mysterious backer had some backups ready.


And then... chaos. Julia was silent, watching and standing back, but there was something different about her silence. It wasn't her general silence, there was awe as she watched the female Centurion fly by. The gold and blue. Even in her time that meant something.


But then... Science police? This wasn't her time. Police might not be all corrupt here, and this place was very different from home.


Was the Centurion the bad guy? Mastermind the good guy? People had fled from the blue and gold, after all...


She hesitated. She had to see more. Had to hear responses.

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Oz remained quiet and ponderous, watching the aeriel confrontation quietly even as his hands went to his breast pocket in search of something, anyone paying overly close attention may have been suprised to see his arm go elbow deep into his jacket before emerging with an rod of brass with a red arm and a green arm on opposite sides and what looked suspiciously like a microphone on the end, he kept it angled up at the second flying woman he'd seen today, curious about what she might say in response as his gaze locked on his device.


Best to be scientific about this after all.

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Daedalus struck her trident against the ground, having pulled it from a place no Surfacer would care to think about for too long, even a living one, and gave a terrible bellow from low in her swollen throat. Leaping up on a car, she pointed at the Science Police and declared, "Behold! That one is in a cape!" She sliced the air and it crackled a shade of green unwholesome to the eye of the average creature that lived upon the ground. "The ones in capes are good! Stop or I will empty my bowels into your face, you dolphin-f*cking spawn of the sun!" she declared with great intent. 

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Alice watched, wonder plain on her face as a female Centurion passed overhead. That was the superhero, the original, doing the seminal heroic act. She might not have even donned her cape were it not for him... well, her in this case. Then she was stopped by 'science police', what the hell? She grimaced as they immediately jumped to lethal force, and watched Justice and Oz respond with curiosity. She drew back to watch when Daedalus' outburst caught her attention. "Oh shit." She cringed as she drew a trident out of somewhere, but didn't think about it too long.

She needed to think, what should she do? The Mastermind definitely had some power here, and apparently The Centurion was at least the public enemy, but she knew from her own outlaw status on her Earth that being labelled the enemy by those in charge didn't necessarily mean you really were. She needed to choose, act now, or stand by.

She made her way within earshot of Justice. "I don't think answers will present themselves in time to stop whatever is happening without one of us poking for them directly, and I don't think Daedalus is going to do it. I'm gonna head up and try to draw out some answers, you lot listen, and work out what's going on from what you can catch." She grins bitterly, floating forwards, past the Deep One. "Daedalus, I need you to stand down. I'm heading up there, Justice and Oz will be listening in to get context. Work with them to work out what we need to do."

Meteor began floating up, using the vambrace to return to her costume, cape fluttering out into the air, speeding up to fly between the groups. "Hey, hey. I think that was a bit fast, no? No need to jump straight to lethal force, don't you have alternatives?" She smiled nervously at the five powersuits, hoping that they responded.

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GM Post

There was a slight pause as everyone seemed to size up everyone else, the female Centurion even gently putting down the automobile. The moment wasn’t for long before the booming voice of the Power Suit broke the silence.


All powered individuals are banned from activity by orders of the Mastermind. You will all surrender yourself to the Science Police or we will be force to subdue you all.”


Perfectly synced the powered suits deployed some impressive looking canons, something very unlikely to be found in this kind of era, much like the Power Suits themselves.

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Right. Meteor probably had the right idea, but the Science Police didn't like that idea. Anyone with powers was a target to them? Alright, cool. She didn't have any powers.


But she sure as hell had something that should make those tin pot tyrants wet themselves.


"They sound just like the Chess Guard from back home. Give some people some armor they barely understand, and they'll start pushing people around. Seems like a rule of nature or something." She wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, just whoever from the team was within earshot.


Then, she stepped forward, towards the Science Police officers and Meteor, reaching for the belt that materialized on her. Whatever stoic facade she had put up until now seemed to vanish in a heartbeat.


"Hey punks! Listen up! You're gonna leave those ladies alone right now!" 


She pushed a button on the belt. The purple pink jewel in the belt buckle began to shine, then...


Are you READY!?


Julia grimaced as she assumed her position. The jingle was annoying, but she hadn't figured out how to turn it off yet. Legs spread slightly, she raised her right hand above her hand, hand held open. She lowered her left hand to in front of her chest, clenched into a fist.




Brilliant purple pink light enveloped her body for a brief second, flashing as first a dark purple undersuit with purple pink power lines appeared, then metallic, almost silver pieces of armor appearing around her body, before finally a helmet with an insect mandible-like silver mouth guard appeared. For a split second, the area over Julia's eyes flashed, a purple pink visor appearing. 


Justice lowered her right hand, pointing towards the Science Police as she slid her left foot behind the right. The belt let out the final piece of the transformation jingle.


It's time for JUSTICE! 

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for his part Oz remained calm and collected, quietly tweaking with his instrument as it parsed the parapsychological waves carried in the voices before them, fortunately for his callibration they had largely stuck to spitting facts at one another and thus it was attuned to the subharmonic frequencies of intentional or knowing lies.


"mhmm..." Oz answered dreamily to any who might inquire things of him as he worked, sparing a moment to click his fingers and bring his emerald forcefield to life in the face of seemingly imminent combat.


he was after all a prodigiously powerful wizard and he was secure in his ability to largely ignore the tensions for now at least.

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