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Who Ya Gonna Call!


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recruiting for a preferably lowish PL (7-10) primarily investigative thread.  PL less important than fit for the hooks.  Preference for those not directly involved in the supernatural.


Viral sensation Ghost Tracers have come to Freedom and are releasing a tour of Haunted freedom.  But something sinister may lurk beneath the campy facade.


Hooks: 'Extremely Online' types would know Ghost Tracers as a recent viral sensation that seems to always turn up seemingly solid evidence of haunting.  Is it a scam?  Camera tricks?  Do you want to prove them to be hoaxes or jest get on camera?

Characters that have lost a loved one(likely in Freedom) might glimpse something in a video, or trailer that looks like evidence of their spirit.

True Believer; A fan of the series that believes in the afterlife/ghosts/the supernatural WITHOUT having first hand experience.

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