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Ancient Enemies OOC


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OOC for this thread.


Okay, a new adventure for Green Team!

Veronica has asked for their help in tracking down a pair of lost archeologists working at a remote Danger International dig site in western China. She would have warned everyone it would be pretty cold there, so they could dress appropriately. As they are teleporting from the DI offices in Freedom City, there would have been stuff available there if anyone needed anything.


For the moment Veronica’s Magic Pool is:


Teleport 10 (Extra: Accurate; Flaw: Long-range only; Feats: Progression 4 (x20 mass))

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For the moment, Veronica is setting her amulet’s pool to: +8 ranks Survival (up to 14 ranks (+18)); +8 ranks Search (up to 12 ranks (+16)); +7 ranks Notice (up to 15 ranks (+19)); +5 ranks Acrobatics (up to 12 (+16)); +4 ranks Climb (up to 12 (+14)); and the Track feat

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So I've got 18 points in Artificer's Magic Array that I could extra effort/stunt some kind of (Enhanced) Super-Sense off of.  Maybe something like


Dimensional Awareness (Descriptor Frequency: Uncommon {1}; Sense Type: Visual [Default: Accurate, Acute, Ranged, plus Analytical already from Goggles]; Enhancements: Counters Concealment {2}, Counters Illusion {2}, Counters Obscure {5})  [10pp]


If I can keep that 23 I'd rolled on the Knowledge (Arcane) check, and Veronica aids him, that'll add +2, bringing it to 25!


He'll be fatigued afterwards, but I'll keep that for now.


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1 hour ago, KnightDisciple said:

Notice: 24.

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) [to represent trying to figure out weather patterns or whatnot]: 25.


@KnightDisciple Looking around Micha sees no sign of Ben. Now that he has had a moment to look around, he realizes they are not in a forest, but a jungle, with high, triple canopy trees above them. The three of them are standing in a mostly clear area that seems to run along a slight elevation to one side and a relatively flat area to the other, with lots of thick undergrowth along each side.


While he cannot get a good view of the sky due to the thick jungle canopy above them, something about the humidity in the air makes Micha think there might be a rain shower on the way.



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So, Astrid does not really have much additional insight into Ben not being there.


While she still was unable to see the portal, after the experience of passing through it, she recalls accounts she read from some former Claremont students who described a similar experience when traveling to another dimension. Those students had been part of arranged trips to the Lost World, an Earth-like world in another dimension where they encountered not only dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, but also several archaic Earth cultures and primitive humans.

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