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Distracted guards? A delicious-looking iron cage? Sure, sez Wraith!


She'll climb up to the cage, shapeshift to om-nom-nom mode (minus the normal healing, since she isn't hurt!), and try to eat the door to the cage off its hinges (if there's an apparent door), or just eat a hole in it (if there's no door!), or (if I've misread and the cage itself is not iron) she'll default to trying to eat the chains away.


Drain Toughness 12 (Extras: Affects Objects, Linked [Damage], Flaws: Limited [Objects], Limited [Metal]) [6pp]
+ Damage 12 (Extras: Linked [Drain], Flaws: Limited [Objects], Limited [Metal]) [4pp]


That's a 12pp reduction to toughness, and then a DC27 toughness save against damage.

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Since there's some amorphous shapeshifty types here, please let me know who does and doesn't have readable lips, so I know whose dialogue to ignore.


Octoman will move to wherever he needs to move to line up the 100ft or 250ft cone (the Progression power feat for his area size is optional), preferably up on the ceiling or at least above everyone else, and then he will unleash his tentacles in an attempt to grab and choke everyone in the temple who is not obviously an Atlantean prisoner.


Targeted Selective Area Engulf Snare effect.

Attack roll: 25. Add +1 against anyone against whom he has the higher "ground," and/or +2 against anyone for whom it counts as a surprise attack.

If that hits, then it's a DC20 Reflex save to avoid the Snare.

If they fail, then, in addition to the usual effects, he's applying his Chokehold power feat to, among other things, prevent them from speaking.


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Also, I'm fine with there being at least one verbal back-and-forth between Miss Grue and the guards before Octoman unleashes the tentacles, and as soon as he does that, his Passive Concealment effect will end.


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On the roof: 


Reflex save vs DC 17: 20



Goes for Dalekos! A straight-up unarmed strike

https://orokos.com/roll/783977 = that hits, since he hasn't gone yet 

Tou vs 27: 22 = he takes a bruised! 



fires a Cone Area effect at Dalekos! DC 18 Reflex save to avoid a DC 18 Will save. (What does the Will save do? fail it and see! =D ) 



Pulls out an ax and hits the Harbinger 

https://orokos.com/roll/783980 = 24! 

Tou vs 27: 30 unhurt! https://orokos.com/roll/783981


Okay, let's see your roll, Dok. 


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Artificer's Reflex save

1d20+3: 5 [1d20=2]

Oh no!


Artificer's Will save

1d20+6: 12 [1d20=6]

Oh no!


Gonna use one (1) of my HPs to reroll that.

Artificer's re-rolled Will save

1d20+6: 20 [1d20=14]



Down to 1 HP now.

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Down Below: 


Aquaria uses the Teleport on her Trident to get the surviving Deep Ones out of harm's way. 




Artificer is up, and down an HP! 




Okay, @Tiffany Korta and @Fox, looks like you should make those saves! Don't forget to take an HP for being good sports. 

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looks like you should make those saves


If the attack hits you, that is. It's a Targeted area.


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Well, that attack certainly hits Wraith.


Reflex Save vs. Snare (DC20): 1d20+10 12

What a poor roll.


I'd HP that, but she has selective Insubstantial 1 and immunity to suffocation, so I think it's just her pride that's injured.

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Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP


Free Action: Extra Effort to power stunt a Snare effect off of his Magic

Snare 9 ("Hugging Hands of Heroditus"; PF: Accurate [+7 to hit total]; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 increments]) {18/18pp}


Standard Action: Fire Snare at Theodora

1d20+7: 26 [1d20=19]


And now she must make a Reflex save, DC 19.  Fail, she's entangled, fail by 5+, she's bound & helpless.


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP, will be fatigued at start of next round.

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Okay, they're Snared! Talk amongst yourselves or escape how you like vs the Toughness/escape DC of the snare. I'll just say you have the Deep One guards snared to avoid the trouble of a roll, GF. 


Sea Devil: 27

Sea Devil teleports onto the temple steps, outside of melee range of the fight at its front gates. As this is a long-range teleport, she's without her dodge bonus for one round. 


Artificer: 19 

Harbringer:  17

Theodora: 17 (bound and helpless) 

Dalekos: 15 


Okay, let me post IC and then Artificer is up! 


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Octoman's going to use the Chokehold feat on his Snare effect on the guards until they're unconscious. Then he'll stop choking them, so they don't die.


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Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP, will be fatigued at start of next round.


Reaction: Spend HP to nix fatigue.


Free Action: Extra Effort to power stunt a Nullify Mental Transform effect off of his Magic

Nullify 13 ("Purge Mental Corruption", Nullifies Mental Transforms [2pp/rank]; Flaw: Range [Touch]) {13/18pp}


Move Action: Move adjacent to Theodora


Standard Action: "Attack" Theodora with Nullify.  Since she is bound & helpless, melee attacks against her get a +4 bonus, she loses any Dodge bonus, and takes an additional -9 penalty to Defense against attacks from adjacent opponents.

1d20+7: 14 [1d20=7]

Pretty sure that hits.


Now to make opposed rolls: my Nullify vs. the rank of the Mental Transform effect (since she's the subject of the effect, not the effect's user)

1d20+13: 33 [1d20=20]

Natural 20!


And, yes, while he is intending for an undoing of the full Transform effect, I think it could be more interesting if it only undoes the Mental part, but does not touch her body.  He's still got a lot to learn!


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 0 HP, will be fatigued at start of next round.


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https://orokos.com/roll/786770 = 26! 


Your nat-20 was well-timed, sir. 


New round! I still don't have any interest in writing NPCs in combat with each other mechanically, so we'll write Dalekos and Harbinger as having one bruised each. 


Sea Devil enters the fray by stabbing Dalekos in the back: 



Okay, well! 

Tou vs 32 

https://orokos.com/roll/786772 13 

Okay, while it would be v. dramatic, I will make that an injured and staggered on Dalekos. 


Artificer is up once I post IC. 

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Seeing Theodora's corruption (reverse corruption) he drops a Rank 12 Stun effect on Dalekos and Artificer. This will knock Theodora out (take an HP,  Doc.) I'll say it's a selective effect that he doesn't use on Aquaria - after all, he thinks she's now his ally! (take another HP if you think that's sketchy, Doc!). I'll say it clears the deck of Dalekos's soldiers outside of those still in the submarine. 


It's a Will save, not Fort. 


Dalekos Ref vs 22:


Will vs 22 




Keeps moving despite being injured and staggered by Sea Devil, so Aquaria takes an HP. 

He's sorely pressed now, so he calls on the power buried in his sword! 

Damage 12 (Area)

Harbringer: doesn't have enough Reflex to avoid it, realistically, so I'll just roll Tou vs 27: 31
Sea Devil: 20

Just has that one rank of Evasion, so let's roll vs. 27 

https://orokos.com/roll/787348 20 

Let's spend an HP there (she's at 3 right now for in-scene complications, so now she's down to 2) 

https://orokos.com/roll/787349 = 27, so she's unhurt. 


this one you don't have to worry about; Atlanteans are immune to it! 


Okay, Doctor Archeville, if you will make that Ref vs. 22/Will vs 22, we can see if Artificer is left dazed/stunned by all this or not! You can have him take action or not depending on if he's still on his feet. 


@Tiffany Kortaor maybe @Grumblefloof, I believe you're up on the inside of the temple! 


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So Artificer's got 2 HP now, and is fatigued.  Which means, among other things, a -2 to Dex = -1 to Reflex save.

Reflex save -- 1d20+2: 8 [1d20=6]

I'd need a Nat 20 to make that DC 22 Reflex save, so I'm not going to bother re-rolling that.

Will save -- 1d20+6: 24 [1d20=18]



So no effect from Harbinger's Stun, 2 HP, fatigued, undamaged.


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Starting Conditions: Undamaged, 2 HP, fatigued (-2 Str, -2 Dex, -1 attack, -1 defense)


Free Action: Extra Effort to power stunt a Cursed Clutching Claw effect off his Magic:

Drain Constitution 9 ("cursed clawing hand", Extras: Linked [Damage], Range [Ranged]; Flaw: Action [Full]) {9pp} + Damage 9 ("cursed clawing hand"; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Linked [Drain], Range [Ranged]; Flaws: Action [Full], Distracting) {9pp} {9+9=18/18pp}


Full Action: Fire Cursed Clutching Claw Ray at Harbinger!

1d20+6: 11 [1d20=5]



Reaction: Spend HP to re-roll that.

1d20+6: 12 [1d20=6] but the die roll was <11, so +10 to it; 6 becomes 16, so that's a total of 22 to hit.

Assuming that hits, Harbinger needs to make a DC 19 Fort save vs. the Drain Constitution effect, then a DC 24 Fort save vs. the Damage effect.


Ending Conditions: Undamaged, 1 HP, fatigued, will be exhausted at start of next round.

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That is cool! 


Okay, the Harbinger currently has a Fort of 12 and a Tou of 11 

He makes the first Fort save! 27

But he fails the second Fort save 19


Is that an injured or bruised he's taking with that dazed? (putting him at x2) 


Sea Devil: 
Sea Devil does the heroic thing and opens up a portal that Artificer and his sister will be able to escape through! 

It's okay if they don't take her up on that, though. 


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I'd like to say Heroditus is doing lethal damage with that (he is out for blood!), but as the GM for this thread it's your call.


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