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The house has 3 ranks of the Concealed feature, which adds +20 to the DC of any checks made to find the house or learn anything about it - Gather Info, Knowledge, Search, etc. The descriptor is the psychic perception filter created by the house's unholy aura. All 3 heroes have skills high enough to find it eventually, but none of them would be able to just take 10, which is why I described it as taking multiple attempts to keep it in their minds.


EDIT: I don't need any actual rolls from any of you.

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Answering some questions in chat:



"What happens to electronic surveilance attempts by the way?"


Aside from the Concealed feature, the house only has two effects that mess with sensory stuff:


1) The house has total concealment against any attempts by ESP power effects of any descriptor, or any Mental-type senses, but only in terms of viewing the inside of the house from the outside, or vice versa. Those powers work normally if you're inside the house viewing other parts of the inside.


2) The house is constantly putting out electromagnetic interference which messes with any kind of machine senses. That field (really a series of pulses - it's an Instant-duration Reaction that the house takes every round) only covers the house itself, so it shouldn't start happening until they get right up to it. Across the street is too far away. The effect is an Obscure All Senses, but only Partial Concealment, Limited to Machines. So your tech will work, but not well. There will constantly be static, video tearing, blurry images, etc.


Once they cross to the house's side of the street, they'll start hearing periodic bursts of static in their earpieces. If I'm reading the sensory powers in her multi-tool correctly, then she'll be able to establish that there aren't any computers or cameras or other surveillance devices in the house for her to tap into or hijack. There aren't any radio signals coming from the house.

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Everyone who enters the House, make one (1) DC20 Notice check, and three (3) Will saves.


The Notice check is to pick up on the fact that someone's trying to read their minds (a Subtle Mental effect).


The first Will save is a contested check against the House's Mind Reading power, so the DC is the result of the house's check.


House's Mind Reading power checks:

Against L0vel@ce: 13.

Against Gremlin: 27.

Against Hitter: 22.


The three Mind Reading effects will roll out one by one over the first 18 seconds they're in the House.

If the House wins, its first "question" is "What do you fear?"

If you fail that save, go ahead and post the answer here.


The other two Will saves are both against a static DC20, first for the Illusion power, and second for the Emotion Control (Fear) power.

Those are both Selective Area effects, so they hit everyone at once, one right after the other, during the next 12 seconds.

I'll describe the effects in my next IC GM post for anyone who fails.


The House isn't going to inflict worse than a Shaken result from the Fear effect, no matter how badly anyone fails that save.


All this happens in the first 30 seconds after they enter.


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Alice will Skill Mastery the Notice check, for a 22.


Will Saves vs. House, DC27, DC20, DC20: 3#1d20+7 8 26 24

Will saves are not Alice's forte; that could have gone a lot worse for her! That saves on the Illusion and Emotion Control, I believe, but very much fails the Mind Reading.


Alice fears:


As an abstraction, she fears letting people in - losing her scraps of independence, exposing her secrets and hidey-holes and the like.


That's probably not useful for an illusion, though, so more relevant to a spook-house she's pretty afraid of big, aggressive dogs.


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Gremlin notices that someone or something is invading her mind and looking at her worst fears, and it's finding them, but she'll be able to tell that the illusions aren't real and they won't scare her.


L0vel@ce doesn't notice the mental intrusion, but the house isn't able to read her mind. But the illusions it'll come up with will seem real to her, and she'll be Shaken by them.


@Gizmo Can I please get those checks for Hitter?


Since the last IC post was a GM post, instead of doubling up, I'll wait until my next GM post to describe the power effects. Until then, everyone can do another round of IC posts describing their initial reactions to entering the house and what they've seen so far.


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Actually, everyone who made their Notice check can go ahead and react to the sensation of something or someone invading their minds and reading their souls like pages in a book in this next round of IC posts. No illusions or fear yet, though.


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