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Don't call it a comeb- wait, no, it's definitely a comeback

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Hello!  So many of you may have guessed by now that I am slowly working my way back to FC PbP. And II'll need your help to do so!


I'm already working on a new character, Horrorshow, for use with the Claremont folks.  I've got a first draft up in the Character Building forum.


For my namesake character, Doktor Archeville, I was considering having him move out to Emerald City, kinda like what Tony Stark did in the comics (when he moved out west and started a new company). But then I thought, why not go further... to SPAAACE?! Before going, though, I definitely want to have some interactions with folks in & around Freedom -- answering (and asking) questions, making amends, bringing closure, get chewed out, et cetera.

What's he been up to all this time? Therapy. Looots of therapy. Coming to terms with what he did & with what happened to him.

(I also need to do some major cleanup & update of his character sheet.)


Dead Head, I'm thinking of moving him to Bedlam. He looks like he'd fit right in, until he opens his mouth and starts talking!

What's he been up to all this time? Maybe working on a cold case that lead him on a tour of several afterlife realms? Or lost in Sub-Terra?

(His sheet also needs a little work.)


Protectron... I'm not sure on. I never really used him much, and honestly can't recall if I ever had any plans for him. I'll probably just kerp him as a background/support character for now.


(All four will probably need Guidebook entries, too!)


Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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Hey Dok!  Sorry I did not respond earlier, I was travelling to Eastern Washington for a deposition and then was at the depo.


Look forward to your Claremont character (I have a Danger there currently).


As for Dok A, I can certainly help with the Space stuff, as we have done quite a bit to develop the space setting.  Currently there is a wormhole out near Pluto that connects to a wormhole network throughout our sector.  The Freedom League maintains an observation satellite out near that wormhole.


Another thing to consider is Coalition Victory Station (CoVic Station) which is next to another wormhole in the network.  It is somewhat like a Babylon 5 location, where a variety of space faring governments have a presence and participate in a coalition that grew out of an alliance to fight back an invasion a few years ago (which is also when the wormhole network was created).  There is an alien superteam located on CoVic station, the Praetorians and the Freedom League has been sending a member to spend time on the station on a rotating basis. 


As for before Dok leaves Earth, Velocity is still around and active with the Freedom League, though she was not involved in the Archeville storyline, so has no personal stake in that, but certainly would have heard about it from various people.

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51 minutes ago, Dr Archeville said:

In Discord last night, Heritage had expressed interest in having Grimalkin see Dok at least one last time.


 Yes, very much so!  Also I wouldn't say no to a Deadhead/Grimalkin thread; she's not based in Bedlam, but she's willing to visit.


I have a telepathic student at Claremont, so no doubt she will run into Horrorshow.

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