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Coalition Victory Station (CoVic Station)


Coalition Victory Station (CoVic Station) 

Location:  Kesteven 79

Following the defeat of the Communion and the end of the Incursion, the massive Communion mothership lay derelict near the wormhole now present in the system.  The Coalition of worlds that had fought together against the Communion declared the station a neutral ground, renaming it Coalition Victory Station as a symbol of the cooperation that had stopped the Communion. 

With so many sentients displaced by the Incursion, many of their worlds destroyed or cyberformed by the Communion, millions made their way to CoVic Station, as it came to be known.  Engineers from the Lor Republic and hundreds of other worlds worked to convert sections of the station into habitable zones, along with industrial factories, shipyards and other facilities.   

Embassies began to sprung up, as the station became the ideal location for the former members of the Coalition to attempt to continue to build on the cooperative spirit that had allowed them to achieve victory.  While the Lor Star Navy had a presence at the station, a corps of independent peacekeepers from all the Coalition worlds was established to maintain order on the station.   

In addition, the Praetorians, who had returned to the galaxy in the early days of the Incursion to help fight the Communion once again, chose to establish their headquarters on the station. 

Currently several large areas of the station have been converted into city sized habitable zones, with several large archologies dedicated to food production established as well.  But the bulk of the former Communion mothership is still uninhabited and deserted.   

Key Locations: 

The Main Plaza  Located on the upper level of the largest habitable zone, the Main Plaza houses the embassies and other governmental buildings that had been established on the station.  Several large open plazas and artificial parks line the center of the Main Plaza, with the various governmental buildings surrounding them.   


The Council Chambers  Located at one end of the Main Plaza, the council chambers of the station was built to house the various members of the Coalition Council to conduct their business and debate important issues.  While neither as large nor opulent as the senate chambers of late Lor-Van, the arched ceiling of the chambers is high enough to make the average sentient dizzy. 

Great round disks of burnished metal were laid into the curving walls, each broad enough for half a dozen humanoids to stand on with room left to move about.  The platforms were layered in several rows moving up the walls, spaced so as to afford each of them a view of the empty space in the middle of the chamber. 


The Praetorian Headquarters  The Praetorians selected a section of the station that begins along the edge of the Main Plaza and extends out to the exterior of the station.  In addition to living quarters, training areas, laboratories and other amenities, the headquarters includes a separate hanger for the Praetorians’ spacecraft.   


The Spinal Core  Beginning along one edge of the Main Plaza, the Spinal Core is a hundred-meter-wide shaft that descends well over a mile into the lower levels of the largest habitable zone.  The engineers had not tried to alter the shaft during conversion of the station, instead setting up artificial gravity generators along the entire interior surface of the Spinal Core.  As a result, two or three story buildings had been built down the entire interor of the Core. 

The Spinal Core had quickly developed as the central market place for the station, nearly every building filled with business, shops and cantinas.  While there had been an initial attempt to set out orderly and symmetrical lanes between the buildings, expansion and additions, as well as numerous stalls place wherever possible had created twisting and curing avenues.

Brickstown:  One of the lower sectors of the main inhabited zone, Brickstown is a manufacturing hub that is home to a large number of the station’s independent Grue.   


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