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The Praetorians


The Praetorians 

Over two thousand years ago, the Delaztri Empire was one of the major space powers in the Milky Way Galaxy.  The most powerful protectors of the Empire were the Praetorians, a group made up from powerful individuals from many of the races and planets that were part of the Empire, and beyond.  At times numbering over a hundred members, for centuries the Praetorians protected the Empire from threats both internal and external in nature. 

When the Communion attacked the Delaztri Empire, the Praetorians lead the Empire’s military forces against the threat.  After a series of epic battles, the Communion was turned back, but at great cost.  After the final battle, barely two dozen Praetorians survived, with all of the organizations senior leaders among the dead.  As the Praetorians and Delaztri Naval forces made their way back to the heart of the Empire after the victory, they were intercepted by one of the Curator's museum ships.  The Curator had monitored the Praetorians’ conflict against the Communion and decided to add the surviving Praetorians to its collection of specimens, intending to keep them on hand should the Communion return. 

Weakened by their battle with the Communion, the surviving Praetorians were captured by the Curator’s drones.  Taken to the Curator's ringworld, the Praetorians were placed in suspended animation by the Preserve AI, several of the spacecraft the organization used being placed in storage as well. 

Following the destruction of Lor-Van by the Communion, the Curator and Vince revived the Praetorians.  Although the Delaztri Empire had long ceased to exist, the revived Praetorians did not hesitate in acting to defend the galaxy from the Communion threat. 

The Praetorians soon joined the Coalition that had formed against the Communion incursion, helping bolster the Coalition's military forces and carrying out other key missions against the Communion.  Following the defeat of the Communion, the Praetorians rededicated themselves to offering aid and protection to those in need throughout the galaxy, building on the connections they made as part of the Coalition, particularly in their association with the Lor and Star Knights. 


Original Members (those who were held in suspended animation by the Curator) 

New Members (those who joined/associated with the team post-Incursion) 



Tales of the Praetorians (threads during the heyday of the Delaztri Empire): 

Once There was the Scourge of Za’ak
Matters of Honor
Tales of the Praetorians: We Are Legion
Revenge is a dish best served hot 

Present Day (Incursion): 

Incursion: Prologue
Praetorians: Awakening
Incursion: Blood in the Water
Incursion: Meaning in Destruction
Ghost in the Machine
Incursion: Interstellar 66
Incursion: Blockade Runners
Incursion: Merciless
Incursion: Only Hope
Incursion: Aftershocks

Present Day (Post-Incursion):

Edge of the Black
Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen
Envious Eyes
Caveat Emptor
Uncertain Liberty
Praetorians: Sovereign Right
The Red Planet
The Shore of a Cosmic Ocean
Nothing Lasts Forever
Our Space is Vast
Try Everything
A Multitude of Problems
Praetorians: Zealots
Revanche: At the Point of a Sword
Revanche: Under the Sword
Revanche: Engines of Destruction

Praetorians: The Eden Program

Praetorians: Tide of Progress

Praetorians: Interlude

Far From Home

Praetorians: Shards of Time

Praetorians: Return to the Fold




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