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Hong Kong Go (OOC)


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So, here is some information Sonny would know about Tsunami’s family.


Her father, Kong Zi Khan appears to the world as a prominent business man, operating a number of legitimate business in Hong Kong and other parts of eastern Asia.  He is also one of Dr. Sin's primary lieutenants, operating many of the criminal enterprises of Dr. Sin's organization in those same areas.  He is the head of a number of regional Triads/Tongs and has a small army of "soldiers" at his disposal.


Tsunami's four half-siblings have started to become more known in the Asian criminal underworld over the last few years.  Each of them possesses powers representing the other four elements or phases of the Wu Xing: Earth, Metal, Wood and Fire.  Each of them operates under the name for the Chinese constellations associated with each element: Qing Long (Azure Dragon, Wood); Zhu Que (Vermilion Bird, Fire); Huang Long (Yellow Dragon, Earth); and Bai Hu (White Tiger, Metal).  Each is rather powerful, on par with Tsunami and a skilled melee combatant. 


Let me know if you need more.

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Cape, I think you misunderstood my message in chat.  You already handled Scarab disabling the security and both Tiff and I have posted since then.  But Tiff indicated Scarab wanted to try to disable the weapons, and that is still pending.  I really have nothing to post for Tsunami, as she is just hiding in the shadows, watching and listening, and I have already posted that once, no real need to post it again.

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Hey sorry. Brain still at 10% function. 


@Tiffthe weapons are in boxes and the Scarab is now expert enough in them to dismantle them easily. Not the ones in the thugs / minions hands, however, so feel free to narrate that. 

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As it stands, the guards (both conventionally and Daka - armed), as well as the Hornet have their attention directed largely on Comrade Frost. 


This gives the Scarab and Tsunami some agency, if they wish to take it, although it may require stealth rolls. 


Avenger, you can make a bluff roll to give some bonus to stealth for Scarab / Tsunami if you wish. DC 20 gives them +2 to all rolls, DC 25 +5 to all rolls. No penalty for failure. 

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Initiative: 1d20+8 22 for the Hornet

Initiative: 1d20+6 8 for his minions


Round 1


31 - Tsunami - Unharmed - 3HP

22 - The Hornet - Unharmed 

13 - Kamala - Unharmed - 2HP

12 - Frost - Unharmed - 1 HP

8 - Daka armed minions [6] - Unharmed

8 - Normal minions [6] - Unharmed


Meaning Tsunami is up


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