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Dec 10th, Hong Kong


Agent Sunny Fields had almost tore her hair out trying to track down the stolen daka weapons that she had the Scarab had dealt with in Cairo. Yasser, the Daka-powered gun runner had already started dealing, and with a good bit of old fashioned detective work, they had found that the destination was Hong Kong. W.E.S.T was still on the case, but the matter was now more about intelligence and investigation than exotic science. 


Still, the weapons were clearly dangerous, and W.E.S.T had asked the Scarab to help. And detective Jackie Wu was her contact. A short, strong man in his fourties who liked dark suits and dark glasses, and clearly knew what he was doing. 


"Pleased to meet you" he bowed, with good command of English and a professional handshake as they met on the HK airstip that had flown the Scarab in. 


"Things are going crazy in Hong Kong. Dr Sin has been arrested in Holland, and all the gangs and right hand men are stepping up to try and make a power play. They are going to be fighting over those weapons. And probably fighting with those weapons. I'm no scientist, but from what I understand if they go wrong they could level a block...."




Club Immortus, Hong Kong


Who had arrested Dr Sin?


Why, The Immortal trio of Comrade Frost, Voin, and Dreadnought. And whilst an apparently great success, Dreadnought and Voin had been called away to baby sit a wild card, the ancient immortal called Morgen they had found from that adventure was causing rumblings in the green fields of Wales. And meanwhile, the mysterious Mr. Murk had asked Comrade Frost and Tsunami to see what the fallout in Hong Kong was. He was rather concerned, and felt responsible. But Mr. Murk operated from the shadows, and this needed someone who could walk in sunlight. 


Sonny Cho, an immortal who lived in Hong Kong, greeted Comrade Frost and Tsunami. He knew the former, of course. And Sonny Cho knew the streets of Hong Kong like nobody else - he was well aware of Tsunami's connections...



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Giang Trang was still somewhat surprised to find herself back in Hong Kong.  It had been a good six years since she had first come to the city, to be introduced to her true father for the first time after being raised in a remote Vietnamese village.  She had been shocked to learn the truth about her father and extended family, and it had not taken her long to decide to escape from his compound and strike out on her own.  Luckily Raven had found her before her initial luck had run out.


Given her past experiences with her family and other elements of Dr. Sin's organization, the young Asian woman had made it a practice to stay out of much of the eastern half of Asia.  But Mr. Murk had requested her assistance in looking into any potential fallout from Dr. Sin’s arrest.  While Gang felt her presence might be something more of a hindrance than help, she had been reluctant to turn down the request, as she was well aware of the violence the Triads, Tongs and other elements of Dr. Sin's organization could bring. 


So, now she was in the Hong Kong branch of the Club Immortus, alongside Comrade Frost, whom Giang had once briefly met at a Christmas Party hosted by the Freedom League while she had still be at Claremont.  She was not currently wearing her costume, instead opting for a more non-descript set of Western clothes that was likely to blend in with many of the younger residents of the city.


Looking over at the local immortal that had been assigned to assist them, Giang then walked over near a window and looked out.  "So, what is the current rumors on the street?"

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The streets of Hong Kong bustled with their usual energy. One could see street vendors, cars, bycicles, pedestrians. Every walk of life from rich to poor, fortunate to misfortunate. 


And of course, admist all that activity, Hong Kong was in the midst of a power struggle. 


"Its getting brutal" replied Sonny Cho to Tsunami's question. "Nobody could quite believe it when Dr Sin was arrested. Some people still can't. I'm not sure do. Dr. Sin had plans within plans within plans. So everybody, right afterwards, was playing cautious..."


"Except for the Hornet, his henchman. Alchemist. Inventor. Genius, they say" he nodded to Comrade Frost. "You remember him? He kind of dropped Dr Sin's location. Seems he was a hairs breadth away from betraying the doctor anyway"


"He's consolidating his power. But there is resistance. The old guard. You...ah....may be aware of Kong Zi Khan" he said, shuffling his feet and avoiding Tsunami's gaze but the implication was clear. Sonny was not sure how much Tsunami wanted Comrade Frost to know. 


He cleared his throat. "He's holding back from joining the Hornet. Maybe its loyalty. Maybe its just seeing which way the dice land" he explained. "And your ah....step siblings" he said, bowing to Tsunami respectfully. "Are, as they say...on the other side of the law to yourself..."


"In any case, as I understand it, the Hornet has taken delivery of some very powerful weapons developed in Cairo. Which means he is probably going to make his move soon. Either bend the knee to him as Dr. Sin's successor, or get crushed..."

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The Scarab III

Upon getting the crystal Kamala when back to first principles, teaching herself the necessary chemistry, crystallography and even Quantum mechanics to try and understand the properties of the corrupted Daka crystal fragment. And even though she’d gained enough knowledge of the sciences to gain a degree in the sciences if she wanted she was no closer to understanding the crystal.


It was a little surprising when she learned of the weapons in Hong Kong, but she was on the first flight out to Hong Kong. She felt she was the only person that was equipped to deal with this problem.


<”I can speak passable Cantonese if that would help”> she replied with a bow, her vambrace gifting her the ability to speak the local tongue

<”What can you tell me about these weapons Mr Wu?”>

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Hong Kong Airport


"<Not so much>" said Jackie Wu, frowning. He was, however, happier speaking Cantonese. "<As far as I know, they come from Cairo. Most of the information we got from W.E.S.T...agent Sunny Fields. Apparently...>" he consulted his note book. "Reversed polarity anti-crystalline energy weapons with Heisenberg instability decompensators...."


He looked up. 


"<No idea what that means. But the short of it is, dangerous, explosive, and not wanted in Hong Kong. Especially not in the hands of the Hornet>" he added. 


"<The Hornet, thats one of Dr Sins henchmen. He's making a power play for Dr Sins organisation and its going to be a bloodbath in Hong Kong if we don't stop it somehow....>"


He frowned again. 


"<Although stopping it seems a tall order....I'm going to try drilling one of my contacts for information. Man called Sonny Cho>"

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Comrade Frost shrugged and asked baldly, "Why is my problem?" Smoking was mostly illegal in Hong Kong these days, which only added to his irritation as he paced the halls of the club. "Hornet is fool if he thinks him "successor" to Sin when Sin is in jail of all places." The relevant authorities had ignored the recommendations he'd made about how exactly to hold Sin, too, which meant that it would not be many more years before he was loose again on the world. "Let Chinese authorities handle such crimes, or perhaps Chinese metahuman population - if they can really be called such," he said with what passed for jovial disdain. "Chinese government has made it _very_ clear their thoughts on Russian agents operating on their soil and while it would amuse me to save themselves from themselves again, well, I would need to know I had your _full_ cooperation." He shrugged, a curious look on his face. 

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Sonny Cho turned to Comrade Frost and gave a slightly startled, but most polite bow. 


"Respectfully, I am not sure it is your problem, sir" he said, most corteously. "On the other hand, I am not sure it is not" he added. "Dr Sin was indeed a criminal, but I regret to say that he did at least have a sense of honour. the Hornet, on the other hand, has all the vices of Dr Sin and none of the virtues"


He turned back to look over Hong Kong, his voice and manner more wistful now. 


"Ah, things are never so easy. You have deposed one tyrant and a worse one seems intent on taking his place. And more so, it will be a bloody coup. Hong Kong does not have the resources of Freedom City, its super hero contingent is small. Before the Chinese took over Hong Kong we at least had the British. The Vanguard, if you remember them....I even may Headcase once, although I confess he was a strange fellow..."


He shook himself from his many and long memories. 


"I believe then, that it is a request made of necessity. Mr. Murk felt that he..and by extention, you had some hand in the events of Hong Kong - benign by intent, I should add, and that given absence of any other force here, it would be a wise and noble intervention"


"Although as you quite readily state, not an easy intervention. The Chinese would not openly approve of American or Russian superheroes...but perhaps they would not be opposed to them either, if it stopped a war...."


"I, however, am not the Communist party of China" smiled Cho. "I am at your full disposal. More tea?" he asked politely. 

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The Scarab III

It almost made her wince at how basic he made the whole sequence sound, considering everything that went down. But now probably wasn’t the time to retell that tales. One detail she had to at least correct or help explain the very least.


<“There corrupted Daka crystals which have strange energy collection and release properties that could be deadly if used incorrectly. I had to deal with the original owners of the crystal, hence why I’m here in your city.”>


She picked up her bag full of equipment that in most circumstances would give the Customs people pause, luckily WEST had been able to get them through without any problems.


<“Let’s go talk to this Mr Cho, I’m interested to hear what the situation is here!”>

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"Yeah, he hangs around at this odd private club. Really private" answered Detective Wu, motioning the Scarab into his police car. 


He soon set off down the busy roads of Hong Kong, with all its sights, sounds, and smells, where rich and poor mingled. There were bright lights and hobo's both. It was cramped, and the traffic was slow, but Detective Wu resisted turning on the sirens. He didn't want to draw attention, although he could not resist some horn-sounding now and again. 


Eventually he pulled up outside the Club Immortus, Hong Kong. 


"Don't know why they called it that" he pointed to the sign. "Its only be open for a few years. Guess they want to give the impression it will be open forever" he suggested. "In any case, its a private club. Clean record. Drinks and food for members only. You'd think that would mean triad around here, but as far as we can tell, they don't touch the place" he explained. "Still, best be on your guard" he added, patting his jacket where he had a service automatic in a holster. 


"I guess you don't go round packing guns, but....well, whatever you do do, be prepared to do it...." he added. 


He knocked on the door. 


"Detective Wu! Hong Kong Police Department. I'm looking for Sonny Cho....!"

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Giang listend to Sonny's summery of what he had been hearing on the street and responded to Comrade Frost's questions.  The Asian young woman turned away from the window and walked back toward the center of the room they were gathered in.  "I would not imagine my father would be quick to fall behind a replacement for Dr. Sin.  He has long had the goal of becoming independent of Dr. Sin himself, so strikes me as a opportunity to do so without having to confront Sin directly."  She stated.


"My half-siblings and I were all part of my father's plans to put himself in a position to become independence, so I imagine my half-siblings will be interregnal to my father's reactions to any moves by the Hornet.  Between them and any hi-tech weapons the Hornet has obtained, that could result in considerable collateral damage."


"Although my presence here could further complicate things, I am prepared to do what I can to try to control the situation and protect those innocents that might otherwise be caught in the crossfire of this struggle."

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"It makes sense" agreed Sonny Cho, pondering the words of Giang. "If your father wanted to be independent of Sin, I am sure he would want the same from the Hornet. Arguably, more so. The Hornet, as far as I can see, has no redeeming features at all"


"Would you...ah....this is delicate" he said, "be able to reach out to your father or your step siblings?" he asked politely. "Its a delicate game here in Hong Kong. The pieces are being laid out in an intricate pattern. Hard to see, hard to see" he mused. 


"Even if the Hornet goes, there will still be a vaccuum amongst the underworld. And, for myself, I can never see a Hong Kong - or anywhere - without some underworld. It would be, I think, wisest to try and ensure that the underworld is relatively contained, relatively benign. And in any case, I do not wish a war here. This requires a delicate touch..."


"The pieces are being laid out, mmm....like Go. You are familiar with the game?" he asked. 


"Like Go. Hong Kong Go..."

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"Mm." Frost considered refusing again, but decided that he could not let an centenarian's momentary ennui distract him from the benefit of being owed a favor by Cho. And really, he chided himself, you have been called to the field and you are not the sort to turn away from the fight because you are bored. Besides, his last mission on behalf of the Club had been unpleasant enough that perhaps a chance to turn things in his favor would make his associations with the place more palatable. "All right, well, you have my attention." He ran his fingers over the board and commented, "What would you have us do?" 


When the police arrived, Frost looked up, all business. "Detective!" he said warmly, despite the way the temperature in the room distinctly dropped around him. "Welcome to Club Immortus!" He walked right up to the man and clapped him on the arm with great joviality. "I am Comrade Frost, eldest of those here tonight. I want you to know that we are completely respectful of any and all needs of Chinese law enforcement. My own presence here has nothing to do with any schemes you may have heard about." It wasn't actually directing the man towards Cho but Frost was always willing to cover for someone else, at least for a moment. 

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Detective Wu walked in, more nervous than either he would have liked or would he have expected. Club Immortus was a mysterious place, but the presence of that cold made him on edge. 


"The Chinese government appreciates your cooperation" Wu said politely, implying that it was not just appreciation but requirement. Wu fought back the urge to say Comrade to Frost....Russians aren't communists now, are they?


Sonny Cho gave a polite bow to Wu. "Detective Wu, how can we be of assistance?"


Det Wu turned to Cho. "Actually, I came to speak to you" he said, although he glanced his eyes to Tsunami and Frost as he did so. "We are part of an international effort to track down some energy weapons that we have reason to believe have been smuggled in from Cairo" he explained, succinctly and accurately. 


"This is the Scarab, a scientific expert appointed by W.E.S.T, the World Exotic Science Taskforce" Wu added, feeling grateful there was some international clout here, at least by appearances. As far as he understood it, WEST hd few actual teeth. 


"Which should tell you that this is serious, Cho. And I know that you know more that happens on the streets of Hong Kong than anybody else..." Wu conceded, although there was an edge to his compliment. 


Cho looked at Frost and Tsunami. 


"I think it must be the Hornet" Cho replied. "And I think thats what you think to. We would all love to help" he said, looking at Frost and Tsunami again. 


"Finding him, and the weapons, will not be easy, but I hear the Docks would be a good place to start. A very good place..." continued Cho, remembering how Dreadnought, Voin and Frost had parleyed with him there last time they were in Hong Kong. 

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"Well, I am afraid I only had a short amount of contact with my father and a few of my half-siblings before I decided I wanted no part of my father's plans or the 'family business' and left his compound.  So, while I know the location of that compound here in the city, I know little else about his organization, nor do I have any means of contacting them."  Giang stated before Detective Wu and the Scarab were let inside.  "Trying to approach the compound to speak with any of them is likely to bring us more trouble than it is worth, as they are very likely to just attack us to capture me."


When the newcomers were brought in, Giang remained quite as Comrade Frost greeted the detective.  Instead, the young Asian woman listened as Detective Wu and Cho spoke.

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The Scarab III

Kamala was content for now to let others do the talking as she gets a feel for the situation unfolding. The first thing was that she really didn't like the decor, it was the kind of ostentatious that she made an effort to avoid I'd possible. It didn't help that she had one of those vague memories that she sometimes had that she'd been here before.


The gang-related stuff she'd discovered by reading she'd done on the flight, plus what she'd gathered from talking to the good detective. Her speciality was the crystal or as much as anyone outside of Dakana, and now she shared her knowledge about the subject.


“There is a chance that they've got hold of a dissonance Daka crystals, that if not handled right to take out a large portion of Hong Kong!”


It might have been partially hyperbole, but not by much.

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"Even a chance is not good. Not now" interjected Det Wu. He gave Cho a pointed glance. "You know this, Sonny. Dr Sin's gone, and Hong Kong is about to blow up"


He frowned and wiped his brow. 


"Didn't know it might literally blow up" he muttered.


"It might" agreed Sonny Cho, equally disconcerted. "I...ah...heard that the Hornet was smuggling weapons" giving Frost a look. Even before the corrupted Daka weapons escaped Cairo, the Hornet had been smuggling weapons in. Cho, Frost, Voin and Dreanought had stood him down in a warehouse by the docks full of crates of weapons. 


"He used to have a warehouse down the docks" he said to Wu, keeping his cool. "He might well have cleared it out after I heard things" he explained. "But the Docks is almost certainly where the weapons arrived, and where he operates"


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By Satan's beard, thought Frost, appalled - and then other thoughts as well, more intemperate. What sort of penny-ante operation were the Chinese running here, where one could smuggle city-killing weapons into a a city without a hue and cry being raised. "Welll, then the docks it is," he said artlessly, hiding his real concerns about the place with the sort of careless regard one might expect from a century-old ice monster. "Give me time to change and I shall meet you there, perhaps by..." He tapped a nearby map of the city. "the docks on Tsing Yi Island? They have quite a reputation as seedy underworld dwelling despite being great pride of new city. Is that not always way?" he looked around at the others, making sure of their rendezvous plans before he departed. 

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And so, later...


Detective Wu drove Sonny, the Scarab, Tsunami and Frost through Hong Kong as the sun descended to a low lazy level. He knew the streets well, but Sonny knew them better and pointed out little titbits of information as they drove. 


To Warehouse 33


It was by the docks, and little changed from the previous interchange between Frost, Voin, Dreadnought and the Hornet some months ago. The damage had been repaired (Dreadnought was a mighty beasty capable of damaging buildings just by being in the vicinty). However, on closer examination, the security was much tighter. 


Four guards stood outside, dressed in cool suits, sunglasses, and bulging armpits indicating guns underneath. The warehouse had some reinforcements, more security camera's, and better locks.


Detective Wu grunted. "I do not have a warrant to enter this place. But, given what you have said, I might be looking the other way if anything happens" he said. "I when I say I might be, you can bet that I will be..."



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Before they had left the club, Giang had quickly changed into the morphic molecules costume she wore as Tsunami, a skin-tight bodysuit of several shades of blue in a patter that seemed to almost to flow and shimmer like water.  A dark blue domino mask covered her upper face, completing the costume.


The young Asian woman was quiet during the drive to the docks.  Once there, she joined the others in studying the building, noting the security measures that were now in place.  As Detective Wu indicated he would not be interfering if they went to investigate the warehouse, Tsunami looked over towards the others.  "Well, shall we see if we can avoid the security to get a look at what might be inside?"

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"Ah, I suppose I cannot strip to underthings again this time," commented Frost. He studied the warehouse for a moment, then said, "All right, I will follow lead of you young people. I suggest looking before entering however, because you never know what is being hidden." He peered closely at the building, narrowing his eyes to try and gaze at whatever traces of heat he could spot inside the structure. "When time comes, I will enter roof as problem with building heating systems while you women enter from below in stealthy fashion?" he hazarded. 

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The Scarab III

Kamala didn’t feel quite so self-consciousness now that she wasn’t the only one in a costume, not that she was embarrassed by the whole superhero gig but she still wasn’t quite used to how the whole thing functioned. Still, she’d learned not to show such concerns as she played the part of the consummate superhero.


“I can take to the air and scout around if you want, I can cross reference with maps of the area to help us figure out where everyone is located.”


Her suits HUD already show the maps of the location, as much as she and SAFIYA could piece together on such short notice.

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The spooky eyes of Comrade Frost could, in the cold time of year, pick up heat from the warehouse. Something was going on in there, but it was difficult to say what. Maybe power, maybe people, maybe both. It was insulated enough that he could not tell. What his eyes did pick up, however, with clarity, was the warmth of the security cameras dotted around the exterior of the building. 


As for the surrounding location, it was unremarkable. More warehouses. Docks. The Ocean. A few vehicles, a few passers by. They all seemed to give the Warehouse wide berth. Even if they didn't, the four guards outside would scare them off in an instant. 


There was the main door to the warehouse, of course, which was padlocked and most probably alarmed. On the roof, one could easily perch. It had skylights which were also alarmed now. The only non-alarmed entrance was the ventilation ducts. But it would take a contortionist to squeeze through, or - a man made of mist!

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The Scarab III

Taking to the air Kamala’s scanned the area taking in everything she could, and the rest being recorded by SAFIYA. It was obvious that they were expecting problems. She wondered if it was due to local heroes or maybe something to do with the reasons she was here. Touching back down she was already trying to figure out a good plan.


“They’re obviously executing trouble, so does anyone have a good plan as to how to get in?”


She’d would have liked more time to learn more about everyone's abilities, but it was essential they get those weapons off the streets of Hong Kong as quickly as possible.

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Tsunami listened as the Scarab described the security measures of the building.  Unfortunately it was not out over the water, which might have provided her an easier means of entry.  When the other heroine asked if anyone had a plan, the Asian young woman gave a small shrug.  "I am afraid that while I can be stealthy, I am not particularly skilled at disarming security systems.  At the very least I should be able to get into the compound and up onto the roof while avoiding detection.  Once there I could perhaps see what might be observed through a skylight, and depending on what is there, decide if a more direct course of action is needed."

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"No will take ages and am bored. Will solve problem with application of force - you should enter quietly while I enter loudly." And then he was gone. On top of the roof, Comrade Frost was showing no particular interest in stealth. Humming tunelessly, he placed his hands against the roof and began freezing, draining the heat away from the metal and brick. As he did so a sheen of ice spread from his fingers, then seemed to penetrate the stuff of the roof itself, softening it up enough until he could simply kick through it. "Behold! Is frozen ghost of your father's whoring!" he declared as he did so, dropping down inside the building. 

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