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Horror story for Bedlam


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I'm looking to run a horror thread set in Bedlam for 1 to 3 characters. It will probably be primarily investigation based, but there is potential for some relatively simple combat encounters, depending on what happens. 

No PL requirements. Characters doesn't have to be supernatural to fit in or deal with the issue, but it might help to have some investigative abilities.


And if you'd like, it would be nice to have a mention of where in Bedlam your characters could be around the middle of December.

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Mister Strix is available if you want him.


"Bedlam City" and "horror" are pretty much his whole deal.


He doesn't have any investigative skills yet, but until he develops them, he's faking it with Postcognition, Mind Reading, and Mind Control.


As far as where he'd be in mid-December, pretty much the same places he'd be during the rest of the year:

  • Patrolling the city for crime to fight
  • Hunting for blood (heavy overlap with the previous activity)
  • Spying on his father and his father's goons, trying to learn more about the Bedlam Mafia
  • Spying on the rest of his family, and his widow, and his widow's new family, partially to watch over them as a silent guardian and partially to wallow in angst (the winter holidays would stack on extra angst)
  • Breaking into libraries after hours trying to research his "condition" and catch up on the five years of history he missed while he was laying in a box with a stake in his heart
  • Meeting up with his priest friend about once a week for coffee


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