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Sergeant SharkSgt Shark.png
Power Level: 11 (220/230 PP)
Unspent Power Points: 10
Trade-Offs: +1 Attack / -1 DC, and +1 Defence / -1 Toughness

In Brief: Special Forces Soldier turned into Shark-man

Catchphrase: “Fortune Favours the Bold”

Theme: Derrr dum....

Alternate Identity: Victor Tiberius Finn
Birthplace: Dover, England

Residence: London
Base of Operations: London
Occupation: Marine "Consultant"
Affiliations: Vanguard, Unison
Family: Lisa Drake (Surgeon, Sister)


Age: 37
Apparent Age: 37
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: [Previously] Caucasian
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 120 Kgs
Eyes: Black
Hair: None


Victor has transformed into a hairless marine hybrid, with blue-grey skin, black eyes, and sharp claws and teeth. He usually wears little but shorts (to keep it all PG rated). His feet have webbed, splayed toes.  


Victor came from a military family with a somewhat spartan upbringing. He joined the secretive British elite special forces, the Special Boat Service, and was an effective soldier specialising in tactics.


An expert in diving, Victor and his team were called to dismantle a sunken experimental submarine. Unfortunately, the reactor had leaked radiation, and it was driving the marine life wild. Victors team were killed by a maddened radioactive shark. Victor though he was dead, being chomped and bitten.

He did not, however. He was transformed into a hybrid shark – man, giving him remarkable amphibious abilities, super senses, and incredible strength.


Personality & Motivation:
Victor has a determined, almost cold, dedication to getting the job done. He is a soldier at heart, although he has other interests such as marine biology and ecology. He has become something of an "eco-warrior" in recent times, seeing the damage done to the worlds oceans. 


Outside of the "mission", he is still a disciplined man, not drinking or smoking. He has a fondness for the theatre and opera, liking the play of drama, although he has no particular artistic bent himself. He lets very few people into his psyche (Arguably, not even himself), but has a number of more superficial friends, including military comrades (although he is has now retired from military service). 


Powers & Tactics:

Victor is incredibly strong and  resilient, and will fight clean and effectively in hand to hand combat. He has immense tactical experience and will always wish to engage with the benefit of surprise, and on his terms.


His preferred environment is the open sea / ocean where he is especially effective.


As a peculiar effect of his transformation, Victor can communicate with Sharks.


Aside from his powers, Victor is a highly trained soldier and has degrees in oceanology and marine biology.



Blood lust: Victor’s brain has some shark like qualities. The smell of blood will make him increasingly aggressive, distracted, and hungry. In any case, he has a taste for raw fish which may give rise to unpleasant social situations.


Dry Skin: Victor’s skin needs to be exposed to water twice a day or it will become dry, irritable, and painful, again distracting him or making him lose focus. Protracted periods will cause worse problems. He usually swims twice a day to compensate, but a shower would also do.


Yes Sir!: Victor has a tendency to believe and trust (without thinking) senior military officers and obey orders. This tendency is also applies to a lesser degree to rank and file military men / women. Masters of psychology, deception, or disguise might easily manipulate Victor.


Colour Blind: Victors eyes are almost all rod cells, allowing him to see in very low light. But this also means he has very poor or absent colour vision.


Fighter Not A Lover: Victor looks pretty ferocious and not human. Whilst he is known hero with a solid reputation, he still looks scary, and initial reactions might be startled or uncomfortable. 

Abilities: 20 + 6 + 20 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 56

STR: 30 (+10)

DEX: 16 (+3)

CON: 30 (+20)

INT: 14 (+2)

WIS: 12 (+1)

CHA: 14 (+2)

Combat: 24 + 24 = 48
Initiative: +15
Attack: +12
Defense: +12 (+6 Flat Footed)

Grapple: +25
Knockback: -5

Saving Throws: 2 + 7 + 7 = 16
Toughness: +10 (+10  Con)
Fortitude: +12 (+10 Con, +2)
Reflex: +10 (+3 Dex, +7)
Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +7)

Skills: 120 Ranks = 30 PP

Bluff 4 (+6)

Climb 6(+16) SM

Drive 4 (+7) SM

Intimidate 16 (+18)

Knowledge [Earth Sciences] 8 (+10)

Knowledge [Life Sciences] 8 (+10)

Knowledge [Tactics] 16 (+18)

Language 2 (Arabic, English [Native], French]

Medicine 4 (+5) SM

Notice 12 (+13)

Pilot 4 (+6) SM

Sense Motive 4 (+5)

Stealth 16 (+19)

Survival 4 (+5)

Swim 12 (+22)

Feats: 37PP

Accurate Attack

All Out Attack

Benefit: Vanguard Member

Benefit: Wealth

Benefit 2: Use Knowledge [Tactics] for Master Plan and to avoid Ambush/Feint

Critical Strike
Distract (Intimidate)

Elusive Target

Environmental Adaptation [underwater]

Evasion 2

Favoured Environment [underwater]

Favoured Opponent [marine life]


Improved Aim

Improved Grab

Improved Initiative 3
Improved Pin

Instant Up

Jack of All Trades


Master Plan
Move-by Action

Power Attack
Prone Fighting


Skill Master (Climb, Drive, Medicine, Pilot)


Takedown Attack 2

Uncanny Dodge (Olfactory)

Powers 3 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 10 + 6 + 5 = 33


All powers have mutation and shark descriptor


Strength Bonus (Applies to Unarmed: Improved Critical 2, Variable Descriptor 1 [Unarmed, Claw, Teeth]) [3 PP]


Comprehend 2 (Speak to, Understand, Limited: Sharks) [1 PP]


Feature (Iron Stomach) [1 PP]


Immunity 4 (Cold, High Pressure, Radiation, Suffocation [Drowning]) [4 PP]


Leaping 1 (x2 Distance: Running 40’, Standing 20’, High Jump 10’) [1 PP]


Speed 2 (25 Mph) [2 PP]


Super Senses 10 (Accurate [Olfactory], Acute [Olfactory], Direction Sense, Extended 1 [Vision], Extended 1 [Olfactory], Low Light Vision, Tracking 3 [All out movement, Olfactory]) [10 PP]


Super Strength 3 (+15 STR to effective strength) [6 PP]


Swimming 5 (50 mph) [5 PP]

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 25 Toughness                Damage


Abilities 56 + Combat 48 + Saves 16 + Skills 30 + Feat 37 + Powers 33 = 220/230 Power Points

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