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Found 3 results

  1. September 4, 2019 Vibora Bay, Florida 11PM It's a dark and stormy night. This sort of thing happens a lot in Florida. As Dorian rolled up on the east coast of Florida like God's own judgement, the people of Vibora Bay remembered Michael last year and took action. Some people left, some people stayed home, and everyone mourned all those lovely tourist dollars that _could_ have come the city's way during the ruined Labor Day weekend. As it is, by all accounts Vibora is going to come through this one better than people feared. Having spent his wrath against the east coast, Dorian is rain, lightning, and high winds, but not the near-apocalypse that was last fall's city-wrecking storm. On the other hand, that's bad enough! Six inches of rain and high winds closed the schools and universities today, and most businesses shut down too. Mayor Barker (who weathered the last storm with flying colors) was on Channel 7 last night to tell the citizens of Vibora to be ready for anything. They have to be, because nobody's going anywhere with all this rain. The traffic's always bad in the Panhandle though, especially on the spur that takes you up to the big west-east Interstate 10, so people in Walton County have a lot of experience with sheltering in place. People facing floods have moved into city-run shelters - many public buildings are full of people. Red Cross workers and other volunteers are on the scene - though most of them are actually out of town helping with the aftereffects of Dorian further east. Many streets are impassable, the beaches are closed, and rescue crews and emergency personnel are on high alert. Things are bad - but not quite hero bad. The last you heard, Siren went east to help with the aftermath of the storm there - it's just the hometown heroes on the scene today. Around 11 o'clock at night, just as trusty local weatherman Tom Bonilla appeared on your screens to give you the latest tracking information on Dorian, there's a tremendous flash of lightning and clap of thunder that booms across the metropolis - and from Seagrove to Rosemary Beach, the city's power goes dark. - The University of Florida - Vibora Bay Outside Gibbs Residence Hall "Go to Hell!" In the rain and lightning, two men were yelling at each other in the shelter of the brick patio in front of the old residence hall. "So you've been down here this whole time, spying on me!?" Riley was shouting at his double, heedless in his anger of the other's physical prowess. "I told you before - I do not need your help! I never will!" "...fine." Riley didn't shout back at his double, he didn't even punch him in the face. He turned and walked away, pulling up his poncho as sheets of rain cascaded down onto him, the winds so strong he felt them buffet him as he walked out onto the campus parking lot where he'd stashed his bike. It wasn't good biking weather but if you knew what you were doing and could see in the dark, you could get through fine - even dodge the cops if you took the backroads. Good thing the roads to the swamp hadn't actually flooded yet. Riley got on his bike, grabbed the handlebars - and closed his eyes for a long, hard moment. No. No, hell, no, I am not going to do that. He opened them again and revved his engine with a rumble so deep he could feel it between his legs far more than he heard it. If he was going to get back home, he needed to leave right now. He clicked on his headlamp - and suddenly, there was a flash of light in the sky, and a deep boom, and the campus streetlights winked out. Adjusting his shoulder bag, Riley permitted himself a sigh.
  2. So we've got our first four VB PCs approved, and hopefully more to come soon. Any ideas what kinds of stories we want to tell? I for one am very intrigued by the swamp just North of town.
  3. Persephone Alternate Identity: Camellia Blume, M.D. Base of Operations: Vibora Bay Concept: "Moonstone meets Poison Ivy, with a dash of Venom, and side helpings of Elle Woods and Blanche Devereaux" Table of Contents Allies, Associates, & Enemies Costume & Appearance Current Role & Hooks Design Notes Headquarters History Personal Life Personality & Motivation Powers & Skills Timeline Reputation Allies, Associates, & Enemies Allies Brother & Sister-In-Law Camellia's younger brother is her fraternal twin, born a few minutes after her. He entered the workforce, got married, and started a family several years before Camellia did, only staying in school long enough to get his MBA. He and his wife have two small children, one older son and one younger daughter. Camellia has always been close to her brother, and her sister-in-law was her best friend from college. They were in the same sorority, and Camellia actually set the two of them up, when Camellia brought her home for a holiday visit. She adores her niece and nephew, and the feeling is mutual. Parents Carmellia Blume’s parents met while they were both students at the University of Florida’s Vibora Bay campus. Her mother was a cheerleader and her father played football. They both stuck around long enough to earn Master’s degrees, hers in interior design and his in engineering. After graduation, she started her own firm, while he went to work for Vibora Petroleum, where he quickly ascended to upper management. By gradually invested in dozens of rental properties and restaurant franchises, in Vibora Bay and throughout North Florida, her parents did their part to maintain their family's wealth for another generation. Her father has been a member of the elite Mahogany Club since before she was born. Camellia is their little princess and there's nothing they wouldn't do to indulge her, but she tries her best to stand on her own two feet. Associates Extended Family Camellia maintains contact with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides of her family. Professional Contacts & Sorority Sisters Camellia was one of the vice-presidents of her sorority chapter. She worked as a model and pageant contestant in her teens and early twenties, including during her year in Paris. She spent four years completing her psychiatric residency at the University of Florida Vibora Bay teaching hospital. She's maintained all of her contacts from those worlds. Her Christmas card list includes models, photographers, newspaper and magazine editors, fashion designers, university professors, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and dozens of women who went on to become and/or marry some of the wealthiest and most influential people in every walk of life on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Enemies The New Shadows During the incident where she gained her powers, Persephone destroyed a pack of vampires affiliated with the New Shadows street gang. They don't know that Camellia Blume is Persephone, but they have managed to put together the fact that Persephone, the new plant-controlling superhero making the news, is the one who destroyed their comrades. The changes the alien symbiote has made to Persephone's biology make it unlikely that vampires would derive nourishment from her bodily fluids or that they would be able to transform her into another vampire, but they do intend to make her suffer and die for her affront against them. Costume & Appearance A friend once described her as “Grace Kelly’s head on Kate Upton’s body”. She has brilliant blue eyes set into a heart-shaped face, framed with a mane of shiny and thick platinum blonde hair which falls down to the top of her thighs. She has the kind of hourglass figure that usually requires aggressive corsetry, and most of her substantial height is in her long legs. Her voice is heavy, breathy, and deeper than most people expect, with a slight Southern drawl. She carries herself with the calm, quiet confidence of someone who’s accustomed to being welcome everywhere she goes. She has a big smile, and it gets a lot of exercise. When Camellia uses her powers, her skin turns green, her eyes and hair both turn purple, and her hair grows even longer, until it almost touches the ground. She is a skilled seamstress, an asset she had already made extensive use of on her normal clothes before she ever got superpowers, altering them to better fit and support her body. After she became a superhero, she altered them further, fastening them with magnets to make them quickly and easily removable (a trick stage productions use to facilitate frequent costume changes). Her superhero costume consists of thousands of overlapping leaves grown from her own skin. When Camellia turns into Persephone, she triggers the pigmentation changes, grows the leaves, and snaps her civilian clothing off. She has the whole process down to less than a second. When it's time for Persephone to turn back into Camellia, she just snaps her civilian clothing back on, changes color, and lets the leaves fall off. They quickly dry out once they're no longer attached to her. While her powers are active, Persephone's hair takes on a life of its own. The coloration shifts to different shades depending on her mood, and the hair moves of its own accord, suddenly when in response to her emotional state, but otherwise gently floating and swaying as though she were underwater. Her ability to shape plant matter with her thoughts also extends to her own body. She can make plant appendages, such as vines, thorns, leaves, roots, or flowers, sprout from her own flesh, with whatever texture or pigmentation she desires. There's usually a flower in her hair, and it's usually growing out of her head. She can also release luciferns and their catalyzing enzymes into parts of her body, causing them to glow. She does this most often with her hair and eyes. In her civilian life, Camellia has an extensive wardrobe; more than one person has joked that they’ve never seen her wear anything twice. Her personal style, heavily influenced by the Vibora climate, consists mainly of above-the-knee sundresses in bright colors and floral prints, paired with some kind of ornate sandals, more often than not with 4-5 inch heels that make her tower over most of the people around her. During the couple of months a year where the weather in Vibora Bay dips below 70F, she’ll switch to sweater dresses with higher necklines, swap out the sandals for closed-toes or boots, and add some heavy tights for extra warmth. In more casual settings, she sometimes trades the dresses for crop tops paired with denim short-shorts or short skirts, and on the beach, where she goes every chance she gets, she rocks the bikini. She loves jewelry; pearls are her favorite, and she owns pieces in every color of the rainbow. Outside, she’s rarely seen without both oversized sunglasses, some kind of a large, floppy-brimmed straw or silk hat with a bow or flower on the ribbon, varieties of which she also owns in every color. In professional settings, she wears decorative glasses with clear lenses, mainly in the hope that she’ll be taken more seriously once the “smart people have poor eyesight” stereotype cancels out the “dumb blonde” trope, but also because it gives her another accessory to play with. Current Role & Hooks Persephone tries to make herself available for any crime-fighting or disaster relief opportunities which present themselves in the Vibora Bay metropolitan area. As far as she's concerned, there's no problem too small for her to help with. At one point she literally used her powers to bring a stuck kitten down from a tree, and she still considers it her best superhero moment. She lacks the power to cover a larger region, and even within the city, her mobility is limited. She can command local plants to ferry her around like a sort of relay race of ski lifts, but at only 10MPH, it's usually faster for her to just take her car. She would rather be loved than feared. She always tries to resolve a situation peacefully, and if things get violent, she always uses the minimum force required, and she's quickly becoming known for that. She will gladly stick around long enough to make any bystanders feel safe, and to talk with and assist rescue workers, police, and the media. Design Notes Persephone is an exercise in taking tropes normally reserved for villains and making a hero with them instead. Her color scheme is the green/purple/orange combo colloquially known as "Secondary Color Villain", to contrast with the "Primary Color Hero". She's a blonde, blue-eyed white girl from the South. She used to be a cheerleader and a sorority sister. Her powers include Emotion Control, delivered by what is basically poison. She's a traditionally feminine and unashamedly sexual adult woman who wears a revealing costume and fights indirectly through what are basically summoned minions. Normally, all of those things would scream "villain", or, at best, "Character it's OK to kill", in any genre. Persephone is as far outside my own wheelhouse as I've ever strayed as a role-player, an exercise in embracing and playing with tropes I used to avoid like the plague. She's both a Southerner and a "basic white girl", two types of people whom I used to hate, mock, and write off at first glance. I also used to look down upon any feminine and/or sexually alluring RPG characters, dismissively calling them "GM's Girlfriend PCs". Persephone was born out of the cultural and emotional evolution I've felt happening both in the larger geek culture and in my own life. A lot of us have been doing some growing up and waking up all at once to the nuanced truth that the declaration of all things soft-feminine to be "bad" is rooted in misogyny. What's "bad" is making one thing, whether it's one type of femininity or masculinity or anything else, the only available option, and forcing people to adhere to rigid stereotypes which don't fit them. Tomboys shouldn't be mocked or punished for not being girly-girls, but the reverse is also true. We're waking up to the fact that the whole idea of the "Mary Sue" character archetype in RPGs and genre fiction is rooted in that same misogyny, so, in defiance of that, I went ahead and gave Persephone several "Mary Sue" traits, like the infamous purple eyes. Similarly, while it's a problem when every female character in a work is forced to be titillating for an assumed hetero male audience, it's not an innately bad thing for a female character (or anyone else) to be "sexy", and cheesecake can be fun without being creepy, although everyone has their own boundaries when it comes to that sort of thing. My goal with Persephone is to make a character who is an unapologetically feminine and confidently sexual middle-aged woman, and also a powerful badass superhero, without any thread in that tapestry undermining any other, while also not offending any fellow players who identify as female in Real Life. I'm also hoping to avoid offending any real-life Southerners. Headquarters Camellia lives in a rented two-bedroom house in Atwater, one of the better neighborhoods in the worse half of the city. She could afford to live in Easton, where she grew up and where the rest of her family lives, but she's trying to save money, dip as little as possible into her trust fund, and achieve some semblance of independence. Like most Floridians, she has a small pool in the backyard, and both the back and front yards are dominated by her extensive flower gardens. At any given time, there are also multiple vases filled with fresh flowers in every room inside the house. She uses her second bedroom as a mixed home office, sewing room, and walk-in closet. The walls are covered with framed photographs of family and friends, occasionally broken up by art prints, mostly Monet and Van Gogh. She also rents a studio apartment in Far Weston, not as nice as Atwater but far from the worst neighborhood Weston has to offer. She uses the apartment as an office, so that she doesn't have to see clients in her home. It's her attempt to force some work/life balance, and to keep a professional boundary between her and her patients. The apartment-office is as filled with flowers as her home. It is furnished with a couch and several plush chairs surrounding a coffee table, a desk where she keeps her notes and her work computer locked up, and a mini-refrigerator she keeps stocked with a couple pitchers of sweet tea she always offers to her patients. Framed copies of her university and medical school diplomas and other credentials adorn the walls, along with some more Monet and Van Gogh prints. History Carmellia grew up in a Cluet Farms mansion, immersed in luxury and privilege. Her teens and early twenties were a hurricane of private schools, cheerleading practices, cotillions, debutante balls, modeling jobs, and beauty pageants, just like her mother before her. She was the queen of her high school, but she was a benevolent queen, who never tolerated bullying. She attended the University of Florida, a legacy admission, like her parents before her. She joined the Tri-Delta sorority, like her mother before her. She even spent a year studying abroad in Paris, like her mother had at her age. But ultimately, she decided that, while dancing and modeling were fun, they weren't fulfilling. She wanted to spend her life helping people in a more direct manner. So after four years of college, she applied to UFVB's prestigious medical school. It was the first time in her life when she made a real decision, instead of just following in her parents footsteps. The modeling money and pageant prizes she’d saved up took a big bite out of the tuition, so she didn’t have to dip too far into her trust fund. After four years of medical school, she chose psychiatry as her specialty, combining her academic prowess and her social skills to make the world a better place, one person at a time. After another four years, she completed her residency and obtained her medical license. She rented an apartment and started her own practice out of it, living off of her trust fund until she accumulated enough patients to make her practice self-sustaining. Camellia kept a garden at home, and her office space was filled with flowers. This caused one of her first patients visible distress. But he wasn't floraphobic. Instead, he seemed to be suffering from auditory hallucinations, or some other delusion. He claimed that one of his wife’s plants was talking to him. No one else seemed to be able to hear the voice, but it was growing louder and more insistent, while not making any sense, and he was convinced it was coming from the purple orchid his wife had brought home a few weeks prior. After a few weeks of talk sessions and a prescription for anti-anxiety medication failed to yield any results, he brought the orchid in question to his session, and refused to bring it back home with him. She didn’t think it would help his recovery to force the issue, so she let him leave without it, intending to return it to him later. The orchid was sitting on the front seat of her car during her commute home. That commute was interrupted when she drove by what appeared to be a mugging or assault taking place in an alley just off the street. She pulled off into the alley, flashed her lights, honked her horn, and shouted that she was calling the police, hoping to scare away the attackers. But the attackers were New Shadows gang members, vampires, and they weren’t mugging their victim, they were feeding on him. They used their superhuman strength to flip her car over, trapping her in the alley. But as they started to drag her out of the wrecked car, she heard a woman's voice inside her mind, and it seemed like time froze. The voice offered Camellia power, the power she would need to survive this ordeal and many like it. But she could only give Camellia that power if they were “bonded”. Camellia decided that, whatever that meant, it was better than letting herself or that poor man be killed, so she agreed. Time started passing again, and the orchid started moving under its own power, shattering its pot and pressing itself against Camellia. The flower somehow phased through her flesh and bone, sinking into her chest. She felt its roots expand throughout her body. It occurred to her that this should have been painful or terrifying or disgusting, but instead it was invigorating. Leaves and bark sprouted from her flesh, covering every inch of her skin. The vampires were shocked when they reached for a human but pulled out a humanoid plant-monster. Their shock gave her all the time she needed. Acting on instinct, she summoned plants to her aid, and they responded. Roots from a nearby tree stretched and snaked through the dirt before bursting bursting up out of the ground, breaking through the concrete like it was glass. The roots hardened into spears and impaled the vampires, who all crumbled into ash. As soon as the danger had passed, the leafy armor dried up and crumbled off of Camellia’s skin. She used her cell phone to call an ambulance for the bleeding man and a tow truck for her totaled car, and she tended to his wounds as best she could while they waited. She told the police that she’d turned too fast into the alley and flipped over, which must have scared away “the muggers”. The wounded man didn’t contradict her. Camellia spent the weeks after the incident telepathically communing with her new symbiote, learning what little the symbiote knew of her own history, and growing accustomed to her new abilities and the changes the symbiote was making to her body. The symbiote had been part of a race of semi-sentient plants engineered and grown as biological weapons by the humans of another Earth in an alternate dimension. That dimension fell to Omega, and this symbiote happened to be on a part of that Earth which wound up floating in the Terminus instead of being annihilated. When a rift opened up near the symbiote during the most recent Terminus incursion into her dimension, she pulled up her roots and let herself fall through. The symbiote offered to separate from Camellia if she so desired, but Camellia refused when she learned that separation would require intensive surgery which could kill both of them. Instead, Camellia decided to cope with whatever changes might come, and put her new abilities to good use, making the world a better place like she’d always wanted to. Personal Life Camellia invests a great deal of time and effort into maintaining her extensive network of family, school friends, sorority sisters, and coworkers (both from her modeling days and from the teaching hospital where she completed her residency). Once you're part of her world, you don't leave. She calls and sends cards for every birthday and anniversary, and she sends hand-written “Thank You” notes for everything else. Her psychiatry practice and superhero activities take up most of what time remains. When she somehow manages to squeeze a few more drops out of her schedule, she likes gardening, sewing, cooking and baking, and making occasional trips to the beach or to go out dancing at night clubs. She has no regrets about putting her personal life on hold for the sake of her career, but it's not on hold anymore. She has an active profile on ErosUnlimited, where she's hoping within the next few years to find a guy to settle down with, get married and have kids. Personality & Motivation Camellia's behavior comes from a combination of a naturally big heart and being raised in a semi-aristocratic subculture in which tradition was revered and courtesy was paramount. She strives to always be polite, modest, generous, and forgiving. She hates to see people suffer, even when they deserve it. She’s sensitive to the moods of the people around her, and it’s important to her to make those people as comfortable as possible. Her guiding principle in daily life is “Make everybody feel welcome, and never make anybody feel second-rate.” She greets everyone with a warm smile and an opening for as much small talk as they'd like, and she almost never swears or insults people. When someone else commits a faux pas, she’s far more likely to ignore it or attempt to cover for it than she is to draw attention to it or mock them. She values integrity, both in herself and in others, so she won’t lie to protect people’s feelings, but she will distract, deflect, and omit. Every child gets told at some point “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, but unlike most children, she took that sentiment to heart, leaving the hard truths for one-on-one sessions behind closed doors. She detests bullying of any kind, and she won't hesitate to step in and put herself between the bully and their victim. She loves social interaction and embraces every opportunity for it. Everyone has a story, and she wants to hear them all. She likes attention, which is fortunate, because she’d get plenty of it whether she liked it or not. She doesn’t demand the spotlight, but she’s very comfortable under it. She’s a hopeless romantic who falls hard and fast both in and out of love. She doesn’t expect or demand old school chivalry, but she’s a total sucker for it. Powers & Skills Camellia Blume is a medical doctor with a specialty in psychiatric medicine, fully licensed to practice in the state of Florida. The symbiotic alien plant which fused with her has transformed her body on the molecular level, into an ambulatory plant. Her flesh, blood, and bone has mostly been replaced with cellulose, sap, and wood, and what remains has little value beyond the cosmetic. Her plant tissues are more durable and resilient than her old flesh. Her body engages in photosynthesis, so she doesn’t need to breathe or eat food, though she still does, both for the pleasurable sensation and because she can derive nutrients from it; it’s the equivalent of spreading fertilizer over crops. She can also extend roots from her body down into soil to obtain water and nutrients, but eating and drinking feels more familiar. The diseases and poisons of animals no longer affect her, although certain chemical fertilizers have effects on her similar to those of caffeine or alcohol when she discreetly adds them to her coffee and cocktails (making those drinks toxic for anyone else in the process). Like an old tree, her aging process has stalled to the point of being imperceptible. With an infusion of sunlight, her body is able to mend most wounds instantly, and even grievous injuries will heal in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. However, as a plant, she is more vulnerable to dehydration and extremes of temperature, her tissues are more flammable, and defoliants and herbicides which would be harmless to a human will kill her in a matter of minutes. Through the symbiote, she can psychically detect, communicate with, animate, control, and alter plants. She can make them move and act on her behalf, and she can transform them extensively, shaping them like clay, greatly increasing or decreasing their size, strength, and resilience, and making them sprout flowers which then burst open with psychoactive pollen or latex. She doesn't strictly need to take any physical action to alter or control plants, but she uses physical gestures to help herself focus. In battle, she looks like she's dancing or conducting an orchestra. The transformations she uses most often reverse themselves as soon as she stops exerting the mental effort to maintain them; permanent changes require greater effort. Nearby plants even respond to her unconscious desires and survival instinct, moving out of her way, or moving and stretching to protect her, blocking or swatting aside incoming attacks. Her ability to shape plant matter with her thoughts also extends to her own body. She can make plant appendages like vines, thorns, leaves, and roots sprout from her skin, with whatever pigmentation or texture she desires. In battle, she often grows an extra layer of thick bark over her skin, harder than rock. After the battle, if any is left, she lets it fall off her skin just like the leaves which make up her costume. She is bioluminescent; she can release luciferns and their catalyzing enzymes into parts of her body, causing them to glow. In a battle, engaging directly with supervillains is her last resort. Her first priorities are healing the wounded, and commanding the local plants to protect bystanders and even other heroes, either by shielding them or by moving them to a safe place. Even when she does fight directly, she attempts to restrain or incapacitate while doing as little harm as possible. Technically, she can create vines to whip or strangle, or thorns to cut and stab, either from her own body directly or by altering other plants, but she’s loathe to do so. Timeline 1989 Camellia Blume is born in Vibora Bay. 2001 Camellia Blume begins working as a model and competing in beauty pageants. 2007 Camellia Blume graduates from a private high school in Vibora Bay, and begins attending the University of Florida Vibora Bay. She joins the Delta Delta Delta sorority and the Gators cheerleader squad. 2011 Camellia Blume graduates from UFVB with honors, and begins attending the UFVB school of medicine. 2015 Camellia Blume graduates from the UFVB medical school. 2019 Camellia Blume finishes her psychiatric residency, becomes a board-certified physician, and starts her own psychiatric practice. During an attack by the New Shadows, she bonds with a symbiotic plant from an alternate universe and gains superpowers. She becomes a superhero, taking the name "Persephone". Storm of The Century (IN PROGRESS): Persephone teams up with Cheval, The Immutable Betsy Brooks, Sagrado Corazon, Speed-Demon, Torque, and The Woodsman, to repel an incursion by an undead crocodile kaiju and its zombie horde. Reputation Persephone Gather Information DC10: There's a superhero in Vibora Bay called "Persephone". There's also a green-skinned plant-controller in Vibora Bay. They might be the same person. DC15: Persephone is a superhero active in Vibora Bay. She is the one with green skin. She controls plants. She's kind of obscure. DC20: By superhero standards, Persephone is a pacifist. She's nonthreatening, friendly even, the kind of superhero who waits for the cops and talks to reporters. DC25: Persephone doesn't just control plants. She's at least part-plant herself. She doesn't need to breathe. When someone tries to choke or drown her, it does nothing. When she gets shot or stabbed, you can see green stuff inside her, and she doesn't bleed. She just leaks a little sap, and then she waves her hand and her body puts itself back together. The New Shadows gang has the word out that they'll pay for any information about her. The following information cannot be obtained with a Well-Informed check. It can only be obtained with an active use of the Gather Information skill. A character who actively uses their Gather Information skill on Persephone will not obtain any of the following unless they make a point of searching for potentially restricted information. If they do, then they also need to make a contested Gather Information check against Persephone. If she wins, then she will be alerted to their inquiries. They can avoid the contested check by taking a -20 penalty to their original Gather Information checks for a Discrete Inquiry (or if the have the relevant challenge feat). DC30: Most sightings of Persephone happen in the western half of Vibora Bay. She probably lives in Weston. She destroyed an entire pack of New Shadows affiliated vampires, and the rest of the gang wants revenge. DC35: AEGIS has a small file on Persephone. Because she has no known residence or occupation, they suspect her of having a secret identity. There are a handful of suspects, including Doctor Camellia Blume, a psychiatrist living in Weston. They have not alerted local authorities, since they do not currently consider Persephone to be a threat, and there are no open warrants for her arrest. DC40: Persephone does has a secret identity, and it is Doctor Camellia Blume. Knowledge (Cosmology) DC30: There used to be an alternate Earth where they genetically engineered plants to form symbiotic bonds with human soldiers, turning them into biological weapons. It wasn't enough to protect them from Omega, and that dimension fell to the Terminus years ago. Persephone has the exact same powers as those hybrid super-soldiers. Knowledge (Life Sciences) DC10: Plants aren't supposed to do that! DC15: Plants are physically incapable of doing that for a dozen different reasons. Physics don't even work that way, never mind biology. DC20: Plants don't just respond to her direct commands. They dive to take the bullet when she doesn't even know she's being shot at. There's some kind of instinctive, intuitive communication happening between them, probably over an olfactory or psychic medium. Knowledge (Pop Culture) DC10: There is an active superhero going by the name "Persephone" somewhere in America. DC15: There's a superhero in Vibora Bay called "Persephone". There's also a green-skinned plant-controller in Vibora Bay. They might be the same person. DC20: Persephone is a superhero active in Vibora Bay. She controls plants. She's kind of obscure. DC25: By superhero standards, Persephone is a pacifist. She's friendly and nonthreatening, the kind of superhero who waits for the cops and talks to reporters. DC30: Persephone doesn't just control plants. She's at least part-plant herself. She doesn't need to breathe. When someone tries to choke or drown her, it does nothing. When she gets shot or stabbed, you can see green stuff inside her, and she doesn't bleed. She just leaks a little sap, and then she waves her hand and her body puts itself back together. Knowledge (Streetwise) DC20: The New Shadows gang has the word out that they'll pay for information about Persephone. DC25: Persephone destroyed a whole pack of vampires affiliated with the New Shadows. The whole gang has standing orders to capture or kill her. They haven't put a price on her head because they want to be the ones to take it. Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy) DC10: Persephone was a figure from Greek mythology. DC15: In Greco-Roman myth, Persephone has something to do with plants, and winter. DC20: Persephone was the daughter of Demeter (Ceres) and Zeus (Jupiter). Hades (Pluto) kidnapped her and tricked her into marrying him and becoming queen of the Underworld. She spends half the year with her mother on Mount Olympus, but she has to spend the other half in the Underworld. Demeter's grief at her daughter's absence is what causes winter. It's unlikely that the superhero of the same name is directly related to her in any way. Camellia Blume Gather Information DC10: Camellia Blume is a self-employed, fully licensed and board-certified psychiatrist living in Vibora Bay. Her practice is publicly listed. DC15: Camellia was born in Vibora Bay in 1989. She went to private school for primary and secondary education, then attended college and medical school at the University of Florida. She graduated high school in 2007, got her Bachelor's degree in 2011, and got her M.D. in 2015. She has a twin brother. Her mother runs an interior design firm. Her father and brother are both executives at Vibora Petroleum. DC20: Camellia worked as a model in both America and Europe from ages 12-26. She was a cheerleader and frequent beauty pageant contestant in middle school, high school, and college. She was a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. Her brother is married to one of her sorority sisters. They have two children. She lives and works in Weston, but she grew up in Easton, and the rest of her family lives there. A character who actively uses their Gather Information skill on Camellia will not obtain any of the following unless they make a point of searching for potentially restricted information. If they do, then they also need to make a contested Gather Information check against Camellia. If she wins, then she will be alerted to their inquiries. They can avoid the contested check by taking a -20 penalty to their original Gather Information checks for a Discrete Inquiry (or if the have the relevant challenge feat). A character using the Well-Informed feat upon first meeting Camellia or hearing of her may obtain the following information with a high enough Gather Information check, but since that represents prior knowledge, it will not trigger a contested check against her. DC25: Doctor Blume charges her patients on a sliding scale based on their income, and accepts every insurance provider. Not only is she not charging what she's worth, but on some of her patients, she might not even be breaking even. In high school, Camellia was homecoming queen, prom queen, class president, and captain of her cheerleader squads. She was a legacy admission to both UFVB and Tri-Delta. She was a vice-president in her sorority, and she graduated with honors. She was a runner-up in the Miss Florida pageant for three years in a row, from 2008-2010. During undergrad, she spent a year studying abroad in Paris. Her parents own over a hundred different residential properties and restaurant franchises throughout northern Florida. Her father started at Vibora Petroleum as an engineer before moving to management. The following information cannot be obtained with a Well-Informed check. It can only be obtained with an active use of the Gather Information skill. DC30: The lady's squeaky clean. She's never been sued, never been arrested, never gotten so much as a speeding ticket. Her parents never even grounded her when she was a kid. Why are you even asking about her? DC35: It turns out that there is one law enforcement agency with a file on her after all: AEGIS. Camellia is one of a handful of women suspected of secretly being the superhero Persephone. AEGIS has not alerted local authorities, since they do not currently consider Persephone to be a threat, and there are no open warrants for her arrest. DC40: Doctor Camellia Blume is secretly the superhero Persephone. Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) or Medicine DC10: Camellia Blume is a psychiatrist, fully licensed and board-certified. She runs her own publicly-listed practice. DC15: Camellia Blume earned her M.D. from the University of Florida Vibora Bay, one of the top medical schools in the country. She completed her residency at their teaching hospital. DC20: Camellia Blume graduated from UFVB with honors. DC25: Doctor Blume charges her patients on a sliding scale based on their income, and accepts every insurance provider. Not only is she not charging what she's worth, but on some of her patients, she might not even be breaking even. Knowledge (Business) DC10: Camellia Blume is a self-employed psychiatrist. Her practice is publicly listed. DC15: Camellia's father and twin brother are both executives at Vibora Petroleum. DC20: Camellia's mother runs an interior design firm. They mostly do theme parks, museums, and private residences. Her father started at VP as an engineer before moving to management. DC25: Camellia's parents own over a hundred different residential properties and restaurant franchises throughout northern Florida. Knowledge (Pop Culture) DC10: You've seen that woman's face before. DC15: That woman is a model. You've seen that face before in a print advertisement somewhere, in a magazine or a newspaper, or on a billboard. DC20: That's Camellia Blume. She used to be a model. She was also a cheerleader for the Florida Gators. She won a bunch of beauty pageants. DC25: That's Camellia Blume. She was a model from 2001-2015, a cheerleader for the Florida Gators from 2007-2011, and a runner-up in the Miss Florida pageant for three years in a row, from 2008-2010.
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