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Found 6 results

  1. Vibora City Morgue, 13th February 2020, Probably to Early for most Latresia Barnes was not having a good day, already having spent far to long trying to sort out something for tomorrow and it might all be for naught either. She wasn’t meant to be in today but the police had insisted she came in and did this one, a body found abandoned in the Oldcorne district with the old money of there insisting it been handled quickly and quietly. “Female around 20 years old, appears human. Corpse is overly pale and appears emaciated.” she intoned into the recorder as she began to
  2. City Hall, Vibora Bay. September 5th, 2019. Noon. In a conference room just down the hall from the mayor's office, seven very unique individuals were gathering around a long table in comfortable chairs. Coffee and bagels had been provided by the mayor's staff, but several of the heroes of Hurricane Dorian craved more substantial fare, so a take-out menu for the Mediterranean place next door led to the room now being full of the smell of seasoned lamb and other savory delicacies. While the food did indeed smell delicious to young Taye Sullivan. So while the others were splitting up
  3. September 4, 2019 Vibora Bay, Florida 11PM It's a dark and stormy night. This sort of thing happens a lot in Florida. As Dorian rolled up on the east coast of Florida like God's own judgement, the people of Vibora Bay remembered Michael last year and took action. Some people left, some people stayed home, and everyone mourned all those lovely tourist dollars that _could_ have come the city's way during the ruined Labor Day weekend. As it is, by all accounts Vibora is going to come through this one better than people feared. Having spent his wrath against t
  4. Sagrado Corazon Something has awoken in Chris De La Cruz, He can command the minds of the weak willed with his voice alone. But that is not all, he can do, Things, that he can't explain. Heal the sick, repair the broken, create something from nothing. He's not sure how or why. It also came with a Voice in his head telling him about a great and terrible destiny. History When Constantine the First converted and brought Christianity to dominance in Rome he tasked a group of bureaucrats and scholars to track down evidence of his own continued Divine Providence. They du
  5. So we've got our first four VB PCs approved, and hopefully more to come soon. Any ideas what kinds of stories we want to tell? I for one am very intrigued by the swamp just North of town.
  6. Sagrado Corazon Power Level: 10 (186/199PP) Unspent Power Points: 13 Trade-Offs: ±0 Attack / ±0 Damage, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness In Brief: Preacher if Jesse was a better person Catchphrase: Theme: Don't You Worry Child, Born This Way, Alternate Identity: The Saint, El Santo (public), Cristóbal (Chris) De La Cruz (private) Birthplace: Tampico, Mexico Residence: Weston, Vibora Bay Base of Operations: Weston, Vibora Bay Occupation: DJ, Waiter, Bartender Affiliations: None Currently Family: Maria Guadalupe De La Cruz (mother) Description: Age
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