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Found 11 results

  1. Luke Landers Gather Information DC 10: Luke is a teenage boy born and bred in Southside, he is a scholarship student at Claremont. DC 15: His family lives at a trailer park in Southside, his father is a dockworker, his mother is a waitress. Luke used to take odd jobs in the neighborhood and in Bayview before getting to Claremont. DC 20: Luke has spent almost a year at Freedom Juvenile Hall Knowledge Streetwise DC 20: Even after getting out of Juvie Luke has been involved in a string of petty crimes in the area. Nightscale
  2. Santa Muerte Gather Information DC10: There's a ghost or a witch or a demon or something prowling around the streets of Emerald City. It's got no face, just a skull. In whispers, some people call her "Santa Muerte". DC15: Santa Muerte is a witch. She has a face; she just wears a skull mask. She's basically an exorcist, though not a church-sanctioned one. She helps out with stuff like demonic possession and haunted houses. She's even helped the cops close some unsolved murders. A character who actively uses their Gather Information skill on Santa Muerte will no
  3. Mister Strix Gather Information DC10: "Mister Strix" is an urban myth. Just some graffiti and a spooky story Bedlam's scumbags tell each other. DC15: Mister Strix is real. Wears all white. Shows up out of nowhere and vanishes without a trace. He fights crime all over Bedlam City, especially when it involves the Mafia. He's the one guy in Bedlam who never takes a cut for himself. He flushes your product and burns your cash. A character who actively uses their Gather Information skill on Mister Strix will not obtain any of the following informa
  4. Persephone Gather Information DC10: Persephone is a superhero, one of Vibora Bay's official City Defenders. She controls plants. DC15: By superhero standards, Persephone is a pacifist. She's friendly and nonthreatening. Even before she became a City Defender, she was the kind of superhero who waited for the cops and talked to reporters. She doesn't just control plants. She's at least part-plant herself. She doesn't need to breathe. When someone tries to choke or drown her, it does nothing. When she gets shot or stabbed, you can see green stuff inside her, and she doesn't
  5. Octoman Gather Information DC10: There's a superhero in Freedom City called "Octoman". Most people haven't heard of him, but the kids like him. DC15: Octoman is really strong, and he has tentacles. He can stick to walls, like a bug. He has a vlog, and a big mouth. DC20: Octoman is also superhumanly tough and agile, and he has some limited shapeshifting powers. His blood is purple, so he might be some kind of alien or mutant. He acts and sounds young. He's probably a teenager, or a very immature college student. A character who actively uses their Gather I
  6. Soliton Gather Information DC10: Soliton is a relatively new hero active across the city DC15: Soliton is capable of teleportation and matter manipulation. DC20: Based on build, personality and maturity, Soliton is probably a teenager. Mia Mustafic-Markov DC10: Mia Mustafic-Markov is a teenage girl living in the Fens. She used to go to Joseph Clark High School but recently transferred out. DC15: Mia's grandparents on her dad's side are fairly active in the Freedom City Jewish community, and she has been sighted at some of their ev
  7. The Meta-Naut Gather Information DC10: The Meta-Naut is a particularly flamboyant hero who travels to other dimensions and times based in Emerald City. DC15: The Meta-Naut has been active for at least 7 years, but sightings go back decades. DC20: A few villains have attempted to unmask the Meta-Naut, but it's never been successful - the Meta-Naut always appears to be someone different under the mask each time. DC25: The Meta-Naut definitely has some level of connection with the United States Government. Agents have always been cordial and she's shown th
  8. Elliot Elijah Elder Gather Information DC5: Elliot Elijah Elder is the second child of Emma Emmelie Elder and Everett Eaton Elder, respectively a local politician and rich heir from Emerald City. His older sister is Elaine Emma elder. DC10: Elliot was enrolled in the prestigious Elysium Academy in the semester starting in the fall 2018. Since then, he has spent most of his time at the school. DC15: Elliot's father, Everett, is very much an idle rich. He seems to be travelling all over the world on his own, rarely spending time at home. DC20: Elliot's aunt Ela
  9. Gather Information DC10: Rumors of a holy powered hero called the Saint or El Santo by locals refer to the hero calling himself Sagrado Corazon DC15: Sagrado Corazon might be another angel and is certainly powered by the holy spirit manifesting a Halo and able to perform minor miracles. DC20: Sagrado Corazon is openly Gay and a fierce defender of the LGBT and LatinX communities in Vibora Bay. DC25: Sagrado Corazon seems to be a pacifist either unable or unwilling to turn his powers to active violence. DC35: Sagrado Corazon is Chris(Cristobal) de la Cruz, young a
  10. Elegy


    Gloaming, Mage of the Cosmic Dusk "Old loves, they die hard. Old lies, they die harder." -Nightwish, "Wish I had an Angel" Hearken and ye shall find herein the adventures of Gloaming, Mage of the Cosmic Dusk. The young Seth Syme, manipulated by one he loved, suffered a terrible betrayal that left him dead. But to some powerful entities death itself is not immutable, and the inscrutable Twilight Angel granted Seth not only increased power but a second chance at life. More than three hundred years after his birth, Gloaming was forced to navigate a time and place alien to him in ord
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