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Found 9 results

  1. About: ErosUnlimited is the brain child of Pamela Underbotten-Schneider. In her youth, she manifested minor psychic abilities, empathy primarily and a talent for illusions. For a while, she did the super hero thing in the late nineties as a little known hero, the Mesmerist, but hung up her cape when she met a fellow c-list super hero, Mathemagician, and fell in love. Carl Schneider went into accounting, where he excelled, while Pamela got her degree and eventually became a couple's therapist. Even though both Carl and Pamela were retired from that life, they still had friends and contacts among the metahuman community and Pamela found herself with an ever growing client list of super heroes dealing with bumps in their marriage. Meeting in masks on a rooftop was all well and good in theory but super hero life puts a lot of stress on relationships especially when it was based on rocky foundations. Pam and Carl might not be superheroes any more but that didn't mean they'd lost the drive to help people! It took two years and a loan, but they managed to employee a few of their retired friends into the team of ErosUnlimited. Their tech savant ensures that their databases are entirely secure, Carl runs the books and deals with the business end while Pam is the face of ErosUnlimited as the MatchMaker. They vet their employees utterly and completely to ensure that their service is as secure as its promised and as affordable as possible. Not every super hero is a tech wizard, but everyone deserves to find love. Profile Template: Searchable Profile [Descriptions of Photos (2-3)] Name: Using just your first name is encouraged but an alias is also acceptable though it should have an * next it as it will be marked as an alias. Some people are into an extra level of paranoia in their partner (Pam is quick to point that out to the more nervous Eros members.) Gender: Male, Female, Non-Binary and you are welcome to opt out entirely of this question if you prefer. Preferred Era of Pop Culture: Age is pretty useless in the super hero community. We all know someone immortal that's lived forever, but some of us love the eighties and some of us love the eighteen eighties. Don't worry, someone is out there for YOU. About you: Tell us a little about you. Do you save the world, or fight street crime? Are you a caffeine addict or do you like spending all your spare time at the beach? Give us a little self summary, here. Things that you want people to know about the REAL you. Looking For: Looking for men or women or maybe you're the last of your kind and or you're wondering if there's another Atlantean out there looking for a true connection? Partner Goals: Are you searching for a soulmate? Looking for a future co-parent and life partner or are you just wanting to have some fun right now? Again, honesty is the key to forming a serious connection. Fun Prompts! My Favorite Thing About The Place I Live Is.... Most People Who Know Me Would Say I'm... My Favorite Childhood Memory Is... Five Things I Am Not... Private Letter to ErosUnlimited [I'd put this in a spoiler tag so that the thread reads like the public website] This is the information that you'd want the MatchMaker to know but wouldn't want stuck to your profile out there for everyone. Maybe you have a nemesis with a bad habit of killing your significant others. Or maybe you have a messy dating history in the super hero community and are looking for a fresh start. Or you're an alien and need some help with how 'that all' works. Who knows! It's the information you'd give so that your suggestions from Pam would be curated to your needs without having everyone able to scroll by the tragic 'I lost my wife' story. More delicate issues go here.
  2. Persephone Vibora Bay, December 2019, A a chilly Thursday evening Camellia Blume lounged on her living room couch, pulling a quilt tighter around her shoulders despite already wearing a heavy sweater. Occasionally she jumped when she caught the flicker in the corner of her eye of the flames dancing in the fireplace. Since her transformation, fire was one of the few things that could still seriously hurt her, and she knew it on a primal level. She'd never been particularly afraid of fire until she'd bonded with the plant-symbiote. But the house she was renting was old; that's how she got such a good deal on the rent in the first place. It didn't have central heating, and, paradoxically, her transformation had also heightened her sensitivity to the cold, so during the winter months, the fireplace was essential. She only half paid attention to the Hallmark movie playing in front of her while she thumbed at her smartphone. For once, Camellia seemed to have a real weekend ahead of her. No supervillains were brawling in the streets or taking the mayor hostage. She didn't have any familial obligations or conferences to attend or new treatment options to research or backlogs of notes from patient sessions to review. No appointments with the accountant or the lawyer she'd had to retain to make sure all the "i"s and "t"s were dotted and crossed for her practice. "Without them, how would I know PRECISELY how much money I'm still losing on it?" She laughed, then mumbled to herself some more. "Maybe I should go up to five session days a week...or would that just make me lose more money faster?" She pulled up her calendar and wrote herself a reminder to email her accountant. She didn't actually write the email; that would tip the scales of work/life balance she was trying so hard to maintain for once. When the movie reached the high point of the lead couple's courtship, Camellia got caught up enough in the moment to open the ErosUnlimited app again. She hadn't known that he was on EU until The MatchMaker recommended his profile to her. In fact, she hadn't checked the app since she'd met him. During the following weeks, she'd gone back and checked his profile again, more times than she'd be comfortable admitting to anyone, least of all to him. But she hadn't messaged him yet. She was hoping he'd reach out first. Maybe he'd recognize Persephone despite her flimsy disguise, or maybe he'd just be drawn to Camellia on her own merits. She kept going back and forth in her own mind. He had me at "Bonjour", but he's movin' about as fast as a herd o' turtles. It's not like I've been subtle. Maybe I came on too strong and scared him off? Or maybe he's just worried about making me uncomfortable. After all, in a way, we are coworkers. Maybe he's just busy. Sure, but so am I. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part and I'm not his type and he's trying to be polite by ignoring it when I throw myself at him. No, there's something there. It can't just be all in my head...can it? Her finger hovered over the "MESSAGE" button hesitantly, then withdrew, then hovered again. "UGH!" Her head snapped back and she rolled her eyes. She typed up a message and sent it quickly, not giving herself enough time to talk herself out of it again. Marcus Dumont received the following message from Camellia's profile: Rapunzel's waiting up here in the tower, ready to let her hair down, if only a knight in shining armor would ride by... The woman in the profile pictures looked familiar to Marcus. He'd definitely seen her before, though he couldn't remember where.
  3. @RocketLord Camellia's reputation tables are at the bottom of Persephone's guidebook page. With her full name and professional details, Marcus can do basic online searches and get most of the information listed there, even with his low-to-nonexistent bonuses in the relevant skills.
  4. Fall 2019 The message came in from an alien on a distant planet in the depths of space - but then most of them did when you were in the Scout Service. Can i ask you something personal?
  5. The Rooftop Castle on the DuTemps Building. Friday, July 26th, 2019. 7:04 pm As first dates went for Casey Blankenship, this was the first; sure, she 'dated' Tim Krieger freshman year back in Colorado Springs, but that was mostly holding hands at Summer Bible Camp. She hadn't dated at all at Claremont, and despite the efforts of her sorority sisters, she'd yet to date anyone at FCU. But something about this new website intrigued her; just knowing your date was, well, different, somehow made everything much easier. She scanned the 'Men Looking For Women' listings in a matter of seconds, but only one listing really caught her eye. This Morgan, though... Messages were exchanged, a date was planned, somehow. Casey didn't want her date to feel uncomfortable, and they both flew, so she blurted out the one rooftop she knew in Freedom that combined an amazing view with a garden. A quick phone call to a simply delighted Daphne assured her that it would be 'totally fine' to meet her date on top the DuTemps Castle in time to eat while the sun set. Having no idea how normal people dated, the blonde powerhouse announced she'd bring the food, which thrust her into Martha Stewart mode; by 7pm, she had two folding chairs and a collapsible table set up, with a red and white tablecloth and a big wicker picnic basket. Since her date knew she was a hero, Casey opted to skip her glasses and wear her hair down; she'd picked a dark blue party dress she really liked, and did her best to not check her watch every five seconds, as she sat in a chair with her long legs crossed.
  6. Evening 09/14/2019 Earth Time Inner orbital rings Psi2 Piscium and Claremont Academy Fa'Rua looked down at the scanner bank again them to the ships chronometer with a heavy sigh. Hours yet until she could wake Jolan for his shift. Hours longer before the ships scanner array confirmed this was another lifeless system with minimal resources and no viable colonial options. She thumbed open the Extranet Connection and drifted through the articles about the rebuilding efforts and rising crime on CoVic before closing the browser in disgust at the discourse around the Lor Senate elections. After another long minute of staring at the crawling progress of the scanner she popped the 'nt open again and dove into the more esoteric reaches and eventually a side loop to the terran internet. She smirks nd filled out the form on the lonely hearts site and started scrolling through the entries looking for someone who would be tolerant of a, long distance, relationship at best. She stopped and reread one before nodding to herself, "Well then. That'll fit the bill." She opened hte chat client and fired off a quick message: No judgement but what've you got against Andorians? She hit send then winced as she quickly ran the calculations for earth time in the temporal region noted in the profile. Who knows maybe they too were a night owl.
  7. Talon ErosUnlimited Offices 24 August 2019, 12:57 PM Several weeks had passed since the website ErosUnlimited had first come to Talon's attention. In between his work at his job as Sam Amber and his nocturnal activities as Talon, he hadn't had the chance to do more than a few meagre attempts to penetrate its defenses, but what he had seen had given him some confidence that, even if the owners of the site were somehow malicious, any revelation of identities would happen purely on voluntary basis. Thus, he could only gather so much information on the site and its administrators via his technological skills. Now, dressed in simple clothing that could have been bought anywhere, or even found secondhand, Samuel Amber entered into the offices of Eros Unlimited, donning a cheerful smile and approaching the first person who looked like they belonged here. "Hello there! I believe I'm expected. My boss," he lowered his voice, "Yamanu," before continuing in a regular tone, "said I should come up here to talk with, er, one 'Pamela Unterbotten-Schneider?'" The last two names were pronounced with an effortless German accent.
  8. It was a pain in the ass to get Ellis to sign up for dating. After things with Stesha had fizzled, Ray was more than a little concerned that his friend may have given up entirely and that couldn't be healthy. This whole 'Eros Unlimited' nonsense sounded like a pile of hoodoo but he'd watched Ellis bounce from work to superhero to home to be 'Dad' without ever taking a break and that just seemed downright unhealthy. Humans needed other humans. Ray had learned that if he'd learned nothing else from his centuries upon centuries of recording humanity for the celestial heavens. So Ray fretted... and meddled. Once he'd slipped his jeans back on after a shower, Ray towel dried his hair before he glanced down to his phone. A cheery little alert announced 'new profiles' and resolutely, Ray flipped his thumb over to open the screen. He absently swiped across the first few until a very large eye filled his screen. Ray snorted with amusement as he swiped down to check out the rest of the profile. He didn't remember every client but a Deep One was hard to forget. How the 'MatchMaker' was going to help that one, Ray had no clue. He rather doubted that there were any other heroic deep ones looking for love at all, let alone on a website. Still chuckling, he continued flicking through until a painting caught his eye. It was good, surprisingly so. When he flicked down, he recognized Aquaria's companion. Good for her, working on her art. The profile, however, made Ray laugh out loud when he got to the 'about me': I am looking for a man. This man must be like a normal human male, with a regular-sized mouth with normal human teeth, and limbs that all point the right way. Still snickering, Ray went to flip through until he found the 'message' option: Well, I don't like to eat dogs but I'm not sure what you consider 'good smell'. I don't wear Ax body products. Does that count?
  9. If you have a thread request for the Eros Unlimited NPCs, please put a notice up here and I (or someone on the team) will set up running something for your character. Just a note here with the character(s) in question and what you're looking for. Ideas for threads: Couples Counseling Eros Unlimited Interview Super Speed Dating, etc.
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