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  1. Name: James Ivy Winters Codename: Knight of Earth Year: Junior Pronouns: She/Her Prospective Roommate: Unassigned Goal: Outside of her home! And out of the closet. Well, first she wants to be able to support herself, then move out, then come out. Favourite YA Fiction Novel: The Transgender Book and Me, a book about exploring yourself and the realization that maybe, you are not weird for not wanting to be male, and instead wanting to be female, or the other way around.
  2. Looking at where Max used to, she turned to the thugs. Then she heard Armstrong shouting the obvious once again, spurring her to action as though she hadn't made that connection herself. Right then, time to mobilize. Cannibalizing the broken wall behind her, Ivy threw the entirety of the wall at the group, splitting it in the air to fire at the four thugs focussing on Max. "Time to learn why you shouldn't take your eyes of your opponents." She said as she fired the rocks at the group, hitting one.
  3. Autofire blast on all four thugs (I could do that, right?): 24, 7, 16, 14 TOU DC 25
  4. Seeing the holes being punched in the wall, Ivy creates another wall in front of it, with enough room on the sides to be sheltered when she walks towards it. "Let's push forward, shall we?" With that exclamation, she hides behind the new wall, closer to the goons she'd have to shoot at when the wall wasn't destroyed. Or provide an opportunity for Max to destroy them, that'd also work.
  5. 28, 11, 25, 19. That's... Okay, I don't know how toughness works for objects.
  6. "I prefer the defence armour gives me." She winced again as it hit her armour, that'd leave a bruise. "Okay, who designed laser that'd give me bruises!?" Trying to move the roofs that the gunners were on gave her no results. "Oh right, hardlight." She slammed her hand down and Earthern walls came between Max, Ivy and the Gunners. "Bloody gunners are making this difficult." Ivy moved from her previous position to the side, so that even if they shot at where she used to be, they'd miss.
  7. 23 Well, that's nasty, second time this fight, and another bruise to Ivy.
  8. As she looked on in awe at what the technology was capable of when the villain disappeared, she turned to Max. "Nicely done with that one." "I have the feeling I'm being adequately tested." Ivy winced as she said that. Turning to Max to reply to her question. "I'm okay, just a bit bruised. But what do you expect will come next?" She winced again as she realized the first bit of her reply came out weaker than she intended. "I'm going to be feeling it tomorrow though." As she complains that, she forms a battleaxe from the ground, holding it at ready while looking around.
  9. As she shook her head, she scowled towards Armstrong. "If you didn't want it destroyed, don't give it to the heroes to beat up." She looked at the bot and grabbed at the ground, feeling a handle grow out of it as she grabbed and pulled it up, it seemed to be a hammer that she swung towards the villain. The hammer just bounced off. "Honestly, I don't feel like I am the most dangerous one here!" She shouted towards Armstrong.
  10. Attack with a stone weapon: 22 Also, a 25 toughness save is needed.
  11. "Oof" Such a direct hit is not what Ivy is used to. Shaking her head and trying to catch her breath, Ivy looks on as Max teleports behind the Villain, ready to punch it. "Really? The one time you didn't miss and you hit the completely new girl?" That is just about what she manages to gasp out. She is still trying to catch her breath when she notices the Villain coming up for another action.
  12. Knight of Earth 3*2(being a new player)=6 posts + HellQ= 3PP Ghosts and Knights (3) HellQ
  13. So that is what gets praise? Efficiency? Well, at least it will be clear when I deserve it. And why would he comment on Max's takedown? Not like mine was better. Shaking her head, she looks to the villain that appeared. He cuts an intimidating presence... Which looses most of it when he then misses his first hit. The taunt Spectre throws out works, so Knight of Earth moves a clump of earth to shoot at him from the side. Unfortunately it looses its integrity before hitting him, transforming into nothing more than loose earth that falls to the ground, instead of an actual blast of earth.
  14. My turn now, right? Going to blast him from the side, let's hope this is enough. The blast result is 24, if that is enough, a clump of earth will shoot into him from the side.
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