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  1. Knight of Earth 2 posts = 1 PP Ghosts and Knights
  2. "Okay, that's good... I think?" Ivy muttered to herself, as Armstrong acknowledged her point. Though she was worried about what he said to Spectre, more about what it would have meant for her. As he rounded on her, she could hear that he had some good points. And then he got to the last part, wherein he showed he somewhat cared at least. "Yes sir." came out of the subdued Ivy, the implications of what could have happened in the fight making themselves known to her, which, combined with the fading adrenaline, made her shake a bit.
  3. Ivy looked at Spectre in gratitude, before considering the question asked by Armstrong. "Well, there was the... spear issue. And we did not try to coordinate as much as work around one another?" She looked to Armstrong, maybe he would indicate what he wanted them to say. She thought she had it with the teamwork thing though, if she remembered correctly, he was harping on about that.
  4. Knight of Earth Ghosts and Knights: 5
  5. Ivy looked to Max. "They don't like going for the easy option do they?" She summoned up two clumps of earth and fired them at the still standing thugs. One of them was hit and collapsed, the other though, missed. "I don't really have that good control over the strength granted to me by my armour. I'm working on that though." The justification rolled of her tongue, but she knew it was because she did not want to have the same mishap happen with her hands that she had with the spear. Then she saw that Armstrong arrived. "Now what are you doing here?" A mutter to herself as she moved to keep an eye on him.
  6. 18, 10 Oof on the rolls, multi-target blasting on both of the still standing thugs. I don't think this hits?
  7. Ivy heard what Spectre was saying, to maybe put some more weight to the words, she fired rocks in the direction of the wounded thug. The attack had worked the last time, why not again? It seemed to have the most success anyway, if the previous hit was any indication. However, given that there was no commentary, she could only assume that he approved of her tactics, they were less lethal anyway.
  8. I think that just the Increased Effect is good for this one, it wasn't like Ivy was aiming at the head or anything like that. (Also, there is the added bonus of Autofire to consider)
  9. Ivy's spear crumbles in her hand as she comprehends just what she'd done. "no." The only reply given to Armstrong, just a little no, which she is shook out of as she hears the taunting of Max resume, followed by the thugs shooting at her. Miraculously they all miss, but it shook her out of it nonetheless. "NO!" Angry at their attack on her while she was stunned, she fires a blast at the one who had taken the insults Max gave them to heart.
  10. Looking to the roof, Ivy saw the flailing form of Spectre, followed by a shot through her head. A gasp escaped her, before she saw that Max was alright. Hearing the teacher complain about not hitting Max had her giving a chuckle, before hearing his comment "Yeah yeah, on my way already." Advancing to her wall, she brought it down and used her control over it to move it up to the roof level. "Time to level the playing field a bit." That was the quip flowing from her lips as she stepped on the roof, molding the platform into a spear that she then stabbed at the thug that shot through Spectre.
  11. Ivy is using a spear shaped from earth, let's see if the rolls are better this time. Melee attack thug 3: 23 That's good, right? If it hits it is a TOU 25 save.
  12. "Now let's see if I can get a repeat on that, shall we?" Firing another blast of earth, she looks at the devastation it caused. Or rather, the lack of it. Two shots went wide, and though the first one hit, it was easily shrugged off by the thug she had hit. "Oh, come on! Well, at least I wasn't worse than the thugs." With that to bolster herself, she gets ready for any action coming her way.
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