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Found 25 results

  1. GM September 5th, 2019 7:30 PM Riverside Park Riverside parks was silent in the growing darkness. The weather was nice and warm, the last of the rapidly fading summer quickly casting its light on Riverside Park. Despite the presence of the Sentry statue, the park was quiet and relatively empty for the time of year and day. Even now, with the hour growing late, there would usually be plenty of tourists and Freedom City natives alike in the park. Jessica Witchblood had heard rumors. There were reasons the park was empty. Something feeding on somethi
  2. So much time had passed, Jessica hadn't even noticed. She and Jack met last year and, despite that one little 'disappearance', they'd been at each other's side ever since. At first as friends, but they grew closer and closer. A fun romp of two people who generally enjoyed each other's attention and company. After Jack's graduation, Jessica snagged him as a roommate. Not that he had anywhere to go, but not that she would let him go. She just loved having Jack around. And awake. Like he was just doing now. "Afternoon, sleepyhead," she said, kissing him on the cheek as he
  3. ooc for this. @Nightshade
  4. Hot summers didn't bother Jessica that much. Her demonic blood gave her a nice warm feeling all year long. Still, she did enjoy a nice cool treat sometimes... OK, all of the times. She had needs! Sometimes those needs were just really Envy and Greed spirits working on her. Still, the ubiquitous Starbase was in her sights. And she needed cold coffee treats. One thing about summer that she did enjoy is that people got expressive with dressing down. Especially in Freedom City. People of all sorts flooded the boardwalk. Herself being a red demon woman, she got looks. Good and bad. Luck
  5. West Gables Housing Unit, Pi Epsilon Delta Sorority. Saturday, August 17th, 2019. 8:04 am Despite it's reputation as a 'serious' sorority, PED was still part of Greek life, which meant the occasional party. And sometimes, these parties involved alcohol. Rather a lot of it, really. Everyone on the unit knew Casey Blankenship was hopelessly square, and they kind of loved her for it. Sure, she'd drink the occasional beer, but it never seemed to get her the slightest bit tipsy. But everyone also knew she never hogged the bathroom, always made a fresh pot of coff
  6. Freedom City, Earth Prime Silently above the streets of Freedom City flew the vessel, an amazing vessel of bronze and copper that looked like a broad flat sailing vessel. Even within the crowded airspace above the city, it drew some attention from those below, few vehicles like this flew in its skies. From beneath the vessel shot out a bright light that scanned the ground beneath it, going from person to person the light being more than just a simple spotlight it was searching for someone very special, special even in a city like this one. The crew of this craft was sea
  7. Christmas was a touchy time for Jessica. Sure, Freedom City loved their heroes. But those of her type were not seen as heroes at first glance. And especially since the holidays had been co-opted by Christianity. Well, Jessica didn't invited to go caroling. At all. Still, she had a lot to keep her busy. Gift giving was irreligious. Her magic lessons with Jack were the highlights of her days some times. Jack was the highlight of her days most of the time. She had already went shopping with him earlier, but this time she wanted to get a special something. She poked through her contact
  8. Jessica was still growing into this monogamous relationship with Jack, but she felt content with him. And that was enough to keep her eyes on her pride and joy. Waking up next to him made her happy. It didn't feel like almost two months had passed (59 days but who was counting? Her, that's who). He had school, but they shared time together in his off time. Last night was one of those nights, and today was one of those days, It was the weekend and they had actual plans. Shopping. For Christmas? Maybe, but definitely for each other. She had to contain the carnal spirit of Greed. Havi
  9. GM October 31st, 2018, 7:30 PM The Boardwalk, Freedom City On the outside, the Boardwalk was much the same as usual, despite the day. Aside from a few pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons, the fronts of the casinos showed little of the holiday. Inside, it might be different. Posters around the Boardwalk told of special Halloween events. Escape rooms themed from horror movies. Horror movie marathons in cinemas housed inside the casinos themselves. Ghoulish deals and unholy bargains. All in the name of business. No trick or treaters appeared on the Boardwalk on this evening, aside from
  10. West End, Freedom City, New Jersey Saturday February 10, 2018 9:34 PM Mali Benjawan was standing on the rooftop of a four story building in West End dressed in the costume she wore as Crimson Tiger. Over the past couple of days Mali had been investigating the disappearance of several young people in some of the lower income parts of Freedom City. Her investigation so far (read: some roughed up criminal informants) had led her to believe that these disappearances where the work of the Dark Fist, a street gang connected with the On At-Zhang, a Triad that operated in par
  11. After Jessica and Jack, they kept in touch for a short while. Hanging out, doing stuff. He had responsibilities as well as she did. Jess did poke him for a while on his phone and other social media places, but he seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. Not the first time a friend ever did that to her. So she went on, the bear hero stuck in the back of her mind. And then? Well, he just showed up in her area. He was eating a burger outside of the place they met. She did pinch herself to see if the carnal spirits were playing with her. But no, he was real. The sky was orange as the
  12. GM One of the Week Days? Maybe? Probably March 4th 2018? Evening? Definitely Jessica Witchblood's apartment The first thing that happened was the knock at the door. It was firm, insistent, and worst of all woke Jessica up out of an extremely pleasant dream. One involving a beach, a soft-eyed lover and one of her old teachers burning on a stake for all to see. "Are you there, Ms. Witchblood?" A muffled voice hollered through the door "It's me, your demon! I'm...well I'm here for the orientation!" This week had been one of the worst in
  13. Feb 3rd 2017, Early Morning On the outskirts of Freedom City... Where does a city end? It was hard to tell. But wherever it was, Morgan's Meats was right on the edge. That hazy place where the city drifts into the country, to the south east. It had a kind of sleepy air to it. Nothing much happened. Usually nothing much happened. But when it did happen, like today, it really happened. In a beat up old car, smoking cheap cigarettes, Vic Vazquez waited. She was a tallish woman, dressed in unassuming clothes, running hear and a basebal
  14. OOC thread for this thread. Jessica meets her personal devil!
  15. GM April 1st, 2018, 12.01 AM In the ruins of Tharask, Lemurian City of Hope, the Night Sea of Sub-Terra Tharask had been empty for centuries long before the Great Cataclysm destroyed Lemuria and her human twin. But in its highest tower, in the heart of the Drowned Citadel, the voices of serpents resounded. The robes glimmered in the emerald light of the torches, a light reflected dully in the golden eyes of the procession being described around the bloodied circle. Thin, hissing voices rose and fell in song as scaled arms tipped by claws brandished wreathes of
  16. OOC thread for this thread. Jessica Witchblood, Sea Devil and Mag-Might deal with some snakey folks. @Avenger Assembled @Crimson Beguiler
  17. GM 26 February, 2018. 815 PM. In front of Beaudrie Opera House. Ray and Rachael Trask, better known as Rant and Rave to the Freedom City superhero community, had not been seen for years. In fact, some whispered that they had met their fate by messing with the wrong type of 'hero'. Others say they buggered off to Oregon to mess with Emerald City or join a cult or whatever the clickbait sites could make you click on. But here they were. In Freedom, still looking young as their first heist. What were the two up to? Well, unlike their old days, which mainly involved knockin
  18. So, what's wrong with this picture? @TheAbsurdist, can I have a tag?
  19. February 1st, 2018 Ying and Yang Convienience Store, Lincoln GM: As was her schedule, Zhu often found herself back in her parents store on many evenings. Just because she was at school didn't mean that she didn't realize how much help her parents needed. Considering all they had given up to move here, a few hours during the week was the least she could do. At least tonight there wasn't much in the way of customers, being a Thursday evening. She'd be able to close things down soon after cleaning everything up and mopping the floors. The Yin and Yang carried a variety
  20. She's a demon blooded sorceress, he's a shaman with a bear of a temper. They fight crime! The ooc for: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10273-what-made-my-hamburger-disappear-ic/
  21. The boardwalks own 'Original BurgerShack!' was not as busy as during the summer months certainly but the steady flow of locals looking for what was widely regarded as the best burger and shake this side of the south river earned it the rare honor of being open on the chill winter afternoon. A small number of workers from the nearby indoor attractions and a few die hards getting their burger on were spread out in the ample outdoor seating around the burger shaped hut that housed the BurgerShack! itself. The line wasn't long and moving quick despite the late lunch rush so it was an inviting en
  22. GM January 1'st, 2018, 6.43PM Cold as hell and with freezing winds blowing in off the Atlantic Liberty Park, Freedom City "Well, he's not in the north woods. He's probably dead, let's go home." Trudy shoved the scarf back up over her mouth, looking longingly at the apartment block rising up to the east. Beside the frozen Heroes Knoll reservoir, overlooking the tall and brassy statues celebrating the fallen crimefighters of Freedom City's past, it was hard not to sympathize. There was no protection from the wind and the temperature would have been below zero a
  23. OOC thread for this thread. Jessica Witchblood debuts, and faces a demon tree. Will she win? Who knows. Will you survive? No. @Jessica Witchblood OOC thread Blood.
  24. Jessica Witchblood Power Level: 10 (150/165PP) Unspent Power Points: 15 Trade-Offs: None. In Brief: Witchblood family line continues Catchphrase: "What a lovely predicament." Theme: "Devil Woman" by Cliff Richard Alternate Identity: None. Birthplace: Woodland, New Jersey Residence: Freedom City, New Jersey Base of Operations: None. Occupation: Dancer Affiliations: None. Family: Kara Witchblood (the Witchbloods carry their name to the grave with pride), mother. Jason Kelly, father. Description Age: 2
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