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  1. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    Not long after the teens began discussing their plan of attack on the amusement park, the shuttle pulled into a parking spot not far from the gate and allowed the young supers out. Taking a deep breath once freed from the vehicle, Selena sighed, "I love the smell of the ocean in the morning." Adjusting her light gray tanktop and denim shorts she looked at her watch then back to her fellow students. Silently she hoped today ran smoothly, given she was the one who had organized the excursion. Aloud she said, "So, since you guys know what your desired attractions are, we'll head off now, meet up at the fountain here by the entrance in a few hours and get some grub."
  2. Fantasy Realms

    The first seems to be the way people want to go. Selena is going to be spending a lot of time floating/flying, she knows the Llanowar punishment for trespassers (one bone broken for every twig snapped underfoot).
  3. Fantasy Realms

    Sign Gauss up, for either.
  4. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    As sweet, cold air blew across her, Selena turned to eye Nicole. "You just became my new favorite person in this van," she said with a grin. Glancing at Koa she nodded, "Sounds like a good time, well, if you can breathe underwater anyway." By the time she finished speaking, a train full of patrons had risen to the top of the track and in seconds were hurtling towards the twists, turns, and loops of the park's newest attraction. "I think I'm going to hold off on food, it feels like a bad idea to scarf down a funnel cake before hitting a bunch of rides."
  5. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    Selena tried her best to keep the conversation from getting awkward after Corinne's comment, finishing her water and putting on a grin. "I know, it's just been awhile since I've had a chance to relax somewhere that high by the ocean. Idle day dream that got away from me is all." "At least we'll be out of the rolling hot box in a few minutes," the young magnekinetic said as the aforementioned Ferris wheel and a pair of roller coasters came into view. With a minor effort of will and a turn of her head to see their course, a pair of sunglasses floated up from the bags in the rear, past Koa and Jann's heads and dropping into the soft purple glow surrounding her hands. By the time she slipped them on, her left eye and hands had ceased emanating light. "So, does anyone have any rides or anything in particular they want to hit first? I heard a couple of folks mention this park has one of the biggest arcade game collections in the country. It'll likely have air conditioning," she finished, pointed looking at Jann, remembering the first time they had met, him face first in a bowl of ice cubes.
  6. Summer excursions

    I'm not used to using the tags. Sorry I missed you ZB.
  7. Summer excursions

    I don't recall saying that Seriously, bring her in at your earliest convenience.
  8. Summer excursions

    And the thread is up!
  9. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    Sunday August 13, 7am The shuttle van passed by street after street of mansions (and family owned bed and breakfasts that used to be mansions) while the students from Claremont attempted to both remain awake and not roast in the back seats of the vehicle. Sitting in the back, Selena took a long pull from her bottle of water, nearly draining the entire container in one go and wishing the air conditioning reached further back than the driver and passenger seats. Turning to look at her winged friend Jann she sighed, "Think the park employees would get mad if we flew up to the top of the Ferris wheel? Half the rides this place has lose a little something when you can fly."
  10. Threads!

    If the beach thread still has room, Selena would be up for that. She'll pack her surfboard now
  11. Summer excursions

    I'm back and I'm better tha- *has Eric Bischoff's theme cut off* Sorry. Anyway, I'm thinking of having Gauss/Selena and possibly some other Claremont kids visit Ocean Heights and things go wrong (no spoilers :P). Anybody want to join the Magnetokinetic for some fun and fights around the park?
  12. Let's Talk Heroics, Part Deux

    If I can get her reactivated in time, Gauss would like to rejoin things and here seems like an excellent place to start.
  13. [OOC] Kick Off!: Counting Stars

    1d20+7=17 Going to direct that at the one closest to Wave and Outlaw.
  14. Tinder, Meet Open Flame (IC) (Open)

    Sighing inwardly, a lot of things clicked into place for her. Centurion might not have spent much time helping Puerto Rico specifically but he had saved the world countless times, until the last time. T-Babies were, from what she knew, fairly rare outside of Freedom City and all but unheard of on the island. From what she had heard from family of friends who had moved North to New York and New Jersey, even twenty-three years later those powered by Terminus Energy were not always treated well. Finishing the final page of her homework and not wanting to push him any further she nodded, "It's alright, I wasn't exactly helping things either. Look, if you want, I can head out and you can drop those notes off by my room when you're done."
  15. Active Threads for August 2016

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