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Worlds of Freedom!

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So obviously I'm up to posting again.  And as some of y'all no doubt know this past year and a half life has loved sneaking up on me and taking my attention away from posting.  But, I earnestly enjoy it.  So, let's get to over indulging.  Now, I've had a concept sitting in the back of my head.  Gizmo may have the Brave and Bold/Marvel Team Up sthicks down to a science, but I want to run with and Elseworld's/What If series.  The Else Ifs and What Ifs Subforum is woefully underutilized.  That's right folks pitch me a solo or two character team up thread (bonus points if it involves one of my characters) that takes place on a parallel Earth!  Indulge your Inner Superman Red Son.  Take a visit to Earth: Paragons.  Or even turn back the clock New Frontier style to a Freedomverse just entering the Golden Age with what would otherwise be modern heroes.  


Worlds of Freedom issue #1 is waiting to hit the presses!


Now don't go tripping all over yourselves to play a thread in which you likely have to build a whole new version of your character.  Potentially worth half post value at that.  But, really I think this could be fun and bring life to the Else Ifs and What Else worlds!




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Auntie Tiff:  Triakosia without the kosia.  See, I can make Greek number references too.  But, I like it.  Now we can do a Golden Age tone, though how much societal realism do you want?  As in, will her schooling be segregated or will we slightly go with modern sensibilities a la Grease Live and sweep away that bit!


AA:  Ooh, though is Earth Paragons Riley an Earth Paragons Native?


Heri, would a Weird West thing work for you.   Combining an old west setting with possibly supernatural (ala Jonah Hex) or science fiction if you pick Drita Five Five (ala Bravestarr) 

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Hmm maybe middle ground it, admit that it's unusual that the place is integrated but not make a massive deal of things. Well stick to light Golden Age fun for now, next time I promise you Bronze Age Triakosia with even bigger hair!


And just for reference, she showed up in this thread, though you have a free hand to create what you wish.

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