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Praetorians Assemble!

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So I'd like to get something going for those of us still interested in the Praetorians to do, but me being me I though it'd be sensible to get a few volunteers to run a few connected threads.


What I was thinking was that whilst everything with the Lor get's shaken out we could have them deal with a threat on the "other side" of the local arm, I'm open to ideas as to who and what this threat could be and why they get involved.

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How about this:

A colossal exodus fleet leaving that arm because of some other, bigger threat that something vastly more organized than the Big Three blocs couldn't defeat. 


They're collected enough for their offers to take people with them to be worth taking seriously, but so huge that even fringe elements are enough to be a serious challenge to the weakened and war-weary local powers.

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That would be great AA thanks!


So maybe have the some of the Praetorians deal with an influx of refugees into this region of space whilst others look into what causing people to flee that region of space, though obviously, we'll have to tread lightly with potential similarities with current events. I don't want to hit too many of the Incursion beats so the aliens probably won't be an overpowered threat to the major stellar powers, just mysterious enough to make people nervous about everything happing.


Still very much open to others if they have idea they want to share!

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Volunteering to run things too!


I like the angle of mysterious aliens, where not a whole lot's known and it gets figured out slowly.

Might be a bit complicated to pull off for a vairety of reasons (and my investigative threads run for faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long), but it would be interesting and allow the various praetorians to each approach it with their own angles.

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How about we do this backwards then? We'll start with the Praetorian's scouting systems near CoVic and on the edge of Lor territory for old bases when they come across the refugees et al. Then if things work out we can have them looking into to who caused all this disruption.


Not that we can't keep working out the details as things are rumbling along.

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I did a quick head call here and I think we have enough to start something, with the hope that more activity will bring in more money. I'll whip up a quick intro to the mission they thing they're going on and if you want to work out what they'll actually running into and how to split people up that would be great.


I am obviously including myself in this groups, only to boost the numbers obviously :D

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Though I feel we should establish a style for the new aliens, first, so it's not a pile of randomness.


I like something like what they originally had as the Dominion in Deep Space 9, evil mirror of the Federation where adaptive and flexible humanity was reflected by the chameleonic and ingratiating Vorta, the Klingons' the brutally violent Jem'hadar and the austere, contemplative Vulcans in the secretive and manipulative Changelings.


Similarly I feel something like that will help give the great exodus fleet(GEF hereafter) and its components more of a flavour and character. Of course a 1-1 analogue would be too clumsy. More like similar use of the new aliens to the narrative role the old aliens play. 


Fo example: one of the more aggressive exodus branches fitting the vampiric role of the Grue and needing to feed on strong emotions to survive. With the side-effect that after prolonged exposure their victims become like deadened husks.


What do you people think?

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