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Ill suggest a scene cut on board the Black Flag with Shi'ar boosting the speed, then another scene cut to the target. But I am not precious about it; happy to do whatever. I am of the opinion that purely "Flavour"/Exposition scenes without conflict  (and importantly, that conflict need not be combat) should be tight in order to get to the meat but again, I am not militant about that :) 

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Cape>There's a old swamp harbor base a short ways away. It should be entirely gone, but it's somehow not. It's full of badly rusted musket barrels, blades, and other pirate accessories. More importantly, there's a glowing sigil in front of what appears to be the ruins of a stone house. As you look at it, a face and name imprint on your mind. Pale skin. Jet black hair falling waves past her shoulders. Eyes somehow darker than her hair. Jacquotte. Delahaye. You feel this is a woman you could find if you were blind and deaf, so strong is her desire to live freely.


Olopi> You find air. Enchanted air. Worked by a mortal's will. It weaves through all the other magic in the area, leaving a distinct signature you would know anywhere. As you commit it to memory, a face and a name imprint on your mind. Wind burned skin. Dirty blond hair. A joyful, mischevious grin. Light brown eyes. Anne de Graff. God-Wills-It. You feel this is a woman whose desire to remain untamed is strong indeed.

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All righty. Init time Basically, the goal is to get on board and take out the resurrected crew. Use your varied powers and skills to pull of the goal. Only actually sinking the Constellation is off limits. Anything else I'll probably permit. I'll complicate things a bit, too. But hopefully not too much. Distance between ships is approx. 500 ft, and will close by the round. Until it doesn't, for NPC related reasons.


Ah, and Cape? How do you feel about the Flag's crew being the targets of sniper fire? I purposely missed the first time around, but Delahaye may or may not do so again.

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Ok given the distance between the two ships is 500' the majority of the skeleton crew will just make sure they take cover. 


Sweet Jennie will, that said, fire a "warning shot" cannon fire: Fires Cannons!: 1d20+5 9 That might, I suppose, hit a really big ship due to size...(if it does, its Damage 10 effect)


 Billy will dive underwater as per IC...he will cling to the anchor though, so "following" the Black Flag. 


Handsome Jack will just keep sailing the ship - Swimming 8 is 250mp or 4000'/Rnd, so I hope it catches up pretty quickly!


In addition the Black Flag will have its environmental control up, in a 1000' Radius, storms brew. Which means DC10 Concentration saves from the rolling decks and 50% move impairment. 



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Yeah...that shot's a miss. No way, Jose. Let's see here...Anne de Graff will start flying and unleash her Air Control to literally blow the storm away. Since it's the ship providing the storm, Anne blows it away. Right out to sea. You can turn that back on if you like, Cape, but the odds are decent she'll just do it again. Unless she's otherwise occupied. She does have the concentration bonus to no sell that check, as well.


Delahaye will be fooled by the Illusion and put a bullet through it. Now for a will save, as she has a Scope on that Barret. http://orokos.com/roll/523985 25, so successful. The Pirate Minions will do things that none of you can see due to distance. And Asad will be up.


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Queuing up Interpose, friendly reminder that he will t ry to block any attacks possible aimed at teh living members of his team.  So Asad is going to close the distance, and then use the Groundstrike feature of his superstrength a knock a big ol' wave into that ship.


If not feasible or I need to do HP lemme know.

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