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From Beneath You It Devours: Age of the Aquarian

Brown Dynamite

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Initiative sounds good.  As does everyone taking an HP.  Secret IDs.  Isolation.  Yadda, yadda.


2km from shore proper.  500m from access to a shoal one could stand on.  Surfing near an unexposed reef, so an open ocean bank not an open ocean bommie.  I's unpredictable wind conditions, not deep enough to hit deep water but not so shallow that if you eat it you risk hitting coral.

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Alright before I write Blue Jay out.  Will just remove 1 minion shark per round (not that they'll last long) and attribute it to her punching sharks in the face the entire time.


Which brings me to.



Round 1

24 - Tiger Sharks - x5 Unharmed, x1 Unconscious

23 - Bull Sharks - x4 Unharmed

22 - Tsunami - 4 HP - Unharmed

21 - Crimson Tiger - 4 HP - Unharmed

20 - Kanunu - 2 HP - Unharmed

22 - Great White Sharks - x4 Unharmed

 6  - Warp - 4 HP - Unharmed


Tiger Sharks take an Aid Action vs Ferry: 4#1d20+6 10 9 20 16

the last Tiger Shark... well alright, we're gonna get weird here.  But, don't think too hard on it.  As it will try and knock the boat over.  We'll call it an Overrun.  Despite the fact that the Aid Action should be for the attack check of a melee attack gonna give the bonus to the trip check bringing it from a 10 to a 16 on its Trip Bonus..  +4 more from movement as we play it fast and loose with the rules for the fun of it.

The Tiger Shark's Trip Check: 1d20+20 33  Respectable

The Boat's STR CheckTrip Check: 1d20+27 43  It Holds


The Bull Sharks will move all out towards Kanunu and the surfers.  And the single Great White that is over in that direction (The remaining great whites being by the Ferry).


And Tsunami is up.


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Kanunu will activate tidal surge on his hydrokinetics array and boost the surfers up to swim 4 to help them get to the relative safety of the boat.


Then he'll move in and Attack the bull sharks, if they're minions he'll take ten on the attack for a 21 (with favored environment) for a DC  30 toughness save.  Try and get as many of them as he can with takedown attack 2.


He'll be ready to interpose for the surfers if the nearby great white goes after one.

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