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Ben Hur Invitational: Five Stars (OOC)


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Okay! Here's Da Rulez.


The phonebooth has one turn before it falls into the water - which would be bad - and is currently sealed shut thanks to a bent/smashed door. Strength checks to haul the thing up or pull it open, or Dexterity checks to smash the windows, or whatnot, are acceptable; be inventive! Just make note that you'll be behind in the pursuit if you stop to help it. :)


The fireworks are a hazard, and a big one. Drivers as they pass it will need to make a Drive check not to take some vehicular damage (some of those fireworks are shooting sideways), let's say Blast 5 - but poor Miracle Girl in the air is dealing with the things after they start exploding. Reflex check, DC 18, to avoid a Blast 8!


And finally, for those who want to keep on the Veyron (otherwise it'll get a lead on you guys), roll a Drive check (Ace), OR an Acrobatics check (Thoughtspeed), to follow him through the displays. Failure will mean damaging some innocent student's artwork! Miracle Girl don't give no fraks in this case, she can flyyyyyyy.

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Ah, I was going to ask for one, but honestly with Miracle Girl's Super-Strength one isn't really needed. Go ahead and post accordingly; Durf, if you don't explain what that oil slick does by the end of the weekend, we'll just chalk it up as scenery dressing and I'll put some more challenges up. ^_^

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1d20+10: 30 [1d20=20] - http://orokos.com/roll/471865


Ferrari Driver sez NOPE.


Durf! Opposed Drive Check to remain in front of him!

Ferrari Driver:  1d20+10: 27 [1d20=17] http://orokos.com/roll/471868



Miracle Girl! You have successfully pulled up the grandmother, who is terrified! I will post accordingly, then you can do something else! :D




Thoughtspeed! You have a problem! DC 15 Acrobatics check to avoid an Oil Slick! :D

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