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For Love of a Son (OOC)


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Alright, time to move this forward, with or without Zu.


Endeavor can see that there's someone flying through the sky They seem to be circling the ASTRO Labs building, and going pretty fast.


Bird of Arms can see that there's a man high up in the sky, wrapped in yellow energy, that's circling around the ASTRO Labs building. You can see him check his watch, turn towards the building, and accelerate.

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For the record, it isn't that I'm not here Rav, it's that without anything to contribute, since she's trying to keep her cover, I'd been letting Endeavor and Bird be the focus for the time being.


Once I'm done with work I'll get a post in to join the others.

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I think we're forgetting that the civvies just had a bunch of glass and wreckage rain down on them.

Is there a way I can be slipped out of initiative? As it seems I will not be participating in this fight for the near-term trying to save the most injured of the bystanders. I will not engage in the fight if there are people hurt.


I got an idea... nm.

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Okay, seeing that there is an issue that needs solving with some application of the fundamental force of Electromagnetism, I'm going to spend a Hero Point to have nearby a new sort of wall paneling that can be rolled up with built-in wiring designed for pre-built electrical and phone/internet wiring that's on display, and use my EM Wand to roll this out and cover the heads of those directly under the rain of the breaking glass.


If there are any injured I am willing to spend a round looking after them (sprained ankles, any random glass that still hits someone, etc...)

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Endeavor is spending her turn helping civvies, so that gets her a HP back.


Bird of Arms is up next; explosion man is flying down the hallway towards... something, surely. What are you going to do?


24 -- Bird of Arms -- Uninjured -- HPx3

23 -- Mayhem -- Uninjured -- GM

23 -- Airborne -- Uninjured -- GM

10 -- Gauss -- Uninjured -- HPx4

9 -- Endeavor -- Uninjured -- HPx3

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