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Lights, Camera, Action! (OOC)

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Oh boy, one post in and I'm already bad at this. I've made the change; please forgive me for the error.


Everyone, don't hesitate to let me know when I've flubbed something; I'm happy to edit my posts so that they're more sensible.



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Just a little bit of info about Casey's dad for those who know about AEGIS (I don't think this requires another edit, Soph): Miracle Girl (real name classified) is the daughter of Vigilant (real name classified), aka 'America's First Line of Defense!'. He's basically a bit of cross between Captain America and Superman who works closely with NORAD to monitor the skies over the US.


(Depending on Adept's security clearance, he might know Vigilant's first name.)

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Hmmm, yeah, that reminds me of something.  Soph, would you allow me to use Adept's Well-Informed feat on pretty much everyone in the room?  Well, anyone with a Reputation chart, or whoever cares to give up any information.  I haven't actually had a chance to use that feat yet in any game, and now seems like a fun time.

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Mmmkay, so, in alphabetical order...


Doctor Deoxy: Gather Information 1: 1d20+15 33

Miracle Girl: Gather Information 2: 1d20+15 16   ...Hah!  Guess he doesn't know Vigilant's first name.  :P

Sea Devil: Gather Information 3: 1d20+15 28


So that's enough for everything on Dr. D's chart (the DC20 threshold will concern Adept a bit, I think), MG doesn't seem to have one (not that it matters a whole lot, with that natural 1), and neither does SD, far as I can tell.


AA, want to let me know what you think is reasonable for Adept to know, with that kind of roll?

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Other than her secret identity, Miracle Girl is more or less an open book. She's in her late teens and been active in Freedom for close to two years. She can fly, is super-strong and really tough. Her most notable achievement was working with a group of other heroes to save a jet plane from crashing. She probably also has a reputation of being very nice and a bit of a 'goody two-shoes' :D


Edit: okay, with that crappy roll, he probably only has a vague idea of her powers and maybe heard she's 'nice'; he might not even know about her connection to Vigilant!

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Yeah, that's his excuse.  He could've totally known all her secrets, he just didn't feel like it.  ¬¬


I'm amused by the idea of it coming back to bite him anyway.  If he's a jerk to Miracle Girl (as he is to just about everyone, eventually), then perhaps in the epilogue Vigilant will be waiting for him in his office for a little discussion.


Also, is Vigilant a forum-based NPC, or part of the standard setting, or what?  I've been wondering.  I think I looked through the Character Bank at one point and couldn't find the guy. 

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Sounds good to me!


Want me to make any rolls for whipping up a tracker thing? i imagine it'd be inventing or such!


was thinking a psychic beacon of some sort, feature of some level "Creator knows location" with dimensional 3? though im open to suggestions!

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