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Savant (PL 8/14) - Angrydurf


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Power Level: 8/15 (207/230PP) 
Unspent Power Points: 23PP
Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage (unarmed), +3 Attack / -3 Damage (Collapsable Baton) , +4 Defense / -4 Toughness 


In BriefMemetically enhanced genius atoning for the wrongs done while controlled by Labyrinth


ThemeRedemption Song


Alternate Identity: Xavier Steadman, Subject 24005
Birthplace:  Unknown

Residence: Bedlam City
Base of Operations: Bedlam City
Occupation: Private Eye
Affiliations: The Fix
Family: Unknown


Age: 45 (DoB: 1971)
Apparent Age: Also 45
Gender:  Male
Ethnicity: African American
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black

Xavier is a dark skinned, broad shouldered man of middle years, Dark grey eyes peer out from a heavy brow with an intensity bordering on unsettling.  He keeps his hair closely shorn in a no nonsense easily maintained style.  He normally dresses in a dark grey woolen suit though varies his outfit as needed for a job.  When disguising his identity he opts for a heavy indigo scarf and dark grey fedora in the style of mystery men of old, though this is less sentimentality than pragmatism, even in disguise being able to bled into a crowd is just sound survival policy in Bedlam.


His history is largely a blank slate.  Until his escape in his early thirties Xavier was under lock and key in a Labyrinth run facility as part of 'Project Savant' an attempt to unlock the mind's potential through intensive hypnosis and memetic training.  He was a rare success, most minds buckled under the strain of the deep hypnotic states and the assault of the memetic learning programs, the results were varied some crippled, some catatonic or driven to psychotic breaks.  Subject 24005 as he was labeled also began the process earlier than most, he was taken or given up by his parents shortly after birth and even his enhanced recall techniques can not summon a memory a time before the project.  By the time he was twelve he had outstripped most of his tutors and phase two began.  Rather than focusing his capabilities toward any specific goal he was brought in to troubleshoot problematic research or operations for the organization.  His ability to rapidly bring himself up to speed on any given subject and bring in disparate knowledge made leaps in both technologies but more often methodologies.


Initial projects were presented as further tests and puzzles though the change in faces and the time pressure did not go unnoticed by the young Savant.  Nor did he miss the clear discomfort and sometimes hostility his suggestions were met with by older experts.  By adulthood he realized his simulations and tests were all too real and that his choices would impact real people though his conditioning kept him from outright rebellion he began to quietly plot and plan a way out.  It took him nearly ten years to work his way free of the memnetic controls.  More time still of active effort to plot an escape, he knew he'd get but one chance.  Once they realized his programming was compromised he'd be a liability.  He made his escape though not as efficiently as he'd have hoped, they'd be looking for him in the likely refuges and it was uncertain his efforts at reform would be met with anything but scepticism by the heroes of the world.  


Subject 24005 took the name Xavier Steadman, and made for the one place he knew they'd not suspect him to go after all, no one came to Bedlam voluntarily.  But in this wretched hive he could vanish and work at erasing his trail, and maybe begin to atone for the wrongs he'd been part of.  In Bedlam a false identity was easily enough crafted, a disgraced investigator, working PI jobs for his meager wages snapping shots of cheating spouses and fraudulent insurance claims.  A small fish in a small pool, unremarkable but for a stalwart refusal to do the gangs or mobs dirty work.  A clean PI trying to make due, slowly earning a reputation as one of the rare good guys in Wolverton.  Not someone to make waves but someone of integrity and a distant cold kindness.


Personality & Motivation:
Xavier is driven by shame and fear.  Not of death or pain, such things can be managed and are perhaps what he deserves in the end, but he fears the shackles of the mind returning and putting his brilliance once more to used for nefarious ends.  He fears being weaponized again, turned to his former master's greater plans.  Yet beyond that fear and shame is a desire to try and make right in some small way what his genius had put wrong.  His actions are subtle and long term, a file mailed anonymously, a tip on a fraudulent lien.  He wants to do more, but lacks the resources to take on his former masters on their terms so he works at the edges growing cracks and fissures, weakening, wearing them down.  If his memetic enhancements hold through old age he might just survive to see some of his work bear fruit.


Powers & Tactics:
Savant has little in the way of flashy powers, he'd not even consider himself 'Super' though he knows his enhancements put his intellect in a frame rivaled by only a handful.  He is an efficient and tactical fighter using terrain and situation awareness to his advantage to strike exactly where he needs to when he needs to.  To ruthlessly exploit any weakness he uncovers and to always have a backup to his backups.  He prefers to avoid confrontation but when unavoidable he'll strike fast and sure with his collapsible baton or fists to end the fight as quickly and quietly as possible.  He understands the power of guns but refuses to rely on such means, they are usually more liability than benefit with the work he does.


Power Descriptions:
Savant has no obvious powers, his abilities are in the planning and execution of the plan, and always being ready with another, always seeking a weakness to exploit.



The Good:  Xavier is trying to make right the wrongs he was part of while under labyrinth control.  He head is full of memories of the wrongs done and aspects coudl pop up and drive him to go further than is wise on a job.
The Bad:  Labyrinth wants him back or possibly just eliminated.  Taurus hates loose ends.

The Ugly:  Xavier is a black man in Bedlam trying to to the right thing, the Mobs and Cops will target him for 'stepping out of place' and the Wolverton gangs will see him as potential threat to their power.

Man with No Name:  Xavier Steadman is a fabrication, there may be records of the infant that became subject 24005 somewhere in some dusty city hall waiting to be digitized but for all intents and purposes Savant has no Official past.  

Abilities: 6 + 0 + 8 + 20 + 10 + 0 = 44PP
Strength: 16 (+3)
Dexterity: 10 (+0)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 30 (+10)
Wisdom: 20 (+5)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Combat: 22  + 24  = 46PP
Initiative: +10
Attack: +13 Unarmed, +11 Base
Defense: +12 (+12 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +6 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +14
Knockback: -2

Saving Throws: 4 + 5 + 5 = 14PP
Toughness: +4 (+4 Con)
Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4)
Reflex: +8 (+3 Dex, +5)
Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5)

Skills: 68R = 17PP 

Bluff 4 (+4)

Diplomacy 4 (+4)

Gather Information 10 (+10)

Investigate 10 (+20)

Knowledge: Tactics 10 (+20)

Notice 10 (+15)

Search 10 (+20)

Sense Motive 10 (+15)

Feats: 16PP


Attack Specialization: Unarmed 1

Beginners Luck

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 1

Improvised Tools


Luck 2 (4 Total)

Master Plan 2

Power Attack

Speed of Thought

Teamwork 3


Equipment: 1PP = 5EP 


  • Collapsable Baton (Damage 2, Improved Crit (19-20), Mighty, Subtle) 5



Powers: 9 + 15 + 41 + 5 = 70PP

Comprehend 4 (Polyglot; Codes, Language: Understand, Language: Speak One at a Time, Language: Read; Power Feats:  Innate[9PP] (Savantry)

Luck Control 4 (Plan M; Spend HP for others, Grant HP to others, Negate Fiat, Force Reroll; Power Feats:  Innate, Luck 2[15PP] (Savantry)

Probability Control 10 (Polymath; Power Feats:  Innate[41PP] (Savantry)

Device 1(Earbud; Flaws: Hard to Lose, Power Feats:  Subtle) [5PP]

  • Communication Link 4(Other Earbuds; Radio; Power Feats:  Subtle) [5PP]

Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 18 Toughness                Damage

Collapsable Baton   Touch      DC 20 Toughness                Damage


Totals: Abilities (44) + Combat (46) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (17) + Feats (16) + Powers (70) - Drawbacks (0) = 207/230 Power Points

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