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Puppet Day - August Vignette (DRAFT)

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On August 1, 2016, heroes across Freedom City and the world wake up as small felt and velcro puppets!


While this transformation lasts only about twenty-four hours, it's a startling one indeed as heroes drop down to the size and consistency of Sesame Street characters (with the occasional marionette) - albeit one with superpowers. It's a chaotic day across Freedom City and other centers of superheroic activity as heroes aren't the only ones transformed - thousands of civilians are altered as well by this strange metamorphosis! While an unlikely team of heroes deals with the father of this crisis (the young demigod Quirk), the heroes of Freedom and beyond have to deal with a crisis that is certainly the strangest in recent memory. 


Yes, it's a more light-hearted adventure to go with the grimmer story we had back in April - an adventure in the mold of the Angel episode "Smile Time" or of the recent sitewide musical episode. 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zUkT9YAPDY - think this! 


The usual vignette rules - and rewards, apply. Make sure to have all vignettes posted by the end of August. 


(NOTE: Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions below about what we might do/incorporate into the vignette. The vignette will go 'live' on August 1 - as will the thread of heroes directly combating the source of puppetization)


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So how intact should powers be for vignettes?  Like are super strong characters still super strong, durable?  Does a character that flames on still go all fiery as felt or are there burning wool smells and screaming (ok that is probably a bit dark for the theme)  

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I guess just for the sake of getting some more questions in:

What amount of heroes/threads are you looking at?

Just one, where a few (how many) heroes deal with it directly, or multiple threads happening parallel?


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Yeah, that was my question as well.  Do we need to start signing up our characters?  Who's planning to run the game(s)? 


I was going to use Adept for this, because he'd hate it and the idea of him setting himself on fire while trying to smoke amused me, but I've got a few things going on with him already.  Better to use Leviathan; he's about dry at the moment.

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The Stranger has to help a little kid fight off horrors from the Dream Dimension as their puppet companion.


puppet!Miras fights some fire-themed neo-Nazi metal dude.


Blue Jay stalks Orion as the cutest terrifying puppet hunter.


I dunno about Corona.

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