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Alright, everyone give me a Notice, a Search, a Wisdom roll and anything else you think might be handy for locating the Visitor in a place that's basically a big pile of silver.


Morrison, while here Roulette's altered vision is an active problem, causing -5 to Notice rolls and -3 to Attack rolls, meriting him an HP.


As well, for questioning Loma so thoroughly everyone gets an HP.



Bliss: +1HP

Ruby Voxx: +1 HP

Roulette: +2 HP

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Yes they does make a difference. Contrary to appearances, the Commutronium is very much active, heat waves flashing intermittently with the passage of electrons. It's not doing anything, but there's the real risk it might any moment.


As for Notice, with Analytical Vision it doesn't appear there's anything but blank metal and rock everywhere. But at least Ruby is pretty sure they haven't missed it.

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