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5 Finger Discount [OOC]

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Okay, so I'm using my contacs feat to spend 20 minutes and take 20 on a Gather Information about Hinocorp, which would be 20+19 for 39 (I really shouldn't have cut that one point). All of this is happening while Bonfire's on his way there, since he's on a bus.

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For folks unfamiliar with the Shrike:



The Shrike is a mysterious figure wrapped in black; her costume is mostly reinforced black leather with silver accents, topped with a hawk-like silver half-face mask bearing another large ruby in the middle of her forehead. Her heavy reinforced boots add three inches to her height, much to Grim's annoyance. A black hooded cloak reaches down to her ankles; when she pulls the hood up, the Shrike disappears from view! A silver ring with a red stone is visible on the index finger of her left gloved hand.


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well... a 39 is a pretty YUGE roll.


Hinocorp is a small corporation, originating in Tokyo, Japan. founded by Hikaru Hino, Hino Heavy Industries, laternamed Hinocorp because of it's interests elsewhere is a clever operation. Specializing in niches larger corporations avoid, or haven't gained saturation in. This has allowed Hinocorp, while not being a top corporation, to be ubiquitious.


Hikaru Hino himself is a former Superhero, the former Japanese Superhero known as "Iron Dragon", a battlesuited hero who hasn't been active, save for the disaster in 2011 due to the massive 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami. His wife, Mikoto Hino is a former superheroine herself, last known as a local Superheroine in the Twin Cities area as "Ensign Minneapolis" a gadgeteer of great talent. They have one daughter, Sakurako Hino, who has made several submissions to a few prestigous scientific journals, although most of the submissions were more to debunk faulty research, and rather successfully for a 16 year old girl. There is talk she attends Claremont Academy under a scholarship, and she has caused a few ruckuses with her projects on school campus.


Hinocorp Nautical Concepts is a popular go-to for sportsmen in terms of fast fishing boats and racing boat enthusiasts, and the research HNC has gone into in terms of water safety equipment has been top-notch. Particularly as Sakurako Hino has volunteered to test some of the designs.


HNC has several governmental contracts with the JMSDF, US Navy, and US Coast Guard. The details behind them are as of yet not known, possibly classified.

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You are all quite observant!


For those that had a 25+ on the check, you picked up on SEVERAL things the investigators had missed. You guys can pick from these facts and let the police know some important details. Then we can move upstairs.


1: The glass indeed is vacant within the building, in fact now that you see it, there are a few show-model boats that have minor cracking on their windscreens. This provides somewhat of an idea as to where something was generated to blast out the showroom windows to the outside.


2: There are several odd scuffs in the carpeting, as if something pushed up the carpet. They don't look like footprints, more like some sort of tire that pushed up the minimal shag of the showroom carpet.


3: The welts and bruises forming on the poor security guard's faces are part of the story, some are favoring their body. You'd think trained guards equipped with metal collapsible batons, and equipped with rather tactical looking vests, seems models fitting for the business here, would have the necessary training to lay low one or two robbers.


4: The action in here looks like whatever happened in here was after the fact, no one would smash and grab to go in to the place, but how?


5: There are indeed potentially multiple angles for security here. In fact the whole showroom has multiple angles... enough to get a full 3D render it seems if someone used them right.


6: The IT person has what seems to be a tremor in her right hand. Her left hand is solid as a rock, carrying the bag with her laptop in it... it seems she's a bit nervous, perhaps even annoyed, looking at how she's trying to hide that fact with her expression. She also looks quite wet, and tired. It is 2 in the morning after all.


Here you go.


Also, there is no concealment or magic in the area that would ping off your senses, Shrike. Sorry.

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No roll necessary. You're looking at her screen.


And she's doing what you'd expect a IT person to do. In fact you'll get a good look if you take ten on a notice check.


Pretty much Ms. Kirkpatrick is looking over what was copied during the theft. It looks like several prototype designs ranging from a new type of anti-exposure suit both milspec and civilian grade, a new design of off-shore life preserver, a single person life raft design, three different zodiac-type dinghies, and... a submarine. A 6-person minisub.


Ms. Kirkpatrick is being on the up and up. Right now this looks like one of two things...


1: Industrial/Corporate Espionage
2: Someone stole the blueprints for their own means

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I think it would be best to say this thread is stalled out. Beings that we are sort of waiting for EP there are two distinct options.


A) We continue without EP, although this will cause story issues, and I am not authorized to use EP's character as a NPC.


B) We wait until EP is up to posting again.


C) Cancel this thread. In exchange I will think of a different thread for Shrike and Bonfire.


Let me know here, if I don't get a solid response in a couple days I'll just go with option C, as I don't want a thread that's stalled to start getting confused as people do other things and forget details.

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This thread isn't feeling real detectivey... in fact it seems the players are pretty much letting Ms. Kirkpatrick either to all the work or are looking her over like a suspect. What am I doing wrong here?

No one's asked for any checks, no one has had any ideas...


Your characters I think would think of these things, and ask about them.

1: What sort of files the blueprints were.

2: What sort of anti-digital theft countermeasures the company has.


In fact no one has asked many questions outside of probing Ms. Kirkpatrick.

I think it's time I need feedback, how is this thread going wrong?

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