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26  Woodsman     1HP  Uninjured

22  Protesters                5 Minions

21  TBA

20  TBA

18  Sparkler          2HP  Uninjured

12 TBA

9    Psyche            1HP  Uninjured

8    Reagent          2HP  Uninjured

7   TBA


Woodsman is up.


The Protesters are approaching with ill intent and appear to be pulling something from within their parkas though it is not clear what.

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The 'lead' minion Riley has covered draws a heavy pistol and will be shot and KO'd by Riley's readied action.

Two of the remaining minions will draw light pistols and aid the last two

The Two remaining minions will draw machine pistols and walk fire across the group.  

The first starts with the Assistant hitting and knocking her to bleeding out then moves down the line to Raina; 1d20+1=2, then Fred; 1d20=5, and finally Riley; 1d20-1=12

The second starts with riley; 1d20+2=5, Then Fred; 1d20+1=8, And Raina; 1d20=10


All miss.


This will however trigger the Alkahest transformation I gave Reagent HP for earlier.


At the shots fired the police and security will try to get to the shooters but be impeded by the now rioting mob as the barriers buckle under the surge  of people and topple over.



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Sparkler's going to get hold of the wounded assistant-type person and hoist her up, then fly with the aid of her broom towards the at least presumptive safety of the AEON Building's lobby. She's flying at half speed, but that's still a steady 50mph/500fpm, and will take her into the lobby. 

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Free Action: Transform

Move Action: Barrel through crowd toward closest gunman.

Standard Action: Unarmed Attack vs Gunman, Taking 10, Power Attack 5. That's a 13 on the attack and a DC 32 Toughness Save.


I'm going to flavour it as swatting the gunman away, so we can call it nonlethal for the time being if that's alright.

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Initiative   (Round 2)


26  Woodsman     1HP  Uninjured

22  Shooters                3 Minions

21  Shortcut                  Uninjured

20  Providence              Uninjured

18  Sparkler          2HP  Uninjured

12 Jersey Devil              Uninjured

9    Psyche            1HP  Uninjured

8    Reagent          2HP  Uninjured

7   Fury                          Uninjured


Currently Psyche is maintaining a protective forcefield around Woodsman a short distance from the shooters (Formerly listed as Protesters).  Reagent/Alkahest was in the protective field but crossed it when she went Alkahest form and is now over by the Shooters having dispatched one (another is unconcious on the ground near there from Woodsmans knockout bolt).  Sparkler is in the relative safety of the lobby where EMS personnel are rushing to help the wounded receptionist she brought in.  


The Fellowship (Shortcut, Providence, Jersey Devil, and Fury) Are not yet on scene but are in the initiative order so they are in the order for when they do arrive.  The Protesters that did not shoot are now in a mixed state of panic and rioting and fleeing or fighting the police and security.  Neither the protesters nor the Police are engaging any of the supers, nor the Shooters currently but are in the way of AOE's and collateral damage.


It is the Top of round 2 and Woodsman is up.

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Might I have an HP for Riley being put into a situation of having to intervene against a monster _without_ attacking it directly, durf? =D 


Riley is going to run thirty feet into melee with the gunmen and try and take them down with his hatchet. He'll Power Attack for +5 and take 10 to hit them, since they are minions. That's a DC 26 Tou save for the two minions he can hit. 


For the third one, he will fire his crossbow (surging, letting the Device take the fatigue for now) - which I don't believe would miss, and take it out. 



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Shooters are all KO'd so they lie on the ground moaning pitifully on 22


Shortcut will take a full round action to open a portal next to the downed shooters on 21 (Yay for news 'copter 10's excellent coverage of the protest)


On 20 Providence

Move action:  step through the portal

Free Action:  Monologue

Standard action: Attack the Shooter Woodsman KO'd in round one (The apparent leader) It's a lethal melee attack on a KO'd prone minion so it'll kill the shooter.


Psyche gets and HP for the Fellowships 'Help'

Woodsman gets and HP for powered people showing up and killing people he'd put down/tried to save.


On 18 Sparkler is up.

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