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Triakosia and Kingsnake: 


You hear a series of 'loud' ultrasonic pulses - give me a Notice check to determine more information about the pulses. 




Something happens to make you feel very unsettled! You don't know what it is exactly, but it is a dangerous feeling. 


Net Fly: 


It's all good! :awesome:

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Kingsnake will take 10 on the Notice check with Skill Mastery and get 30.

His sonar is active, so if any of the ultrasound waves come within 120ft of Triakosia (-1 per 10ft, 12 Notice), she'll hear them. And the sonar is +Extended, so it's likely that they will. Her Ultra-Hearing isn't +Accurate, so she shouldn't be able to pinpoint the source. But auditory senses are +Acute by default, so she should be able to distinguish Kingsnake's sonar from whatever else is going on.

Kingsnake also has Danger Senses, BTW (auditory, olfactory, and Tactile for his sonar).

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Triakosia: You don't notice much! You do detect the sonar coming from Kingsnake - though you can tell the original pulse didn't come from him. 


Kingsnake: You detected a series of strong, regular ultrasonic pulses that came from outside the stadium - the sounds were loud, you'd guess dogs are barking all over the city. That sound that was matched by an answering pulse from a second source _inside_ the stadium, buried directly underneath the baseball field. 

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Kingsnake will drop a smoke pellet to obscure a 20ft-diameter sphere, and use his Quick Change feat to change into his costume. If he's got time, he'll whip out The Fangs of The Serpent and take off running down toward the field.

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Ok, let's see if Kingsnake can finally make himself useful. Search to find clues, Investigate to collect and analyze them. To my knowledge, Notice doesn't apply here.

Kingsnake has the highest relevant skill bonuses by far, so I suggest everyone else Aid him. That's a DC10 Search check and you can't take 10. If you make it, he gets +2 to his Search result, +1 for every 10 points you get over (so you give him +3 by hitting DC20, +4 by hitting DC30, etc.).

A Search check will take us either a full round, a minute, or 5 minutes, depending on whether the diameter of this area is closest to 5ft, 10ft, or 100ft (respectively). If it's 100ft / 5 minutes, then Kingsnake will take a -5 penalty to drop it one step down, to 1 minute. He has +20 Search, so he'll take 10 and get either 30 or 25, depending on the size of the search area, not counting any Aid bonuses from other characters, and/or any additional circumstance penalties the GM hands out.

Of course, he'll automatically fail to find any clues which rely on normal vision exclusively, such as perceiving color or text at a distance.

If he finds any clues, the base DC to collect them is 15, and if he exceeds that result by 10+, then he gets a +2 circumstance bonus to analyze the clue he collected. He has +15 Investigate, so he'll take 10 and hit DC25, getting that +2 analysis bonus.

Analyzing the clue(s) is where the penalties come in. I'm guessing that ground zero of an earthquake counts as an "extremely disturbed" scene (+6DC), rather than just "slightly" (+2) or "moderately" (+4). The scene isn't outdoors and less than one day has elapsed, so I think that's the only Investigate penalties to clue analysis, aside from any other circumstance penalties the GM hands out. That's DC21, unless the GM is handing out any additional circumstance penalties.

If there are any clues Kingsnake can analyze on the spot with his Super-Senses taking the place of normal lab equipment (using his nose as a mass spectrometer to figure out the chemical composition of the trace evidence he's smelling, feeling microscopic features of objects, etc.), he'll do so.

The rest he'll save for later. He can smell blood spatter and feel fingerprints and compare them with others he feels or smells later, for example, but he doesn't have a database in his head to compare them to right now (beyond, presumably, knowing what each blood type smells like). He can take 10 on the analysis and hit 25, +2 for the good collection gives him DC27, which should hopefully beat DC21 with room to spare.

Let me know how that all shakes out.

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