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[IC] Fuel and Smokin' Engines

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Freedom City Bank, Wading Way, February 27th 2015


A man in his forties, his short hair starting to turn gray, stood grinning in front of the camera; he was dressed in an odd looking uniform that would suit a late 19th century military officer better than a modern day man, modified however with what looked like a steam boiler carried as a backpack, connected by tubes and pipes to the strange rifle the man was currently waving around.


Behind him, the bank's surveillance cameras showed a number of robots in a similar Jules Verne fashion, some human-sized and carrying pikes or rifles, others larger, busy rounding up the terrified people that were until moments before going on with their day to day business.


"For those who don't know me, my name is Steampunk, and I'm here to make a statement. Emily Stenford, better known as Mechanized, you fancy yourself a heroine and a savior of Freedom City, thanks to the high-tech suit you're wearing. A suit that by all means should have been developed by me! But I guess it was easy for Daddy's girl to get me fired and keep all your company's high tech gear for yourself.


No matter! Look at what I have accomplished, with steam technology and magic alone! Come face me, if you dare, and I will show you once and for all, on live TV, who's the best engineer! Or perhaps, you're too coward to show up, and you'll leave all these innocent hostages in my hands?"

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Emily was positively furious. No sooner had she returned from a tiring mission in space that she was flooded with more work, and now this jerk showed up again with his oversized ego just to prove the world how good he supposedly was.


With her now trademark roar of engines, she landed on the concrete floor before the bank's main entrance, the ground shaking under the strain of tons of steel while the police cordoning the area cautiously stepped back.


"Hello, Jeff! You know, I'm really fed up with your meddling. If it's a duel you want, you'll have one. On live TV. And I swear I'll kick you so hard, you'll run licking your wounds all the way to Earth Victoriana!"

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Blue Jay swung up to the window ledge and paused there, one hand steadying herself against the wind, another at her ear to listen to the police radio. Police were calling for units at a bank, where a man in a suit and boiler was calling someone out for a fight and had deployed robots to help him. The archer showed her teeth in a predatory smile; her life had been complicated and messy lately. Swinging down and punching something made of metal sounded like just the sort of activity she needed to relax. Turning to face the street, she fired a grapnel arrow and swung off, leaving a shocked office worker to stare out the window.

The grey, stony edifice of the Freedom City Bank rushed up at her and she landed softly on the slate roof, peering over the edge at the scene developing out front. Someone had landed out front in a ridiculous, huge powered suit and was putting on some kind of display. It drew everyone’s attention perfectly, letting the archer pad over to an access vent, jimmy it off, and slip inside.

Blue Jay didn’t have the layout of Freedom City Bank’s air ducts memorized, but she had a vague idea that they converged in the big, open area in the middle of the bank. They had to, right? That’s where everyone went, so that’s where you needed all the air. So she could sneak to there, and start picking off the robots one by one. The thought made her smile in the darkness.

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Sakurako was walking past the area after she visited a few bookstores. She saw the commotion at the police perimeter, and knew what was about to happen. She darts behind the corner of a building in an alley and while hiding behind a dumpster changed into her signature suit. She buckled up her mission vest and checked to make sure her EM Wand was fully recharged for action. After dealing with terrorist art thieves, robotic crabs that tried to drown her, and electrical griffons, this would be pretty run of the mill. A bank robbery...


She stood up, her suit resplendent in Claremont blue and gold, putting on her dark blue rain cape to wear like a dramatic cloak she walked to the scene, keeping a distance for now. She knew if she had to jump in she could, but it seemed that having another heroine jump into a potential fight between two rivals could exacerbate the situation.


Then she saw the mecha... Human-sized and bigger steampunk robots. "Now I've seen everything... Steam-men?" She wondered... the technology being used couldn't even be called technology, it was advanced mechanics.


Sakurako strode up to the front of the bystanders, honoring the police cordon she turned to the crowd. Her British accent was punctuated by urgency. "Everyone! I think this might be the cue to get to a safe distance!!! Please!"


"Who are you?" Someone in the crowd asked.


Sakurako pulled back the hood of her cloak. Revealing her helmeted face. "I'm Endeavor... and if you value your lives and your well being you'd keep to watching this on the replay of the News... Safe at home or at your place of employment. Please. Things are about to get dangerous awfully quick."


She pulled out her EM Wand which hummed to life. "Trust me, I doubt this is a spectator event by any measure."


She kept an eye on the mechanical men... She was getting a shiver down her spine, seeing science unleashed in this manner. "By Babbage's Gears!"

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Terrifica was an obsessive investigator. If crime was going to happen anywhere, she wanted to know about it. She absorbed information like a bone dry sponge did water. She processed it at speeds that would be the envy of most modern computers. So when Mechanized tried to contact her about Steampunk attacking, she was already in the bank. With the long coat closed tightly and the mask and cowl tucked underneath, she didn’t look like anything but a civilian. In the confusion of Steampunk’s initial appearance, she’d slipped away to get the mask up and open her coat. She took her staff off her belt and shook it to extend it to its full length. She stepped from behind the Employees Only door she had slipped behind and into the bank proper. “Honestly, you’re so noisy. It’s like you want half of Freedom’s heroes to drop in. And that villainous rant...just so full of clichés. I've just met him and I’m already bored.†Mechanical men, powered by steam? It isn’t like that can’t work, but it’s just so…inefficient.

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