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The Great Zoo Robbery


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Special thanks to Raveled, who brought up the seed of this idea in chat.


Friday, January 23rd: Several local schools take advantage of the first clear, sunny day in over a week to schedule a field trip to the Hanover Zoo. The timing is perfect to get kids excited; the zoo has just opened a new exhibit. After several years of negotiation, Hanover Zoo is joining the conservation program for the critically-endangered Amur Leopard, a species with fewer than thirty individuals left in the wild. Two adult leopards, Misha and Katya, have been brought to Freedom City for a captive breeding program.


Of course, anything that's rare is also valuable; Amur Leopards, with their unique semi-snowy coloration, are prized as both sources of pelts for exotic fashion and status symbols when kept as pets. The value of an adult pair like Misha and Katya could be calculated in the tens of millions. And so, when the school trips are winding down at around 2:30 PM, a villain calling herself The Packmate attacks the zoo. With the power to mentally control any animal, she's capable of throwing the area into instant chaos.


Heroes hoping to help (preferably no more than 2-3, with challenges available for any PL from 7-12) will have to deal with rampaging zoo animals they don't want to hurt, panicked school groups stuck inside the complex, and The Packmate herself in order to prevent the theft and keep everyone safe.


Any takers?

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