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Amelyth recalls and formulates the following information.

The Inner Spectre is a long-known figure of despair and fear in the Dream Dimension, a monster that takes a form of darkness and terror as it overwhelms its victims with negative emotion and excessive consciousness of their weaknesses. Like most demons, it can't actually get anything out of the emotional state of its host, but the Spectre has always seemed more interested in causing wider and wider misery over tormenting specific individuals.

It's most famous in the human world as the inspiration behind most depictions of nightmares. The unknowable horror descending on you, tireless and inescapable.

Amanda remembers that recently there has been a rash of nihilistic, seemingly pointless behavior in various parts of the city. The people taken in or stopped all expressed despair with their life, and seemed incapable of resolving their problems on their own.

The 'chemical imbalance' theory of depression(where low amounts of certain inhibitors in the brain are considered a likely cause of the illness) seems to fit this kind of attack pretty well. Constant fear and worry leading to lowered levels of the vital chemicals, leading to senseless and irrational behavior.

Tech does not get her anything. Besides there being an A.S.T.R.O. Labs expo nearby that might have something handy. Though I hasten to add that it will not have anything that will fix the problem outright, merely encourage a solution, at best.

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