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Stirring Up A Metallic Nest (OOC)


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OOC thread for Miss A, Dragonfly, and Harrier going to help the Baron out after he gets in too deep thanks to SCIENCE!!!  :science:  :science:  :science:  :science:  :science:


>Here is the IC thread.


Feel free to ask questions. If you want to have made a check or two beforehand, let me know, and I'll tell you what might have worked out.

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You're maybe a quarter-mile from the mountainside entrance, and there are a few prefab buildings between you and there. Datalink and whatnot would pick up signals from the plane, the prefabs, people's smartphones, etc...


But the mountain facility might as well be a slab of solid rock for all that you're getting absolutely no signals at all right now.

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Okay, once in a suitably private location, Gina's going to drop the Miss A robot and get with the machinating. Start with the ESP to suss out machines that are in range, concentrating on what is available inside the closed-off facility. She's looking for surveillance systems and data networks, things that will give her eyes and ears and tell her what's been going on for the past 48 hours. If there are any robots, she will steer clear of them with her powers. If she finds what she wants, she's going to shift her dynamic array to machine animation and try to get control enough to look and research. 

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Hm. I'd say we can start working with that. 


Could you give me a Computers check?


EDIT: Skill Mastery for 40, so, let's see...


She's able to speak with a handful of computers at the outside edge (closest to her) of the facility. Most of them are workstations with varying levels of security, but at least some are on the network, which itself seems oddly truncated. 

She does hit one security system that connects to cameras, though. 


The cameras show a decidedly odd picture. Some show empty rooms and hallways, partially stripped of things like "metal" or "electronics". A few others show groups of Curator drones moving about. Oddly, most of the drones seem a bit stripped down, as if parts or mass has been taken away. The sensors she has access to just show them moving materials slowly but surely.


Rolling back through the footage she can still access, it seems like these drones have been steadily stripping the lab of basically everything potentially usable. Metal, plastic, glass; either raw materials or entire pieces of equipment. Camera feeds keep dropping off the records as cameras themselves are processed. 

A few of the disabled feeds showed, for a few moments, what looked like a very slow "tide" of shiny metal creeping down the surfaces of the hallway. A hallway that was actually shifting before her eyes. 


She can also tell that the storage facility has been stripped of everything, and it's completely dark to her connections.


All told, she's got live feeds on about 10% of the research facility, which seems to be the focus of drone activity.

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Incidentally, I'm terrible at remembering Complications, so if at any point you think something I described or did would trigger one, or you have one you would like to trigger, by all means say so in here and we'll take a look. And I'll probably give it.

Not that you guys will need a whole mess of Hero Points, certainly not. B)

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Dragonfly stunts Teleport 5 (+Accurate, +Affects Others, +Area, -Action (Full Round)) off her main spatial control array; I'm assuming 500' is enough to get them past the door and associated airlock/checkpoint. If not, let me know and I'll revise the stunt.

Dragonfly eats a hero point to keep her suit from gaining fatigue.

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Right, so, some more detail.


Harrier's Darkvision sees about 25, 30 feet of completely empty corridor past the point where darkness falls.

Dragonfly's infravision picks up nothing because it's all basically the same temperature. Her spatial awareness is getting super-faint "pings" now and again, but they're deeper into the facility. 

Miss Americana's Radar goes about 35 feet down. Also nothing. 


Beyond that length, even those extra vision modes have trouble picking things up. But the part they do see is utterly empty, even of emergency lights or anything like that. 

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Miss A is gadgeting up a life form reading machine! 


Detect Life 3 (radio [accurate radius ranged]) [3], Enhancements: Analytical, Counters Concealment, Extended 2 [x100], Radius, Penetrates Concealment) [13PP]


And then she's gonna use it! That's a 30 on a Skill Mastery Notice check. She will continue to check as they go along if the first one does not reveal anything. 

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At this moment she cannot detect any organic life signs, but she can clearly tell the signal stops about 50 feet further down the hall. Its range is greater behind them, but not much greater out to the sides.


EDIT: Have an HP for it not working despite the Penetrates Concealment!


I mean, not that you're going to need a giant stack of Hero Points. No sir. <_< >_>

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Okay, this should be a cakewalk. These 3 are PL 7. Toughness +7, Defense +7, Attack +7, DC 22 Blasts. Oh, and they have Teleport. Not gonna bother giving them full stat blocks. They have no Impervious or Penetrating, but they do have Fort Immunity.


But! Initiative time! Please provide your current Hero Point total.

(incidentally, you all get a Hero Point for them sneaking up on you with no chance to roll or anything.)


Drone 1 Init: 6.

Drone 2 Init: 9.

Drone 3 Init: 6.


....Well, that happened.

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Let's see: Drone 1 and 2 fail the save, 3 barely makes it.


Toughness DC 27: Drone 1 fails by 1, Drone 2 fails by 19.

Toughness DC 21: Drone 3 fails by 8.




Turn Order

Harrier (25): Uninjured; 4 HP

Dragonfly (23): Uninjured; 4 HP

Miss Americana (14): Uninjured; 6 HP

Drone 2 (9): Uninjured Destroyed

Drone 1 (6): 2 Injury

Drone 3 (6): 2 Injury, Dazed.


We'll say 1 and 3 are pushed back against the far wall. I suppose that actually gives them another injury, so I've added that in above.


Now it's Dragonfly's go!

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Miss A is going to try and "possess" one of the drones with her transform ability, hopefully to mine its databank and find what it knows. Can I do that using a power check for Machine Animation, or will I have to stunt some kind of mind control limited to machines? (I am assuming that these guys are not high-end sentient robot types.)

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Expanding on the above since I've had some time to think on it!


Here's what Miss A will get from the databanks, beyond random sensory bits. These are the major pieces:

-These 3 drones are "armed scouts". The design is a bit slapdash, but they're mainly intended to find, stun, and secure any "stragglers". They're under strict orders to not cause permanent harm.

-They don't have fully independent minds, but it's not quite a direct hive-mind connection. Rather, a bit of a mix.

-The intent of the ultimate controlling intelligence, while very unclear and not really decipherable, is not destruction.

-There are probably two dozen armed scouts, but the rest are pretty far away, and while oddly quiet for robots they can't fly or teleport or anything.

-There are a half-dozen actual "soldier" drones in unknown locations. More heavily armored and armed, and bearing high-speed movement systems.

-Other than the "conversion wave", the post-conversion halls aren't really laced with nanites. There are some in a few key bits for repairs, but the bulke are in that shiny "bulge" that sweeps down the halls and such.

-There's not an entire map, but the scout's most recent routes show that the deepest parts of the new facility are even deeper than the original, and everything is rather radically changed.

-There's also something else. Something in the background. Almost like a...mantra.

"Metal is brittle and cold and barely changes. Flesh is soft and fragile and goes too soon. Apart they are weak and lesser. Together they are powerful. Flesh and metal as one. Flesh and Metal as one. Flesh And Metal As One."

It's on a sort of erratic loop.


Anyways, Drone 2 is gone, Drone 1 is mind-whammied, and Drone 3 is Dazed.


So as soon as Electra gets her IC up, it's Harrier's turn!


Turn Order

Harrier (25): Uninjured; 4 HP

Dragonfly (23): Uninjured; 4 HP

Miss Americana (14): Uninjured; 6 HP

Drone 2 (9): Uninjured Destroyed

Drone 1 (6): 2 Injury, Mind-Controlled.

Drone 3 (6): 2 Injury

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