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The Happiest Place on Earth-Prime

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Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages!

Come up! Come down! The carnival has come to town!


It's hard to not love the carnival. It's got rides! Prizes! A circus! Something for everyone to love! Except for some members of the Freedom City Police, apparently. A couple of members at FCPD believe that Circus Maximus, the traveling carnival setting up shop just off of the highway between Bayview and Southside, is guilty of some illegal activity, but are unable to dig up any actual proof. These agents are out to round up a group of heroes to act as their eyes and ears at the carnival. Are these officers onto something with their hunch? What could a simple carnival be up to? Will the alter ego of any of our heroes be caught off-guard? Find out in the next adventure of... Freedom City Play-by-Post!



As this thread is going to be on the lower end of the power level structure. I'm looking for a party up to 4 players, running PL 7-10 heroes. Sound off if you're interested!

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On the rare chance you don't quite get enough people for this, Baxter's looking to get back into things. He's technically PL11, which is slightly above what you're looking for. But, y'know, just in-case!


EDIT: Incidentally, without his suit he's at PL7 (albeit with a meager +4 Unarmed Damage :|). So, there's that, maybe!

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